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Impressive Space Invaders 3D Street Art in Switzerland

From now till April 10, students on the EPLF campus in Lausanne, Switzerland can witness an awesome piece of art. Street artists Leon Keer and Remko van Schaik spent six days creating a 3D artwork of Space Invaders, those video game characters we all grew up with in the late 70s and early 80s. The massive painting, that…


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England's Breathtakingly Beautiful Chalk Cliffs

If you get a chance to travel to England, don't just visit a major metropolitan city like London, head further south to witness one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The highest chalk sea cliff in the UK at an astounding 530 feet, Beachy Head promises to be an experience you won't ever forget, especially for those that enjoy natural phenomena or don't mind that nauseous…


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Kurt Wenner's Massive Chalk Art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival

At this year's annual Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, renowned inventor of 3D chalk art Kurt Wenner is working on a massive street piece with his team. This year's theme for the festival…


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Sweet Sluggo Chalk Art by David Zinn

If you happen to live in Ann Arbor, you may already be familiar with a sweet little resident there that seems to randomly pop up on the streets. His name is Sluggo and he's the work of David Zinn, an artist that just so happens to love placing Sluggo in some highly imaginative scenes. The happy green fellow has appeared on sidewalks, walls and ledges since 2008,…


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Incredible Making of the 3D LEGO Chalk Drawing

After one picture of a LEGO street painting was posted on Reddit, the Internet took over, making it a sensation online. Created for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, this amazing mashup of Legos and Terracotta warriors is magnificent in every sense of…


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Terracotta Army LEGO Chalk Drawing

LEGO has become more than the toys we played with when we were younger, it's a brand name associated with innovation and originality. It has inspired many artists, and these guys are no exception. Planet Streetpainting is a collaboration of street artists based in the Netherlands, who created this crazy drawing during the… Continue

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Blackboard Brooch

Blackboard Brooch by designer Zoe Brand.

Make the statement you want to make, then rub it out and start again.

Including Oval blackboard brooch and Square blackboard brooch.…


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Names And Notes Napkin Rings

Names and Notes Napkin Rings let you reuse the same name cards no matter who you plan to invite. They have a black "chalkboard" surface that you can write on and erase over and over. Check them out.

[via Design… Continue

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Checking Out the Chalk in Pasadena

This Sunday afternoon we checked out the Chalk Festival in Pasadena at the recommendation of our good friend, Dr. Zane. The Pasadena Chalk Festival began in 1993 after a summer intern at the Light Bringer Project attended a street painting festival in Paris and brought back her amazing pictures and observations. From there, the festival has grown to become the world’s largest street painting event, boasting more than 600 artists and 70,000 visitors… Continue

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