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Specially Designed Bookmarks are Icons in Classic Tales

Crafting bookmarks for the classics, designers Gökhan Yücel and Fikr’et fashion placeholders that complement the story whose pages they save. The duo determines a book's icon, like a periscope in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or a camera for George Orwell’s 1984, and think beyond the standard rectangular bookmark. They play with the shape and visual…


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People Humorously Blend Themselves in with Book Covers

The photo series Corpus Libris (which literally means "Body Books" in Latin) was created by Emily Pullen on one slow Thursday night at the Los Angeles independent bookstore Skylight Books, where Pullen worked. In this series, similar to Sleeveface, people cover parts of their body…


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Artist Transforms Books into Exciting Sculptural Stories

Ships, monsters, and mermaids pop out of books handcrafted by Delta, Pennsylvania-based artist Jodi Harvey-Brown (aka wetcanvas). Taking inspiration from the materials themselves, each three-dimensional scene the sculptor constructs reflects popular works of fiction. Whether it's a calm depiction of an outing from The…


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Playful Book Sculptures Transform Their Environment

Madrid-based Spanish artist Alicia Martín first caught our eye with her incredible sculpture, titled Biografías, that looked like a haphazard parade of books flooding through the side of a building. Taking a look through her portfolio, it's easy to see that this artist has a keen eye for…


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Mountain Landscape Carved into Encyclopedia Britannica

Book sculptor Guy Laramée pays homage to the printed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica by carving into a 24-volume set of the informative series of books for his latest piece titled Adieu. With the physical publication of the encyclopedias coming to a halt after 244 years of…


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Deep Childhood Memories Painted Across Books

Rome-based Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses open-faced books, carefully aligned with one another, as a large canvas for each of her paintings in a series titled Errata Corrige. Using old books and various antiquated texts, Panikanova proceeds to apply her dark markings across the multiple volumes of published words and images.

Like a hidden message…


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Massive Stack of Books is Sculpted into an Abandoned City

Every so often, we're reminded of how obsolete books are as functional reading materials. Time and time again the bound pages of literature are repurposed as sculpting materials. In this particularly large and untitled sculpture by artist Liu Wei, we're met with a massive stack of paperback books that have been dug into and reshaped as one entity. The result is what appears to be an old and dusty…


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Nature-Infused Book Art and Collages by Johannes Helden

Artist Johannes Heldén has a passion for poetry and a knack for storytelling. “I didn’t draw all the time, but I did read all the time, so story is always important,” he said. “I’m interested in telling a story, but not in a traditional way.”

While he works in a variety of mediums, in recent years, the visual artist and author has made the subject of nature take center stage.…


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Playful Books with Arms Spring to Life

Literary Slip

London-based artist Jonathan Wolstenholme's love of literature has inspired him to create a number of whimsical watercolor paintings depicting books with their own set of arms and hands. Rather than simply lying in a bookshelf, waiting to be picked out from a row of similarly shaped novels and read,…


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10,000 Books Create a Painting-Like Nature Scene

Built for one of Toronto's Nuit Blanche arts festival, this stunning tower of books, by artist Tom Bendtsen, resembles a nature scene complete with ethereal clouds and a setting sun. His towers, called Conversations, are mean to push the limits of what can be done with books. In this piece, called Conversation #2, 10,000 books were arranged to act like pixels or…


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Amazing Sculptures Formed With Folded Book Pages

Over the past 20 years, Vermont-based artist Luciana Frigerio has developed an extensive black and white photography portfolio. However, recently, she has turned her attention to paper art, using books as the foundation for her unique Folded Book Sculptures. She says, "I cut, fold, and play with books and paper whenever I can."

For the original artwork, Frigerio uses…


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Ordinary Books Transformed into Charming Little Buildings

Dutch artist Frank Halmans transforms ordinary stacks of books into charming little buildings. For his series Built of Books, Halmans carves squares and rectangles into old textbooks and binds them altogether like a quaint little town made of rows of narrow buildings. Each quadrangle incision serves as a window or door. The artist is even careful enough to include a…


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Storytelling Through Carved Antique Books (New Works)

The Garden

England-based artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson carves into antiquated books to create eclectic book sculptures rich with narrative. We've seen plenty of book sculptures over the past few…


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Spiraling Book Sculpture Reflects the Struggles of OCD

Graphic design student and budding artist Thomas Wightman crafted a beautifully intricate book sculpture for his major project at Edinburgh Napier University. The assignment, referred to as The Medium is the Message, required students to focus on a theme—in Wightman's case, it's "addiction"—and hone in on…


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Classic Fairy Tale Characters Crawl Out of Their Storybooks

Reading fairy tales can awaken a child's creative senses as they imagine the characters popping out of the books. With these Altered Books sculptures by Susan Hoerth, aka Raidersofthelostart, it becomes a reality. The Texas-based artist collects vintage, discarded books and…


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The Thinking Man's Book Sculptures

Malaysia-born, Tennessee-based artist Daniel Lai, aka Kenjio, uses a visually captivating paper folding technique for his inspired book sculptures. Each book blossoms outward in waves of paper folded unto themselves, accompanied by a clay figurine of a man deep in thought. The sculptor's series of Thinker sculptures, echoing Rodin's The Thinker, exhibit…


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More Astounding Negative Space Book Sculptures

Melbourne-based sculptor Kylie Stillman expertly carves three-dimensional silhouettes of birds and plants into stacks of books and paper. Ultimately, the result is a reverse sculpture where the primary subject is omitted from the solid structure whose negative space remains intact.…


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Mark Zuckerberg's Face Sculpted into a Stack of Books

Whether she's constructing portraits out of socks and sunflower seeds or painting with…


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Mysterious Book Sculptures Pop Up in Edinburgh

With a growing internet community and a slew of social media outlets, anonymity is diluted and nearly impossible to achieve. It's difficult for anyone to remain a mystery, especially if they put themselves out there. Somehow, however, a modern day mystery exists in Edinburgh involving a series of unclaimed book sculptures with cryptic messages. Who is the artist…


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Suspended Books Magically Fill Swiss Tunnel

Romainmôtier is a small Swiss village that borders France. It is known for its modest population and picturesque town whose architecture is reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Like a small European village straight out of a movie, Romainmôtier holds a charming annual used book fair that takes place at the…


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