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Funny and Creative Doodles Interact with Real World Scenes

Storyboard artist and self-described "scribbler" Marty Cooper (aka Hombre_McSteez) makes hilarious cartoons come to life in this creative project that he calls his "doodle-ramblings." Using just a transparency film, white-out, and a Sharpie, the artist makes up each piece on the spot, first drawing the cartoon and then holding it up and photographing it interacting with the scene…


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Adorable Illustrations of Random Words

As a way to strengthen his brain muscles, concept artist and illustrator Charles Santoso decided he would a start a project called Daily Random Word Doodles. Every day, he asks his Twitter followers to give him a word and then he picks the very first one submitted. He then spends anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half creating a digital interpretation of that word. What a fun and interactive way to stay creative.

You can try submitting a word to the…


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Incredible Doodle Portraits

From afar, Jason Sho Green's ballpoint pen portraits could look like any other portrait you've ever seen. But come a little closer and you'll notice that some of the dark areas are actually made up of drawings of people, creatures, animals and more. Like magnificent modern-day mosaics, they're filled with such hidden surprises, one could literally look at them for hours. (Did anyone notice… Continue

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Doodle 4 Google National Winner

My doodle, "Up in the Clouds," expresses a world in the sky. This new world is clean and fresh, and people are social and enlightened. Every person here is treated as family no matter who they are. The bright sun heats this ideal place with warmth, love, and brightens everyone's day.

Grace Moon

Canyon Middle School

Castro Valley, California

Dear Grace - either you're a hippie or your mom is a hippie who helped you… Continue

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