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Clever Edgar Allan Poe Illustration by Evgeny Parfenov

"Nevermore." You don't have to be a bibliophile to love this new illustration of Edgar Allan Poe by Evgeny Parfenov. The Moscow, Russia-based illustrator has really outdone himself, creating this stunning vector portrait of the late author with a clever twist. The 1985 poem "The…


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More Cleverly Placed Street Art by OakOak

If you're looking for a little something to brighten up your day, come check out the cleverly placed street art by OakOak. The French street artist sees the city as his playground as he finds everything from stair rails and street lights to random markings on a wall to become a part of his…


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Clever Minimal Bookshelf Uses Books as Bookends

While at first glance this looks like an ordinary, old bookshelf, look a little bit closer and you'll notice something quite clever. The Minimal Bookshelf by Chan Hwee Chong has thoughtfully placed gaps at both ends that will hold single books upright. "By removing a part of the shelf," Hwee…


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Pic of the Day: Beach Party

Scottish photographer Iain Blake is known for his playful collection of stone footprints. Recently, he gave new meaning to the words "Beach Party" with this photo of several pairs of feet all gathered together on the sand. Clever and inspiring! (Makes me want to hit the…


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Hilarious Royal Alphabet Poster

It's safe to say that there's no baby the world is more excited to see than the the one the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be having any day now. (Can you believe it's already been over two years since Kate Middleton married Prince William?) Though there's no word on if the baby will be a boy or a call, the child will be third in line to the throne behind grandfather Prince Charles and…


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Trend: Clever Rings of Animals Wrapped Around Your Finger

Today, after seeing Etsy's Facebook post about the hilariously awesome sloth ring, pictured above and created by Curious Burrow, it reminded me of a trend that seems to be popping up everywhere. Animal wrapped…


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The Warped Notebook That Inspires Creativity

Marc Thomasset is the creator of a notebook that will mess with your mind. While on the outside it looks like a standard notepad, in all black with white straight lines, take a look inside and you'll want to turn every page. Launched a few years ago, the product became an instant hit with everyone commenting on its unique design. Called The Inspiration Pad, it's filled with 32-pages…


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Clever Venn Diagrams for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Though you may already know REI (or Recreational Equipment Inc.) as the company that owns a chain of retail stores where you can pick up the latest outdoor gear, you may not know that they're also the creators of some pretty clever Vienn diagrams. So far, they've made 10 of them that all relate to a…


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LG's Terrifying Elevator Prank

LG has just released an amusing video that shows what happens when unsuspecting elevator passengers believe that the floor has dropped out from underneath them. As incredibly cruel as this may be, it's also quite genius. To show just how "true to life" their new IPS computer monitors can look, they installed nine of them, in a grid-like fashion, on the elevator's floor. With hidden cameras in place, they then…


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Clever Posters of Classic Horror Films

Edward Scissorhands - 1990, Snow Dance

If horror movies are your thing, than do we have a cool new poster series for you. Just in time for Halloween, Creative Spark, a UK branding agency, has just released a collection of clever posters that feature classic horror films. All proceeds from the sale…


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Amazing DIY Idea: Gorgeous Parachute Ceiling

Wedding coordinator Amber DeForest runs a blog called 100 Days to Plan a Wedding where she shares budget saving tips for those planning their big day. One of the most clever ideas, that she used for her own wedding, was renting a parachute and hanging it from the ceiling. Costing only $35, it's a gorgeous and unique…


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Clever Illustrations with Double Interpretations

Woman or Face?

Italian artist Fabio D'Altilia, who also just happens to be the head of art in an international advertising agency, just sent us this clever set of illustrations. Inspired by Gestalt psychology, he's created a fun set that will make you look twice at each image. In particular, D'Altilia addresses multistable perception, which is…


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Sweet Street Art by Kenny Random

Since we last checked in with Padova, Italy-based street artist Kenny Random, he has been adding some exciting new twists to his work. While he still incorporates his trademark silhouette into some of his pieces, many of his newer ones involve children and cartoon characters we're all familiar…


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Clever Wall Installation: Nothing Lasts Forever

I'm a sucker for these simple but clever wall installations. They always manage to make me crack a smile. Austrian artist and visual poet Anatol Knotek created this one called Nothing Lasts Forever.

Anatol Knotek's…


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Clever Illustrations: Copywriter vs. Art Director

The Machine

Ready for a set of clever illustrations? Like that funny series Paris vs. New York, Copywriter vs. Art Director pits two similar but quite opposing subjects together in a quick and witty way. While a copywriter will always have a way with words, armed with the…


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Find the Hidden Storybook Characters

Snow White and Sherlock Holmes

With a tagline "Come with a story and leave with another," Colsubsidio worked with Lowe/SSP3, an ad agency in Bogota, Columbia to come up with these clever advertisements that will make you do a double-take. They are meant to illustrate a service Colsubsidio's libraries provide, namely a book exchange. By taking classic storybook…


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Wickedly Clever Illustrations by Ben Chen

David's Secret Weapon

Whether he's mashing up different characters from movies, video games and art or whether he's showing us his own take on classic fairy tales, one thing is certain. Illustrator Ben Chen has one wickedly clever sense of humor. Who else could make us feel that it's perfectly ok to laugh about Mighty Mouse's demise? And who wasn't…


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Creative Ads Show Life's Twists and Turns

How does a large life insurance company show that they offer policies for life's most unexpected surprises? They work with a few ad agencies to come up with some creative ads like this. Called Life's Turns In a Sentence, these six scenarios merge two completely different scenarios together, making you stop and think. Their tagline? "For all life's twists and turns: Flexible…


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If iPhones Could Talk

Obsessed with your iPhone (or smartphone)? Join the club. Madrid, Spain-based art director Nico Ordozgoiti created this hilarious iPhone wallpaper set, called Truth Hurts, that tells us what our iPhones would say if they could talk and had to tell the truth. It's depressing but funny.

"Sure, having an iPhone is pretty cool, but there are a couple of catches to it," he says. "I…


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Rainbow Garland Christmas Tree

The cleverness doesn't stop! First I fell in love with this Christmas tree made out of old books and now I can't get enough of this rainbow, wool felt garland Christmas tree. Designed in Australia by Down To The Woods and handmade in Nepal using pure wool, this garland can be…


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