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Photographer Takes Intimate Portraits of Her Playful Dogs

German photographer Elke Vogelsang (of Wieselblitz Photography) makes a living shooting weddings and portraits of people and animals, but some of her favorite subjects are none other than her own three dogs, named Loli, Scout, and Noodles. Her studio portraits of the adorable canines are incredibly expressive, presenting an intimate look at the dogs and their playful personalities.…


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Artist Fantastically Photoshops Homeless Dogs to Find Them Homes

Budapest, Hungary-based photographer Sarolta Bán is best known for her stunningly surreal scenes that include sky high paintbrush trees and flying origami birds. To change…


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Native Dogs Represented as World Cup Soccer Players

With their love of chasing balls and running in packs, dogs would no doubt love to participate in the 2014 World Cup. Animal photography website Life on White imagined what they’d look like if they suited up, and placed different breeds’ heads onto team jerseys. Each pairing of dog and uniform corresponds to the canine’s country of origin, like the Shiba Inu in Japan or the…


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Adorable Photo Booth Images of Rescued Pit Bulls

St. Louis, Missouri-based photographer Lynn Terry captured these priceless moments when she placed two pit bulls, Willis and Bumper, in a photo booth together. According to Terry, "They got right on set and started licking each other. I could instantly relate it to new lovers who stepped into the privacy of a photo booth and locked lips." The owner of both pups confirms that this…


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Big Dog and Small Pup Are Inseparable Best Friends

Earlier this year we met photogenic Harlow the Weimaraner and his fellow canine buddy Sage. Now, the household has welcomed a new addition to their dog party—Indi the Dachshund. The tiny pup has seamlessly entered the family, adding an adorable element to the already sweet collection of…


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Personality Filled Portraits of Dogs Caught Mid-Lick

Lick is an ongoing portrait series by Connecticut-based photographer Ty Foster that captures dogs while they're licking their own face. Like Carli Davidson's Shake series, Foster's project takes a quick snapshot of these lovable pooches as they're in the middle of a very normal…


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Photographer Takes Beautiful Portraits of Shelter Dogs to Find Them Homes

Rose (Found a Home)

As we've seen before with Traer Scott's Shelter Dogs series, a growing number of photographers have been taking photos of unwanted dogs to bring light to the issue of pet overpopulation and to do their part in helping…


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Shake: New Book Shows Hilarious Dogs in Motion

Our friend and photographer Carli Davidson has just released a brand new book that features her signature series Shake, a fun collection of images of dogs caught mid-shake. Using high-speed photography, Carli captures dogs as they're shaking off water, but it's their expressions that make this series truly priceless.…


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Portraits of Dogs With Human-Like Expressions

Is it just us or do most of these dogs look incredibly serious? Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Ralph Hargarten is behind this intriguing new series called A Dog's Life where he's shot portraits of dogs with facial expressions we often attribute to humans. Set against a simple black background, each of the dogs lets his own personality shine through. (Love the suspicious-looking…


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Beautiful Fine Art Photos of Everyday Dogs

Over the last five years, we've featured our fair share of dog portraits from the hilarious to the heartbreaking. Today, we want to introduce you…


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Dog Owners Transform Their Pets Into Outrageous Characters

Animal photographer Ren Netherland travels across America to different grooming competitions and captures some of the wildest dog transformations for his Extreme Pets collection. His series reveals the wild lengths that dog owners go to at these competitive events. From putting on costumes and props to having their fur sheared and dyed, these pets look nothing like they used…


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Proud Dog Owners Show Off Their Funny "Dog Beards"

Animal lovers across the internet have popularized a fun photo trend that allows them to collaborate with their furry companions on a comical composite portrait, all created in-camera. It started with Cat Beards featuring feline friends as the lower half of their owner's face but dog lovers have…


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Hilarious and Heartwarming Photos of Dogs in Snow

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought we'd end this week's posts with these photos of some adorably cute dogs. What could be more heartwarming than seeing little golden retrievers, pugs or cavaliers running, jumping or just plain frolicking in the snow? Nothing much, we say. It was created just for those of you who haven't been able to get into the holiday spirit.…


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More Beautiful Shelter Dogs + Interview

Many of you saw yesterday's heart-wrenching photos of shelter dogs. In fact, just on Facebook and Twitter alone we received these comments:

@Jane Farrell: They are heartbreaking and beautiful. I also hope they spur viewers to action. Adopt a shelter animal!…


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Heartbreakingly Beautiful Portraits of Shelter Dogs

I came across Traer Scott's portraits of dogs living in American shelters and was immediately taken aback by the mix of emotions I felt. Look at these dogs' faces and you'll see what I mean. The Providence, Rhode Island-based photographer shoots up-close black and white portraits of shelter dogs, some of which found good homes while others were eventually…


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The Fine Art of Dogs (15 photos)

British photographer Tim Flach sees animals in a completely different way. Having completed postgraduate studies at St. Martins School of Art London, Flach shoots stylized animal portraits that look more like fine art than framed shots of your puppy. Commercially trained as a professional photographer for over 25 years, Flach's conceptual style has been shaped by… Continue

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Pet Umbrella

For those of you who don't know, im an animal fanatic. I just absolutely adore them. I've got 1 dog and 2 cats; all rescues. And Ive gotta say, this umbrella is just awesome!

Ive also got to take advantage of this post to "promote" the Lebanese animal welfare organization that I support; Animals Lebanon. If you're an animal lover, please take a minute to visit their website.… Continue

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Old English Sheepdogs Rule. (12 Photos)

I can't put my finger on exactly why I just love these pictures from Cees on Flickr...I just do. These furry monsters are just humongous and their good-natured ways really shines through in these photos. Cees is from the Netherlands. He takes his dogs Youri,… Continue

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (12 photos)

From jeffgoop

Today's post is in tribute to Bizkit, the famous sleeping dog, now immortalized on YouTube. Here's to you, Bizkit! Thanks for the laughs. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too… Continue

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Who Said Dogs Can't Fly? (10 Pics)

Just a little photo set for you today. Hope this has you thinking about 1) how much you love your dog 2) how flying dogs just look so cool 3) that nothing is impossible. My dog Buddy holds a very special place in my heart. Sam and I got him when he was but a wee little puppy. He's now grown into a huge bear, furry and messy, weighing over 110 lbs. I can still… Continue

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