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Beautiful Blue Pond in Japan Turns Spectacularly Green

Simply known as the "Blue Pond," the beautiful body of water in the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan seems to change colors right before visitors' eyes. Depending on how the light falls, or in Japanese photographer Kent Shiraishi's opinion, "because of the weather," the picturesque…


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Incredible Blue Squash Carvings by Ray Villafane

It's that time of year again! Master sculptor Ray Villafane and his crew at Villafane Studios have just started traveling all over the world again to create their masterful works of art...all on pumpkins! From September 19 to 22nd, they were in Ludwigsburg, Germany to…


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Beautifully Blue Frozen Waterfall in Italy

Adventure photographer Kamil Tamiola worked with a professional climber Jeff Mercier to capture these gorgeous shots of a frozen waterfall in Italy. The Cascate di Lillaz, called “one of the most classical climbs in the region,” was beautifully lit up with a blue gel and then shot both at night and during the day. The project, called Cascades of Light, could only…


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The Most Beautiful Pond in the World

Photographer Ken Shiraishi took this incredibly gorgeous photo of a blue pond in the small town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan. This particular photo won Shiraishi an honorable mention in National Geographic’s 2011 photo contest, in the nature category. For those that have Mountain Lion, you have seen this photo before as it's one of the backgrounds included with the operating software.

"The 'blue pond' of the famous tourist resort in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan is a place where…


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4000 Ceramic Birds Snatched From a Museum

How much fun would it be to see thousands of birds scattered around one of your favorite museums? If you were at Victoria and Albert Museum for one particular day back in 2006, you could have experienced this yourself. Trophy was a temporary installation by artist Clare Twomey which was comprised of 4,000 blue clay birds. Perched all over the ground and…


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Blue Hour Photos Taken Around the World

Dresden, Germany

One of the best times to photograph outside is during the golden hour, or when we get the first and last hours of sunlight. If you'd like to capture more stunning and magical photos, however, try and catch the blue hour (or twilight), the window of time in the morning that begins minutes before sunrise or the period in the…


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Crystal Blue Ice Cave

If you're a fan of photography in remote places, check out this incredible new shot by Icelandic Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson. Unlike the glacier caves we've seen before, this one is a brilliant crystal blue color, which apparently is a rarity.

As Örvar states in this story, "On my trip with…


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Pic of the Day: Full Steam Ahead!

In a shot peeping above the tree line is the steam and smoke from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. It was taken just before Christmas. With temperatures dipping 10 below, this was one service that wasn’t going to slow down and take a break.

This coal fired power station, located in Cheshire in North West England, came into full operation in 1973.

The photo was taken with a 30 second exposure + curves and tone… Continue

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Hope, Ahead (3 pics)

Just when you think that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, remember that there is hope standing right in front of you. This t-shirt from Lim Heng Swee is called Hey, Mr. Blue Sky. It's a nice artistic representation of that thought.

$12 at… Continue

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A Perfect Sky Blue

One of the coolest advertisements we've seen lately is for Berger Paints. In a billboard for their campaign titled, Natural Colours, a live painter appeared to be painting the blue of the sky onto the billboard. It was achieved by cutting out strips that are the actual shape and size of the roller strokes. This is stop-in-your-tracks advertising. Love it!

Client:… Continue

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Blue Dahlia Wishes You a Blue Valentine

Still looking trying to plan that special night out? May I suggest the Blue Dahlia? Enjoy a nice evening with your sweetheart with live music, dinner for two, a bottle of house wine and homemade tiramisu all for $50.

Hurry and call 213-613-0621 or e-mail to make your reservation!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

7:00pm… Continue

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The Best Short-Rib Stuffed Burger You'll Ever Taste: Blue Dahlia Reviewed.

Big thanks to Charles for leading us to this hidden treasure! Blue Dahlia is one of those beautiful gems in LA - they have a burger that rocks your world, modern decor that makes you feel like you're in a cool ass loft, and an outside patio where you can smoke a… Continue

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What's the Hottest (Most Beautifully Designed) Restaurant/Cafe/Club in Los Angeles?! AIA/LA Winners Announced!

Today they announced the winners today of the American Institute of Architects design awards for Los Angeles!

You may remember this old post about the restaurant contenders: Gorgeous Hot Spots in La La Land: Five Restaurant Design Award… Continue

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Gorgeous Hot Spots in La La Land: Five Restaurant Design Award Contenders

If there is one thing that can make or break a good experience at a restaurant it's the food. If your steak is too bloody, your fries are too soggy, or your pasta ain't al's sayonara..see you later. Right behind "food quality/taste" has got to be decor/ambiance. Whisk me away from LA to San Francisco, take me on a trip sensory trip to Paris, let me… Continue

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