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Surreal Digital Art Portrays a Future Filled with Robotic People

Apparently, in Italian artist Francesco Romoli's mind, the future is filled with all kinds of strange creatures that are part human, part machine. Postcards from the Future is a playful series in which Romoli has transformed classic portraits from the early 19th century into unexpected figures and forms. The combination of old-fashioned garb and futuristic machines is…


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Digitally Sculpted Wax Figures Explore Uncharted Territory

At first glance, this amazing piece seems like a simple candle with a burning wick and slowly melting wax dripping down the sides. However, upon closer inspection, an incredible little scene reveals itself in the form of digital art.

Created by Indonesia-based artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto, Uncharted features the journey of a group of people as they climb the sides of the luminous…


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285,000 Finger-Painting Strokes on iPad Forms Realistic Portrait of Morgan Freeman

Technology is improving every day and with those changes come exciting new ways to produce art, like Procreate, an app that allows artists to create detailed, digital finger-paintings. This image of Morgan Freeman is the result of that ever-improving technology. The piece was created by UK-based visual artist Kyle Lambert on…


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Surreal Digital Paintings Showcase an Amazing Dream World

Artist Artyom Chebokha, aka Rhads, dreams up all kinds of surreal moments in his spectacular digital creations. In each painting, he creates a swirling blur of land and sky, ships and animals, and even gondolas floating along the clouds. In the enchanting scenes filled with flying fish venturing off into the distance and giant whales emerging from unexpected places, viewers are introduced to…


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Dramatic Collages Depict People in Imaginary Towns

We don't know much about Francesco Romoli, but we do know that the talented Italian artist creates all kinds of fictitious worlds through his digital art. Romoli, who seems to enjoy keeping a low profile, says "I am nobody, I don't exist. I love using my imagination and my Canon 1000D."

This series, entitled Imaginary Towns, features a single, lonely person set next to…


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Dramatically Mysterious Smoky Portraits

Italian artist Federico Bebber creates these stunning dark and moody female portraits through a creative digital manipulation process. The surreal scenes are filled with a dramatic passion, which is emphasized by the neutral black and white tones swirling together in clouds of misty smoke. Bebber says, "Viewers will stop to listen, as if waiting for some noise, without knowing whether it…


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Pop Culture Icons Digitally Produced Wood Sculptures

French artists Tony and Emmanuelle Lugand created these wood-like sculptures, entitled Holly Wood, by digitally generating them completely from computer designs. Using dark shadows, aged wood textures, and grumpy expressions, the artists have figured out ways to make Mario, Sonic, and Mickey Mouse look dark and evil alongside Darth Vader and the mask from…


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Matt Wisniewski’s Gorgeous Mixed Media Portraits

We’ve seen a lot of Matt Wisniewski’s black and white mixed media creations here, and now in this recent collection we see a different side of his work. The New York-based artist made this lively, colorful series, Futur Couture, by layering black and white…


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Streaking Across Landscapes

German photographer Robert Schlaug transforms his everyday landscape photography into something particularly intriguing. In this series entitled Limited Area, he breaks the viewer’s standard expectations of a landscape by provoking a second and more thoughtful evaluation of each scene. Through digital manipulation, Schlaug creates unnatural divides by dragging streaks of…


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