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Most Beautiful Celebrities Pose With Younger Versions of Themselves

2006: Angelina Jolie

Right around award season time, released a great set of photoshopped images that showed Oscar nominees posing with younger versions of themselves. While People is known as a weekly…


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Electromagnetic Sculptures Generated by a Particle Accelerator

I’m excited to announce that I’m now contributing to Chevy Culture, a lifestyle and auto site sponsored by Chevrolet. Click through for the full post on Chevy Culture, and come back in the next few weeks and months for more.

With eye-popping design, the 2014 Spark EV is a head turner no matter where you go. Add to that its 400…


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Sneak Peek: Silhouettes From Popular Culture by Olly Moss

Every so often we get an email from a publishing house letting us know about an art book they'd like us to review. As a fan of UK-based artist Olly Moss, I jumped at the chance of letting you, our viewers, know about this brand new first book by Olly Moss called…


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Pop Culture Locations Turned Illustrations

The Simpsons - Moe's Tavern

If you've ever wanted to see an artist's interpretation of famous TV locations, look no further than Tim Doyle's new works for Spoke Art Gallery. Called "Unreal Estate," it's places that we all know and love, even though they only exist in our pop culture memory. As Doyle says, "'Some of us have been going to these places for decades -…


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Cute Pop Culture Art Prints

Star Wars

Hong Kong-based mother and designer, under the name Loopz, has created these cute vector art prints that are an ode to pop culture. Featuring princesses, superheroes, and even Star Wars characters, they're so fantastically fun, you'll want to buy them as sets to hang up in your office or baby's…


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Top 6 Art and Culture News Sites

Where do you go to get your daily art and culture fix? Today, we've rounded up six websites that do an excellent job at making you feel as though you're always in the know. From serious art-focused sites like Art Daily and Art Observed to more fun pop culture sites like Neatorama and Buzzfeed, these sites are guaranteed to educate and entertain you for hours on end.



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PBS Explores the Art and Culture of Etsy

Available online now, is a short film by PBS Arts that explores the art and culture of Etsy. If you're a fan of Etsy and what it stands for, then you'll enjoy watching this. They'll show you some inspiring stories of artists and craft-makers who are currently making a living through the help of this website. (On a side note, did you happen to spot Wired Coffee… Continue

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Pop Culture Matches


Who knew you could have so much fun with matches? After finding our post on pop culture cash, New Jersey-born and raised artist Mike Bell reached out to us to tell us about a similar project he'd thought we'd enjoy.

Bell memorializes some of our most well-known celebrities or… Continue

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Top 10 Most Influential Culture Blogs

Looking for some websites to give you that daily dose of culture? Then check out our next top 10 list for Intel's My Life Scoop. From powerhouse sites you probably have already heard of like the Huffington Post and Boing Boing to smaller but more focused sites like Cool Hunting and Ars Technica, we guarantee you'll find a site you connect with. If you're ready to open your… Continue

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10 Apps to Enhance Your Offline Experience

Happy Friday to you all! Just wanted to share an exciting piece of news. Recently, we were asked by Intel to give people useful tips on ways to improve their lives with technology. In the first of four posts, we present… Continue

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Doh! The Simpsons' Stamps are Coming!

Mark the date! On April 9th, "The Simpsons" stamps will be unveiled. The U.S. Postal Service will immortalize and celebrate the the longest-running primetime comedy's 20th anniversary this year with stamps that include Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

The 44-cent first-class mail stamps, designed by Simpsons creator and executive producer Matt Groening,… Continue

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5 Pop Culture Obama Items

With Obama finally in office, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Let's celebrate with five items that show just how much he became a part of American pop culture.

#5 The Barack Obama Cabbage Patch Doll - Sold on eBay

#4… Continue

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Can you say "pimp my truck"?

Chromed up, with individual artworks on their panels and lit up like Christmas trees, these Japanese trucks and their proud owners (with sharp eyes for detail), form part of a distinct sub-culture in Japanese society. The full color photographs, captured by Tatsuki Masaru in a project started in 1998, allow insights both into a personal and intimate world, and a unique aesthetic phenomenon.…


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First, I wanted to say THANKS MARY for recommending this unique experience!

OK everybody, you now have only a little over 2 weeks to watch this AWESOME, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR FEAST FOR THE EYES AND FOOD FOR THE SOUL PLAY CALLED PIPPIN! Bro and I both came into it with pretty high expectations, reviews had been if anything, I was ready to be disappointed.

Guess what? It was SPECTACULAR! Fireworks shooting spectacular *… Continue

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