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Dieter Rams “Less and More” Exhibition at Design Museum, London

As the director at the German electronics manufacturer Braun for over 30 years, Dieter Rams is known in the modern design world as a legend. Coining the term, "Less, but better," Rams is known for his simple designs that take the superfluous out and leave only the necessary in. It's even believed that Rams has been very influential on Jonathan Ive, the head designer at Apple or a…


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Moving Target - Cabracega

I must have this umbrella! Called You are Here, this moving target is just one of many cool products Cabrecega was commissioned to create for the Coca-Cola Light Exhibition within ExperimentaDesign Biennale’s 2009 programme. The challenge consisted of re-inventing 2nd hand objects… Continue

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No BS Journals (2 total)

I have a lot of friends. Yes, I have those who I only keep in touch with through Facebook, those high school friends who you haven't talked to in over a decade but yet you seem to know that they have three kids and have aged terribly. I also have those ex-coworker friends who you seem to only see once in a blue moon at a random bar in Hermosa. Then, I have those super close… Continue

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Beware of the Photographer and Flasher

Clever t-shirts make me giddy. Here are two hilarious ones for all of those photographers out there.

Beware of the Photographer…


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Creative Packaging: New York City Spaghetti (4 pics)

Here at theMET, we admire artists and designers who take ordinary objects that we use in our daily lives, and turn them into something extraordinary.

Alex Creamer, a student at the University of Central Lancashire in England, chose spaghetti as the medium for his project, "The spaghetti sits on a 3d model of the Chrysler building that was modeled on CAD by…


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Here at theMET, we're constantly looking for ways to make this site simpler. Instead of adding every feature available, we carefully choose the features we think might best fit this community. As we grow and branch out, I want you to know that we'll always keep simplicity in mind.

With that being said, here's an excerpt from a Harvard article titled,… Continue

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A Trillion-Node World?

I like any well-designed video that gives me a glance at the past and a look into the future. Perhaps that is why I thoroughly enjoyed this video from MAYA design.

"It is widely accepted that in the foreseeable future the worldwide network of computing devices will grow to billions, or even tens of billions of nodes. However, if we broaden our consideration to include networks of information devices (all artificial systems that deal in any way with… Continue

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Design Inspiration: Viceroy Miami (9 pics)

Instead of looking at home decorating magazines (RIP Domino and now Met mag), I tend to look at boutique or luxury hotels for design inspiration. I like how certain hotels…


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Electric Bookcase by Airan Kang (3 pics + video)

I guess this is one way to light up a room... This bright neon art installation named “109 Lighting Books” was created by Airan Kang. The glow-in-the-dark bookcase changes color and is part of the group exhibition “Textual Landscapes” at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York City. Although I can't really see how this piece would fit in at a home, it does provide a…


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Money Sculptures (7 pics)

I think money sculpture is amazing. What humors me is the idea that "In God We Trust" is shown all over dogs & guns. I hope you will enjoy. I wish I knew who did this.....

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Psychedelic Alice and Wonderland Bathroom (5 pics)

Going to the bathroom has never been so trippy. Maybe this is where the rabbit hole ends up...

Award winning live painter and illustrator both in London and Europe, Joanna Henly is barely in her 2nd year of working under the guise of Miss Led. She created this awesome installation for Hello Magazine, but the feature was pulled.

"Even though this was…


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12 Cool and Clever Concert Posters - Jason Munn

If you love modern concert posters, make sure to check out The Small Stakes by Jason Munn. Even if you don't know the band, you can appreciate the clever thought behind his illustrations.…


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The Clever, Unfinished Alphabet - Robert Samuel Hanson

What's better than illustrations with witty humor? Nothing, I say! Illustrator Robert Samuel Hanson has a new site filled with excellent work from Monocle, The Economist, and The New York Times. Check it out. My favorite? This unfinished alphabet set. Now if only I could get all of them framed and up on my wall...…


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A Heart a Day by Thomas Fuchs (5 total)

Feed It

A Heart a Day is a sweet blog by Thomas Fuchs, a New York based Illustrator and Designer. What is it about? It's "A blog of love. A blog of hate...Always a heart. Yet always not just that."

Love Bites I

Love Bites… Continue

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Today's Top 10 Tastemakers

The dictionary defines a tastemaker as one who sets the standards of what is currently popular or fashionable. I'd like to take that definition a little further. It's someone who not only has exquisite taste but someone who has the motivation, courage and passion to share that with the world. They are…


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Remodeling a Townhouse From 1912 - Metropolitan Home

How can you make-over a Washington DC 1912 townhouse so that it respects the traditional space yet fulfills your contemporary design taste? For the Lohnes, the answer was to bring in the design professional, Lori Graham. By balancing and juxtaposing all the little details, from the furniture to the wall color, Graham fulfills the Lohnes' wish.…


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Lexus LFA 2011 - The Supercar That's Super Exclusive (5 pics)

Watch out... Lexus is coming out with the LFA! A new flagship atop the F portfolio, the LFA is a $375,000 supercar that's going to rival the current reigning Japanese supercar, the Nissan GT-R. Powered by a lightweight (aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy) 4.8-liter V10 engine, this rear-drive, two-seat supercar pushes over 550 horsepower and a 0-60…


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A Retro-Modern Dressing Table - Angela Adams (2 pics)

Interesting lines, that Kelly green, I'm intrigued by this dressing table by Angela Adams. Dwell once called it a combination of "very serious Swedish modern and a praying mantis." I call it eye-catching and interesting. What do you think?…


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Stunningly Transparent Lexus LFA Supercar (6 photos)

This amazing transparent sculpture of the new $375,000 Lexus LFA supercar is absolutely mind-blowing! The full-size sculpture, which was constructed by Japanese architect Scu Fujimoto, was first displayed at Milan Design Week earlier this year.

What's most impressive is that details like the seats, instrument panel, engine, suspension, and transaxle can…


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Stella McCartney Designs For Gap Kids and Baby

Great, now even 5 year olds are going to dress better than me. Back in April, when I first saw this picture at The Sartorialist, I was shocked. How could this little boy, with his pinstripe shirt, sporty blazer and cool kicks, make a 33 year old woman jealous?… Continue

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