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Collages of Famous People Portrayed by Different Actors

Portrayals of famous people have always been a staple of film and TV. In this fascinating series called Famous People in Fiction, Reddit user VictorVan assembles collages that show how famous historical and fictional figures have been portrayed on the big screen. In each image, the top half shows a photograph or artistic rendering of the famous person, while pictures and…


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Written Poetry in Paper Collages Form Intricate Designs

British artist Caroline Attan combines folded paper collages and handwritten poetry to create intricate and beautiful designs. Primarily using the expressive poetry of Pablo Neruda, she writes the text in rings, adding delicately folded paper shapes on top of the words to create circular compositions that are dizzying in their bold colors and mesmerizing designs. Each abstract…


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Colorful Silhouette Collages Reveal Layers of Reality

Disappear is a collage project by French artist Slip, where forms, colors, and landscapes intersect in visually exciting combinations. In the series, the artist introduces new realities where mundane black and white backgrounds are interrupted by beautifully intriguing silhouette figures.

By layering different elements together, Slip creatively explores techniques that break the standard…


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Gorgeous LA Sunrise Photo is Collage of 60 Images

Photographer Dan Marker-Moore recently created this stunning collage using 60 photos he had taken over the course of one LA sunrise. Each diagonal line, though barely visible, represents a different image and was taken a few minutes after the image to its left. It's like the City of Angels is slowing yet beautifully waking up from its slumber.

As he tells us, "The…


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Collages Made of Thousands of Random Puzzle Pieces

Nuremberg, Germany-based artist Gerhard Mayer has sifted through thousands upon thousands of puzzle pieces from a wide range of jigsaw puzzles to create his collection of murals. For Mayer, the idea behind his work is simple: create an image from countless other pictures, following the mapped out guidelines of your basic puzzle. The exception to his creations is that they are…


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Deep Childhood Memories Painted Across Books

Rome-based Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses open-faced books, carefully aligned with one another, as a large canvas for each of her paintings in a series titled Errata Corrige. Using old books and various antiquated texts, Panikanova proceeds to apply her dark markings across the multiple volumes of published words and images.

Like a hidden message…


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Surreal Collages Redefine Ordinary Objects in a Funny Way

Photographer, graphic designer, and digital artist Denis Dubois uses his multi-faceted skills to produce a variety of satirical illustrations. The intriguing images are filled with humorous undertones that often surreally redefine the purpose of ordinary objects. Syringes and crutches, typically used to aid people, are transformed into a form of artillery through Dubois' cleverly…


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Gorgeous Collage of 11 Moons Rising Behind Downtown LA

About a week ago, 26-year-old motion designer Dan Marker-Moore shot a gorgeous timelapse of a full moon rising behind Downtown Los Angeles. It was taken on his Olympus OMD-EM5 camera and a 100mm lens. On April 4, he then released the photo above, which he calls "Moon Rise Time Slice." It's a stunning collage of 11 still frames taken over 27 minutes and 59 seconds.

If you're…


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Mesmerizing Digital Collages of People Climbing Stairs

Korean artist Jiyen Lee has created a series of hypnotizing digital collages that present people going up and down stairs, as seen from a bird's eye view. Each puzzling assemblage features an unidentifiable traffic of pedestrians on an endless journey. It also remains unclear whether they are actually ascending or descending the steps in front of them, as Lee has taken the artistic…


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Landscapes Compiled from 20th Century Photochroms

In the art world, landscape photography is often presented in a, well, landscape format, with a horizon in the distance of the constrained, squared-off boundaries. In this project entitled Deltiologies, artist Liz Orton both celebrates and challenges that traditional definition of landscape with a new understanding of an otherwise typical expectation.

The artist says…


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Old Photographs Sliced Into Stunning Geometric Collages

Distortions of the Past; Collaborations for the Future is a series of geometric collages by Vancouver-based artist Randy Grskovic. The project is a culmination of the artist's intuitive response to found photographs and the distortion of memories captured within each frame. After discovering and collecting his photographic canvases at flea markets and…


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Awesome Collages of Paper Mountain Climbers

Graphic designer Erwan Soyer has constructed a series of brilliant paper collages that depict mountain climbers venturing up imposing ranges. Equipped simply with a scalpel, paper, and some adhesives, the Monpellier, France-based artist produces an intriguing take on the adventurous sport. Creativity is abound as Soyer puts discarded sheets of text to good use in the form of mountain…


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Intricate Button Mosaics of Queens and Crowns

Accessories aren't just for fashion design anymore. UK-based artist Ann Carrington has constructed a number of regal button mosaics as part of her Pearly Queens series. Each textured collage in the collection features an intricately detailed assembly of buttons displaying the profile of English royalty and the embellished design of majestic crowns.

Whether the portraits are made of the…


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Incredible MetroCard Collages of New York City

New York City is filled with commuters, so on any given day you're bound to find discarded MetroCards, the people's ticket to public transportation, in the subway and even in the city streets. Most pedestrians wouldn't think twice about these yellow and blue cards that litter the urban setting, but New York-based artist Nina Boesch not only notices them, but she utilizes their…


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Extraordinary Collage Art from Paper Strips

Originally mainly a painter, artist Patrick Bremer has recently started making quite extraordinary collage work as well. He creates his pieces with layers of collaged magazines and books on paper. Based in the UK, the artist chooses strips and chunks of paper that fit the image both visually but also sometimes textually, it isn’t as haphazard as it appears! He said, “Some pieces are chosen…


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Statue of Liberty Made of Over 1,000 U.S. Dollar Bills

The most impressive work to date by artist Mark Wagner is this huge 17ft tall by 6ft 3in wide collage of the Statue of Liberty. Made of 81,895 pieces cut from 1,121 U.S. dollar bills, the Liberty collage is one-eleventh the scale of Frederic Bertholdi's famous sculpture and involves 13 separate panels. Wagner invites you to stand back and see the collage as a whole and then…


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Impressive Spider Eye Collage

Wow, check out the level of detail in this Spiderman eye collage! Created by Mr. Garcin, the piece asks you to come a little closer to notice all of the the different characters inside the eye. Of course, love how Garcin only used images of Spiderman for the the rest of the mask or the areas in red. The impressive piece is called Spider…


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Exquisite Cityscape Collages

Russia-based artist Serge Mendzhiyskogo constructs cityscape collages using a mix of hundreds of different photos. Each image involves splicing and reforming an innumerable amount of photographs into one kaleidoscopic-like picture. The technique that Mendzhiyskogo employs adds a dizzying and almost busy effect to these already populated urban landscapes. He offers a new…


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Connected Lightning Strike Art

In today's modern culture, it seems that the world has an abundance of self-proclaimed photographers. Cameras, apps, and websites like these are plentiful and easily accessible. Artist Cassandra C. Jones uses the copious amount of photographs available to… Continue

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Vanity Fair Mosaic by Village9991 (8 pics)

Fashionable iconic mosaic images are made from recycled covers of Vanity Fair magazine where the titles are quite irregular.

Antonio Chiesa aka Village9991 was definitely inspired by mosaics and he works in various forms and and artistic techniques.…


Added by Visnja V on August 25, 2010 at 9:41am — 6 Comments

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