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Inspirational Cards About Living Life to the Fullest

Sharing is Caring

We're all familiar with the standard greeting cards - birthday cards, thank you cards, holiday cards and such - but it's not often that we send or receive cards that are meant to inspire. Holstee, best known for their massively popular Manifesto, recently collaborated with some of their favorite artists to create illustrations that promote the…


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Anamorphic Wall Portrait of a Magician Made with Cards

Ricky Jay is a wall portrait of a magician by the same name that was created by Los Angeles-based artist Glenn Kaino. The multifaceted magician is rendered using several decks of cards, paying homage not only to the master of illusion himself but to his notable card-throwing tricks. In fact, the almost sculptural installation is presented as though someone had thrown the…


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New Cards of The New Yorker's Witty Cartoons

Launched in 2009, Paperless Post is a New York-based company that has quickly risen to become the one-stop-shop to send well-designed online (and paper) invitations and cards. Founded by sibling entrepreneurs James and Alexa Hirschfeld (who were just 23 and 25 years old at the time, talk about inspiring), the company has been wildly successful and, to date, boast 2 million…


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Laugh Out Loud Valentine's Day Messages

A few days ago, redditor Slddngwthtgrs shared a set of Valentine's Day messages that can be described as either incredibly sad or downright creepy. With nothing more than a few words on a page, he manages to pull out a whole range of emotions in us. Mostly, you'll laugh as slddngwthtgrs' relevant sayings hit us where it hurts. As fellow redditor ProbablyBeingIronic states, "You write what we're…


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10 Hilarious Anti-Valentine's Day Cards

Call them silly, call them sarcastic, just don't call them boring. Since today is Valentine's Day, we put together this list of 10 Anti-Valentine's Day cards that are hilariously offbeat. They're not the typical cards you'd find at your neighborhood Hallmark or your local grocery store. Mostly found on Etsy, they're funny sayings for that grumpy friend in your life or…


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Creative ABC Flash Cards for the Modern Baby

When did the letter A not stand for apple the fruit but Apple the brand? Cape Town, South Africa-based illustrator Emma Cook has created some awesome ABC flash cards for the modern baby. This "silly side project" was designed to show the ABCs with more culturally relevant examples. Though mostly made for designers, any geek, hipster, or person who spends most of their time behind a…


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Funny Letterpress Cards for the Lovestruck

The last time we wrote about Sapling Press, we introduced you to their hilarious hypothetical letters. Being that it's Valentine's Day today, we though it was only appropriate to feature their other sets which include a "We go together like..." series and an "I love you like..."…


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Clever Pairings

If you liked the post Hilarious Hypothetical Letters, than more likely than not you'll appreciate Sapling Press' other offerings. Lisa Krowinski, the owner of Sapling Press, tells us that she worked with Jared Wunsch, the co-founder of Dear… Continue

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World's Biggest House of Cards by Bryan Berg (5 pics)

Bryan Berg is at it again, and this time an attempt to break his previous Guiness World Record for the largest building built out of stacks of cards! He had been featured here on the Met for the Guiness World Record of the Tallest House of cards in 1992, and this time, with 218,792 cards, created a replica to the…


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The Ultimate Geek Cards

Here is the proof that geeks can also use good old-fashioned means of communication :)…


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Geek Love

Two bright cards sure to show your geeky lover how much you care.
By Pop + Shorty.


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Names And Notes Napkin Rings

Names and Notes Napkin Rings let you reuse the same name cards no matter who you plan to invite. They have a black "chalkboard" surface that you can write on and erase over and over. Check them out.

[via Design… Continue

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Cool Business Cards for a Filmmaker

What's the best way to surprise and delight someone when you first meet them? How about if you presented them with these business cards. These were designed for filmmaker Christian Amundson by Alice… Continue

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The Hippest Baby Announcements

I love how completely original these baby announcements are! Designed by parents, Tosh and Victoria Brown, the announcements are hip and cool in a modern vintage kind of way. Love the spare use of color and the varying fonts.

The cards were letterpress printed at…


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Them's Fighting Words! (6 Total)

For those moments where you can't even look at that person, let alone get the words out of your mouth, there's Set Editions waiting to help you out. Spectacularly simple cards that pack a lot of punch.…


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6 Courtesy Cards That'll Make You Cry

Summon your inner biatch and you may just send these courtesy cards by Gramkin Paper Studio. Just make sure you're never going to see that person again..ever.…


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Lego Has the Best Business Cards Ever

I really can't get over how awesome these business cards are for Lego. The miniature toy figures are in the likeness of each of their employees. In fact, they even try and match the look of the minifig (down to the hair and accessories) to the person. Their names, email addresses and phone numbers are printed on their "clothes." We also thought that working for Lego was… Continue

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JibJab's Valentine's Day E-Cards (3 Total)

If you're looking for a funny and offbeat way to send some love this Valentine's Day, look no further than JibJab. I'm kind of getting tired of putting people's faces in these things but I can still enjoy their cards.…


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2009 CozmoDeck, For Your Palate and Pocketbook

If you want to save a little money while you're dining at some of the most fabulous restaurants in and out of town, pick up a CozmoDeck. In Los Angeles, that means checking out hot spots like Monsoon, Dolce, Citrus at Social Hollywood, STK, One Sunset, Ciudad, Geisha House, Tanzore and Tengu… Continue

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'Cause Christmas Cards Can Be Cute and Modern: Tiny Prints

Ornament Arrangement : Holiday Red

I've always loved Tiny Prints' cards but their holiday ones really tickle my fancy! Maybe I'm just in that kind of mood but these kid sets are just too adorable. So before it's too late remember to order these up.…


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