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Photorealistic Paintings of Eyes Reflecting Their Surroundings

Though it is often said that the human eye can be revealing about a person, Jakarta-based Indonesian artist Veri Apriyatno's series titled The Witnesses reveals a lot more about a person's surroundings through the reflection of their eyes. Each…


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Mesmerizing Street Art of Glistening Eyes

Over the last few years, artist Eoin has emerged onto the street art scene creating some mesmerizing paintings of huge, glistening eyes. He loves finding decayed, forgotten areas to paint his fantastic works. Originally a fine artist, he decided to make the leap from indoors to outdoors because canvas, as a material, was getting too expensive and he felt that the medium was too restrictive. As he…


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Hyperrealistic Color Pencil Drawings of Eyes

There's something mesmerizing about eyes that we just can't seem to get enough of and now AtomiccircuS, aka Dino Tomic, can be added to our growing…


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Photorealistic Pencil Drawings of the Human Eye

What is it about the human eye that is all at once mysterious and revealing? These organic orbs that are said to be the windows to the soul express a world of knowledge and memories whose allure is heightened by their reflective nature. There are so many intricacies to the…


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Fun Eyeball Installation Tracks Your Every Move

Don't we all love a simple concept that's well-executed? It makes perfect sense that design company Britzpetermann's tagline is "childlike curiosity meets sophisticated multimedia," especially after seeing this. It's a fun window installation called All Eyes on You. Using a high quality projector, semi-matt foil from a hardware store to project the eyes and Kinect, they made a…


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Hyper-Realistic Eyeball Oil Paintings

It's almost hard to believe that these beautiful images of eyes by Marc Quinn are extremely detailed oil paintings! Quinn's work "meditates on our attempts to understand or overcome the transience of human life through scientific knowledge and artistic expression." The title of the series, titled "We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars," appears to look more like space and galaxies than people's eyes,…


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Stunning Watercolors by Marion Bolognesi (8 pieces)

"Eyes" is the latest series of amazing watercolors by artist Marion Bolognasi. The vibrant colors she uses make the paintings really jump out. I love the contrast between her subject's large, powerful eyes and the white background. Each piece contains such intense emotion...…


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Awesome Art: Tracking Panda Eyes (5 pics + video)

Blink and you may have missed this totally awesome art exhibition from the World Wildlife Federation last year. Called Pandamonium, WWF invited top British artists and designers to create innovative and memorable artworks out of old panda collection boxes - helping spread WWF's message that the world's rapidly changing climate affects people, wildlife and the natural…


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"Where the Wild Things Are" Inspired Art Show

If you're a fan of Maurice Sendak's book, Where the Wild Things Are, check out this exhibition. Guest curated by Cory Godbey, creator of, it will show a collection of artwork inspired by the beloved classic. You may remember a…


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It's a Strange, Strange World - Brock Davis (10 Photos)

You may have seen Brock Davis' work on theMET when Eugene first wrote about him back in February. An all around creative guy, Brock's sense of humor borders on crazy but that's what I like about him. In these two new sets, Davis makes a small tweak (applies googly eyes, arranges M&Ms)… Continue

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I Only Have Eyes For You - Marion Bologensi (6 Paintings)

Marion Bolognesi is a New York based artist who studies the fragile complexities of human emotion and explores beauty through expression. Her watercolor paintings stir a deep, emotional feeling in us; it is like the eyes pierce through the page and holds still our heart.…


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A Feast for the Eyes: TasteSpotting

Founded in January 2007 by the one and only Sarah of The Delicious Life, TasteSpotting is a clean and easy way to look at the most mouth watering recipes on the web. It's a feast for the eyes; an obsessive, compulsive collection of… Continue

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A Little Sappy But Oh So Sweet: An Old Music Video, First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Song has been added to the music player.

What I love most about this video is how it doesn't seem staged at all.


This is the first day of my life

I swear I was born right in the doorway

I went out in the rain suddenly everything changed

They're spreading blankets on the beach

Yours is the first face that I saw

I think I was blind before I met you

Now I don’t know where I am

I don’t know where I’ve… Continue

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