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Rare Weather Phenomenon Fills Grand Canyon with Fog

What an awe-inspiring sight! A few days ago, on Friday, November 29, The Grand Canyon was taken over by a rare weather phenomenon that filled the entire canyon with a thick layer of fog. The occurrence, called a temperature inversion, caused everyone, including rangers, to flock to the rim to take photos of it. As the Grand Canyon National Park Facebook page stated,…


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Incredible Installations Allows Visitors to Walk on Clouds

We've seen indoor clouds captured by clever photographers, but this installation by Japanese architecture firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects in collaboration with environmental engineering firm…


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New Cloud Magically Appears Inside a San Francisco Room

By now, you're all familiar with the name Berndnaut Smilde, the Dutch artist who magically makes clouds appear inside rooms. His latest work took him to the Green Room of the Veterans Building in downtown San Francisco where he let Julia Wilczok and Maria Judice…


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Pastel Sea of Clouds Over Taiwan's National Park

Photographer Yueh-Hua Lee captured these stellar photos of a sea of clouds rolling over Taiwan's Yangmingshan National Park. The collection of peaks, located to the northeast of Taipei, are covered with a network of lit roads that give off the illusion that the clouds are colored in shades of pastel. The magnificent mountainous scenery seems like a surreal dream when shot from…


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Surreal Clouds Hover Above London's Trains

A wonderfully whimsical new art installation was just unveiled in London. Called "'Cloud I Meteoros," it shows gray statues sitting on top of two fluffy-looking white clouds. Suspended above the historic Barlow Shed of London's St Pancras Station, the public artwork was created by British sculptor Lucy Orta and her husband Jorge.

A warm and charming welcome to the nearly one million…


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20+ Dramatic Shots of Lenticular Clouds

Alvord Desert, Oregon

Mostly seen above mountains or hills, lenticular clouds are extraordinary clouds that, due to their smooth, saucer-like shape, are often mistaken for UFOs. Lenticular clouds are formed when a current of moist air is forced upwards as it travels over a mountain, causing the moisture to condense and form a cloud.

They can appear as if…


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Beautiful and Dramatic Thunderhead Clouds

After receiving a lot of great feedback from the post 12 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Lightning, we decided to follow it up by showcasing the stunning clouds that are associated with nature's light show. Called cumulonimbus or thunderheads, they're the most dramatic looking clouds with their tall and…


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Magical Miniature Clouds by Sarah Ann Wright

London-based photographer Sarah Ann Wright says she shoots "fun and dreams." Though she's skilled at capturing everything from landscapes to portraits, it's her quirky conceptual photos of clouds that caught our attention. The miniature white masses seem to magically float over a glass cup and a pair of hands as they send down…


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Can You Guess These Famous Rainbows and Clouds?

London-based design and art director Yoni Alter recently created a few new posters that are sure to put a smile on your face. Adding to his collection of famous "things" like Cartoon Characters in…


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Cloud Magically Appears Inside Rooms!

Berndnaut Smilde's cloud creations within rooms are simply magical! The Amsterdam-based artist was able to achieve this with the combination of smoke, moisture, and dramatic lighting. It is interesting how the his work only exists for that brief period of time physically, but can still have a powerful impact after it is gone.

Smilde often experiments with the concept of "the physical presence of…


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Inspiration... OMG I died and went to heaven...

I love clouds... I love typography. Seriously, I just died when I found this! Created by Simon Bent. Check out his work here...

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