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Surreal Illustrations Merge Dreams and Childhood Memories

St. Petersburg-based digital artist Alex Andreev recently unveiled the 9th installment of his ongoing series titled A Separate Reality. The collection features remarkably surreal illustrations of an alternate universe where skateboarders are guided by flying stingrays, masses of land float in the sky, and there's little difference between an enormous airplane and a…


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Fingerprint-like Portraits Created with a Single Spiraling Line

Zagreb-based Croatian digital artist Paolo Ceric (aka Patakk) creates incredibly realistic images with a single spiraling line. The long, winding mark manages to simulate the appearance of lifelike figures through the expertly administered boldness and thickness of the line in any given spot. By diluting and condensing…


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98-Year-Old Man Rediscovers Art Passion Through MS Paint

Retired graphic designer Hal Lasko is a man who continues to make art at 98 years old. Despite being from an era when everything was done by hand, the creative Ohio native has shifted his artistic focus to creating digital paintings on Microsoft Paint. The creative grandfather was first introduced to the software in the late 90s by his grandson Ryan and hasn't stopped using it…


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Spectacular Animal Portraits as Electrifying Bursts of Color

Fractals is a digital illustration series by Canadian artist minimoo64 that transforms ordinary portraits of animals into visually spectacular streaks of color. Using Fractalius, a Photoshop plugin, and her additional editing skills, she is able to manipulate each image and render an eye-catching explosion of color.

Minimoo64's portraits are enlivened through her artistic process,…


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Dashing Portraits of Cats Dressed in Royal Attire

Tashkent-based Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov digitally painted portraits of cats for Hermitage Magazine as though they are refined gentlemen in royal attire. Styling his whimsical renditions like classic oil paintings, there is an unbelievably realistic quality to them that makes the viewer question whether they're actually…


Added by Pinar on July 30, 2013 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Spectacular Film Inspired Paintings by Alice X. Zhang

The Dark Knight

New York-based artist Alice X. Zhang creates spectacular portraits of pop culture characters in their artistically dazzling worlds. As of late, she has been especially inspired by cinema, recreating scenes with her brilliant aesthetic and color palette. Each image is digitally painted in Photoshop, taking her up to 4 hours per…


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Spectacular Fabergé Fractals by Tom Beddard

Scotland-based laser physicist-turned-artist and web developer Tom Beddard, aka subBlue, has produced a number of intriguing geometric forms he refers to as Fabergé Fractals. Like an ornate Fabergé egg, Beddard's creations boast brilliant and intricate design patterns. The English artist uses a formulaic method to create…


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Surreal Collages Redefine Ordinary Objects in a Funny Way

Photographer, graphic designer, and digital artist Denis Dubois uses his multi-faceted skills to produce a variety of satirical illustrations. The intriguing images are filled with humorous undertones that often surreally redefine the purpose of ordinary objects. Syringes and crutches, typically used to aid people, are transformed into a form of artillery through Dubois' cleverly…


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Amazing 3D Digital Sculptures of Fierce Samurais

Artist Dan Ulrich, aka dandan, digitally produces realistic renditions of intricately detailed characters. His virtual sculptures are crafted with ZBrush, a digital sculpting tool, with meticulous precision. With over 8 years of experience as a…


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Disney Princesses in Real Life (Part 2)

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Helsinki-based artist Jirka Väätäinen's Real Life Disney Girls series presents a composite image of what an iconic female character from a Disney animation would look like in real life. Väätäinen's mixed media process involves collecting several images of celebrities and random beautiful women on…


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Photographer's Surreal Silhouettes Tap Into Hazy Dreams

Berlin-based photographer and digital artist Anja Bührer, aka latoday, uses her hauntingly beautiful aesthetic to depict a myriad of dreamy scenes. Bührer's conceptual photographs lie somewhere between dreams and nightmares, as though one is trapped in this in-between state of unconsciousness. There's a haziness…


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Major Internet Sites Transformed into Dresses

Italy-based digital artist Victor Faretina, aka Neko-Vi, finds inspiration from popular websites like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook and reinterprets their visual aesthetic into evening gowns in his series titled Web in Vogue. The 19-year-old fashion designer-in-the-making does an excellent job of taking the essence of each internet domain's purpose and community to…


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Fun and Playful Reinterpretation of an Ordinary City

We've all heard the saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" but France-based artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet takes the idiom and turns everyday trash into a treasure for everyone to experience. The visual artist, who lives and works in Boulogne Billanourt, captures average streets littered with trash and foliage and digitally transforms them into fun, high-spirited…


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360-Degree Aerial Shots of a Soaring Metropolis

New York--based Japanese artist Sachigusa Yasuda reworks photos of cityscapes to produce incredibly busy 360° views of a city from above. The panoramic series aptly titled Aerial features a number of digital renditions utilizing up to 300 photographs each. The result is a dizzying look down at a long drop past skyscrapers mingled with the sense of freedom felt from soaring…


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Magnificently Surreal Aquatic Adventures

Estonia-based artist Irene Z digitally manipulates photos to produce surreal environments flourishing with marine life. Each of the digital artist's female subjects are immersed in an aquatic setting, whether her environment be defined by the physical oceanic habitat or the surrounding sea-dwelling creatures roaming about. The unusual dream worlds that Irene Z creates are somewhat…


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Digitally Reworked Photos Turn Women into Androids

California-based digital artist and photographer Michael Oswald, better known as MichaelO, transforms photos of women into sensual sci-fi fantasies. Using his expertise in graphic design and general artistic skills, the artist takes photos of models and then reworks the images to reflect a new scene. His work combines the utilization of photo manipulation through editing tools…


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Finding the Beauty in Destruction

UK-based artist Magnus Gjoen always seeks to challenge a viewer's preconceived notions of what is the norm. The artist's intentions are to represent beauty in otherwise destructive or unappealing objects. By combining decorative appeal and destruction, Gjoen creates parallels between the two, forcing the spectator to draw connections. He adds fragility to strength while incorporating…


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Incredibly Surreal Urban Landscapes

It's amazing what worlds can be created simply with a computer. Eugene Soloviev is a young digital artist based in Russia who uses his self-taught skills to create wildly surreal images. What began as a joke, in which he would cut out objects and placed them in obscure locations using photo editing tools like Photoshop and Corel Painter, has turned into a true… Continue

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