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The 50 Most Amazing Tree Houses in the World

While tree houses are often associated with one's childhood, adults have taken it upon themselves to create some unbelievable buildings that are far more incredible than one could ever imagine. In a book published by Taschen, author Philip Jodidio has brought together 50 of the most incredible tree houses in the world - from a teahouse in Japan set…


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Funny Business Cards Featuring Famous Pop Culture Characters

What would it look like if some of our favorite pop culture characters had their own business cards? Italian creatives Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato of Invasione Creativa have answered that question for us with their hilarious new project. The series answers the question: "What happens to these characters when they've finished the movie they've…


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How to Create Your Own Food Blog Using Squarespace

This post is sponsored by Squarespace. A better web starts with your website.

Here at the My Modern Met, we've always been impressed by food photographers. Many of them are…


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Former Architect Shows Untold Beauty Inside America's Textile Industry

With a background in architecture, photographer Chris Payne gives us a unique look at the beauty and order inside America's textile industry. The series, titled Textiles, is a celebration of craftsmanship and small-scale manufacturing which is persevering despite all of the global competition around today.

His interest in how things are designed and constructed led…


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South Korea's Enormous Climbable Structure for Kids

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling a little bit queasy just looking at this? Luckey Climbers are three dimensional sculptures, designed for children, that encourage physical activity (and help give kids courage - I added that last part). Made of bent plywood or plastic platforms that are suspended by steel pipes and cables, these structures act like modern day jungle…


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Win $250 to Decorate Your Home With Furniture on Chairish

If you're constantly on the look out for the perfect furniture pieces for your home, look no further than Chairish. This website is a fun shopping site that has lots of modern and mid-century modern furniture at…


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Behind the Clever Graphics of The Oscars

An estimated 43 million people watched this year's Academy Awards, making it the most most watched audience for the show in over a decade (2000) and the most popular entertainment event on television since the Friends finale in 2004. If you were one of them and you're an art and design fan, you may have noticed something beyond those beautiful ballgowns and snazzy tuxedos.

For the…


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Create a Beautifully Designed Website with Squarespace

This post is sponsored by Squarespace. A better web starts with your website.

For a beautiful and yet professional looking website, these days artists and photographers are flocking to…


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So You're Dating a Designer? Ten Things You Need to Know.

Melbourne-based creative studio Yoke recently came out with a hilarious series for anyone who's dating a designer. Yes, this list isn't for designers themselves, rather it's for the ones who have fallen head over heels in love with an actual designer. Not only has Yoke created some images that go with each fact, they've also elaborated on each item. It's an honest take on the good, the bad…


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Charming Shelves Give Illusion of Floating Paper

If you love a good illusion, you'll get a kick out of these cleverly designed shelves! They look like a gust of wind has suddenly caused a stack of blank, white paper to blow through your house! Japanese design studio YOY is behind Blow, white shelves formed by bending A4 size thin steel plates into five different types of shapes. Used either upside or downside,…


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Charming Treehouses are Unique Getaway Near Seattle

This finally proves that treehouses aren't just for kids! About 22 miles from Seattle, you'll find TreeHouse Point, a unique Bed and Breakfast that lets you spend a night in the trees! Owner Pete Nelson had the idea to create this amazing destination in 2005, nearly 20 years after he had built his very first treehouse with his dad at the tender age of five.

Nelson designed his…


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Dubai's World Record Breaking Fireworks Show

Last night, Dubai broke the world record for the largest fireworks display ever! Over 500,000 fireworks were used in the six minute show which covered a distance of 61.6 miles (or over 94 km) and included the city's seafront as well as Dubai's most famous landmarks like the Palm Jumeirah, World Islands, the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. It took workers 10 months of planning to pull off the…


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More Beautiful Book Quotes Become Clever Illustrations

Let's say goodbye to 2013 and hello to a new year with these beautiful literary posters. Evan Robertson of Obvious State is behind this inspiring project where he takes meaningful quotes from famous authors and illustrates them in an incredibly clever way. His goal is to design 50 original prints, inspired by great authors, philosophers and thinkers.

Though I still love one of…


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Electric Light Bulb Christmas Tree and Gold Reindeer in Paris

Jeff Leatham, artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, has really outdone himself this year with the hotel's holiday decorations. Leatham created a unique Christmas tree out of thousands of hanging electric light bulbs! Surrounded by 40 live Christmas trees, the beautiful installation was even admired by Oprah Winfrey herself who, just two days…


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Motivational Chalkboard Messages Mysteriously Pop Up on a College Campus

Using beautiful typography and amazing illustrations, anonymous artist duo Dangerdust has created an inspiring set of chalkboard messages that mysteriously pop up on a college campus. "Despite our overwhelming work load at Columbus College of Art & Design we bring it upon ourselves to create a chalkboard every week," they state on their Behance page. "We have taken over the…


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Useful Infographic on Picking Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

If you've ever wandered the produce aisle of your local grocery market, searching for the produce person to tell you which fruits and vegetables are "in season," do we have something for you. Column Five Media took information from The Center for Urban Education and Sustainable Agriculture to create this extremely helpful infographic called The Bountiful Year. Like…


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Daughter Creates Off-the-Grid Writer's Retreat for Her Mother

When professor and nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore decided she needed a studio to write and observe the delicate wetland ecosystem on the banks of the Marys River in Oregon, she enlisted the help of her daughter. An architect by trade, Erin Moore knew just what her mother needed. Using a prefabricated steel frame and materials…


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Fun Hopscotch Crosswalks Unveiled in Downtown Baltimore

What a wonderful public arts project! Today, artist Graham Coreil-Allen is officially unveiling his new hopscotch crosswalks on the streets of Baltimore! Called Hopscotch Crosswalk Colossus, it's one of four projects that will eventually turn regular crosswalks in downtown Baltimore into whimsical works of art. Recently, artist Paul Bertholet created a crosswalk that…


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Helpful Infographic Perfectly Pairs Wine with Food

Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or not, you could probably use this infographic to learn a thing or two about the liquid of the gods. How many calories does a typical glass of white wine versus red wine have and, more importantly, which wine should you pair with tonight's dinner? Sure, you may know that rich meats go with a bold red and that…


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Clever Literary Coffee Poster

Food illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin has combined two of our loves - coffee and books - into one fun illustration. Called Literary Coffee, it shows famous authors like Bram Stroker, Jane Austen, and William Shakespeare as cups of hot java (or other drinks). While many of these you'll know right off the bat, some you may have to look up to really get the inside…


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