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New Digital Sculptures of Fragmented Figures by Adam Martinakis

Athens-based artist Adam Martinakis creates otherworldly digital sculptures of futuristic figures. Each three-dimensional rendering has a life of its own, presenting surreal depictions of…


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Creative Illustrator Draws Himself into the Frame

UK-based digital artist Dan Lester combines photography and illustration into clever and intriguing images that really make you question what you're looking at. Is it a photograph or a drawing? In actuality, it's both. The digital illustrator manages to bewilder his audience by merging the roles of model and artist into one entity in an innovative fashion. Unlike a typical set of…


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Startling Digital Illustrations of Fierce Snarling Animals

Have you ever seen a ravenous animal so up-close? French illustrator Samy Halim gives us an idea of what these wild creatures wrought with rage and hunger in their eyes would look like, face-to-face, in his series titled Ungry Animals. While it isn't entirely clear what the word "ungry" alludes to, whether it is a typo or not, one can assume it is a combination of the words…


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More Pixelated Portraits Made of Buttons by WBK

Last week, we introduced you to a remarkable series of computer key portraits by Australian artist WorkByKnight. We mentioned his other collection of portraits made of buttons and couldn't resist sharing the works. Like the digital renderings using computer keys,…


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Remarkable Pixelated Portraits Made of Computer Keys

Australian artist Guy Whitby, aka WorkByKnight (WBK), draws inspiration from the global transition into the digital era for his unconventionally pixelated portraits. The artist recreates the image of influential celebrities, musicians, and political figures by atypically assembling varied buttons found on your common keyboard, calculators, type writers, and phones.



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Watching Time Stand Still

It's hard to believe that self-taught digital artist Norvz Austria, aka xetobyte, first started mixing digital works because he couldn't find any wallpaper he liked. Taking matters into his own hands, the Philippines-based creative began his artistic career in the surreal digital world. Though his works are not direct reflections of Dali's art, Austria is clearly inspired by…


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Surreally Manipulated Portraits

Lithuania-based mixed media artist Natalie Shau combines her expertise in photography and illustration to produce wildly surreal portraits. The multifaceted artist, who finds inspiration from religious motifs and fairy tales, manipulates her photos to offer more than the average fashion photograph. She digitally paints and illustrates aspects of each image to add a bizarre element. Her…


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3D Origami Illustrations of Wild Animals

Origami is the art of folding paper, so what's it called when one creates a digital representation of the meticulous paper art? Whatever it is, artist Jeremy Kool has mastered it in his series entitled The Paper Fox. Kool brilliantly displays paper sculptures of all types of wildlife. The Australia-based graphic designer's digital illustrations range…


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Digital Interpretations of Surreal Solitude

We discovered UK-based artist Philip McKay's work on our very own website when he submitted some of his stunning work to our Photos section. His digital artwork leaves a feeling of…


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Lost in a Mixed Media World

Danny O'Connor, aka DOC, is a UK-based artist whose riveting street art-style portraits incorporate a variety of mixed media. He combines physically handcrafted elements with digital editing tools like Photoshop to add a unique layer to his already beautifully painted works.

Each of the artist's paintings represents a different subject, usually female, that is lost within her own thoughts. They exude unfiltered emotion, despite their wandering gaze.… Continue

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