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Banksy's Whimsical Carnival-Inspired Stencil

On Sunday, Banksy put up his 20th work in New York City for his "much talked about" outdoor exhibition Better Out Than In. It's a silhouette of a young child wielding a sledgehammer to a fire hydrant. Reminiscent of the classic carnival game where one rings a bell by hitting a target with a hammer, the whimsical piece has been dubbed "Hammer Boy" by the media. On…


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Sweet Friendship Between a Boy and His French Bulldog

As far as photos posted on Instagram go, they don't get much cuter than this. Tokyo, Japan-based mother Aya Sakai has been charting the adventures of her young son and his best friend, which just happens to be a French Bulldog, using the popular photo sharing app. Whether they're cuddling on the couch or watching tv on a cushion,…


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Couple Creatively Reveals They're Having a Baby Boy

Have you ever heard of a gender reveal party? Apparently they're all the rage. At the doctor's appointment where the parents find out if they're having a boy or a girl, the doctor seals the results and a party planner helps reveal the gender in a creative way. Soon-to-be parents find out what gender their baby is going to be at the party, in front of all of their…


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Beyonce ~ If I Were a Boy (video)

Sorry grace, I know she makes you throw up in your mouth a little. She's kinda cute in this video tho.

Best line (3:48)

Boy: "What?". Beyonce:… Continue

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