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Surreal Painted Faces Make Us Question What We Are Seeing

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov explores the visually transformative power of paint and makeup in his 2D or not 2D and Angry Beards projects. Both bodies of work are part of the photographer's overarching Art of Face series that includes an ever-growing collection of beauty shots featuring intriguing applications of face…


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Students Learn Anatomy By Painting a Live Body

Sometimes, professors need to get creative to keep students interested and effectively learning their studied courses. For the past three years, RMIT University lecturer Dr. Claudia Diaz has adopted an unconventional method for her senior anatomy course involving a live model of the human musculoskeletal system. Most recently, 22-year-old chiropractic student Zac O'Brien offered his body for the…


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Historical Artworks Painted on the Human Body

Artists Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector recreate historical works of art using Gray's body as the canvas for each ambitious painting. The artistic duo, simply known as Chadwick & Spector, have been collaborating on their ongoing series known as Museum Anatomy for over a decade. More than simply painting an image on a bare torso, the creative pair work…


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Amazing Body Art Inspired by Nature

Fine art body painter Johannes Stötter blends his subjects into their surroundings by skillfully applying paint to their skin. He uses the human form as his canvas to both camouflage into their environments and mimic forms found in nature. The illusionary subjects in Stötter's growing collection of creations range from fruits and vegetables to trees, rocks, and…


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Beautiful Chinese Landscapes Painted on the Human Body

Beijing-based artist Huang Yan expertly emulates traditional paintings from the Song Dynasty of Chinese landscapes on the human body. While the style and art of painting is a traditional practice, the choice to use the human form as a canvas adds new meaning to the works. The contemporary artist's series, aptly titled Chinese Landscapes, presents a visual relationship between man…


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New Non-Photoshopped Body Art by Chooo-san

Can you believe that these body modifications are created without using any digital editing software? They are the painted works of a Japanese artist known simply as Chooo-san. We first came across the unusually realistic body art of the 19-year-old Musashino Art University student this past…


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Astonishing Painted Bodies Form a Mangled Car

Adelaide-based artist Emma Hack uses her expertise skill at body painting for this jarring anti-speeding campaign for Motor Accident Commission, as conceived by advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide. The campaign depicts a mangled car that is actually made of carefully positioned human bodies. There are…


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Mind-Boggling Painted Hands Illusions

They say that the human hands are the most difficult subjects to illustrate, but I wonder how it compares in difficulty to painting directly on them. Instead of simply drawing a pair of hands, these series of images by photographer Ray Massey use palms, fingers, fingernails, and fists as the canvas for some incredibly illusionary body art. As an advertising campaign for…


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