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Stepping Inside a Sparkling Crystal

Here at My Modern Met, we're all about immersive experiences so we were thrilled when we came across the stunning Crystal Dome. Located at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, a crystal-themed indoor theme park in Austria, the dome is lined with 595 mirrors that give visitors the feeling that they've stepped inside a crystal. The multi-faceted walls not only refract light, that shines in various colors, they…


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The 10,000 Swarovski Crystal Cloud

A sparkling new art installation involving 10,000 Swarovski ELEMENT crystals and chicken wire was just set up in Georgetown, Washington DC. Cloud Terrace, by landscape artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot in collaboration with J.P. Paull of Bodega Architecture, made its debut at Dumbarton Oaks, a Harvard University institute that supports garden design and landscape architecture,…


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Crystal Blue Ice Cave

If you're a fan of photography in remote places, check out this incredible new shot by Icelandic Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson. Unlike the glacier caves we've seen before, this one is a brilliant crystal blue color, which apparently is a rarity.

As Örvar states in this story, "On my trip with…


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Sparkling Crystal - Elle Canda January 2010 (8 pics)

Curvaceous American model, Crystal Renn, stars in a beautiful photo shoot for ELLE Canada’s January 2010 issue. Photographed by Leda & St. Jacques, Crystal reminds us to ring in the New Year with glamour and style. Dressed in frills,…


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Fifty People, One Question, Two Cameras?

Where would you like to wake up tomorrow? asked that one question to, you guessed it, 50 people. Brilliant! So far, the site has posted the filmed responses for Brooklyn (video above) and London (below).

What would be your answer?…


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What a Pretty Head You Have: Paige Gamble Headbands

Headpieces by Paige Gamble are some kind of incredible. The python "flowers" are cut, pressed, and crafted by a third generation flower-maker in New York. Flower maker?

Aura Quartz. $450.

Black Python and Resin. $215.

Smoke Anaconda. $150.

Natural Python and Tan Crocodile Gardenias. $450.

Smoke Anaconda and Slate Gardenias.… Continue

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Too Cool or Lookin' Like a Fool? Crystal Sunglasses

I can't decide whether I love these Swarovski inspired crystal sunglasses or if I hate them. If you saw your friend sportin' these at the club would you scream in delight or shudder in silence?

From the designer's own words:

"experience a new world – discover the world anew you do not only adorn yourself with these glasses, you see the whole world through the magic of crystal. elaborate swarovski technology makes it possible. the lens’… Continue

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Swarovski-Studded Contact Lenses

The ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses are the second place winner in the ‘Crystal Vision’ competition co-organized by designboom and Swarovski. Mallier took the ‘Crystal Vision’ theme literally when he designed the crystal eye ‘bling’. The competition had 4074 entries from 92 countries.

Mallier relates, “Swarovski has been synonymous with adding that extra ‘sparkle’ to everyday life. Swarovski crystals have the power to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary… Continue

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