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Quirky Portraits Feature a Fantasy of Repeating Objects

As of late, emerging photographer Austin Tott has been been making a name for himself for creating quirky portraits of people surrounded or being attacked by one thing. Well, not exactly one thing, many of one thing. From beach balls to black hats, Tott has a way of creating intriguing stories by placing his subjects in the middle of controlled chaos. "I'm not exactly sure why I do…


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12 Standout Photos Shared on Flickr Commons

Happy 5th Year Anniversary, Flickr Commons! On January 16, 2008, Flickr Commons, in partnership with the Library of Congress, was launched. Called the world's public photo collection, it's where you'll find hidden treasures in the world's pubic photography archives and where participating institutions, large and small, share photos that have all contributed to our shared history.…


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Cats Love Eames

There's a hilariously awesome Flickr group called Cats Love Eames! that show some of the luckiest cats you'll ever see living in the lap of luxury (quite literally). Who else gets to lounge all day on beautifully designed, timeless chairs than these furry felines? In my next life, I need to…


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Top 6 Sites Where Photographers Get Inspired

If you're a photographer, you probably love checking out different websites to see what others are shooting. Whether it's fashion or nature, you gravitate towards a certain genre that fits your aesthetic. Today, we've rounded up six websites that do an excellent job at showing you these different visual stories. Check them out to hone in on the type of photography… Continue

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The Official Royal Wedding Photographs

If you're still looking to get your royal fix or you're just feeling a bit nostalgic after seeing yesterday's blissful nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton, check out the official Flickr account of the British Monarchy.

There you'll also find "photographs illustrating the work of the Royal Family… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Just Can't Shake This Feeling

Pic by Rosie Hardy.

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To Try: Cookie Splash!

Maybe it's because it reminds me of when I used to dunk oreo cookies into milk but I can't wait to contribute to this Flickr group! Who else is the group's admin but Siebe, the man who made the cookie splash famous? He's even given us some tips on how to capture these… Continue

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Love and Marriage (10 pics)

If there was one couple who could show us the ups and downs of relationships it would be Thad and Sarah Lawrence. Using Photoshop, they've created a hilarious set of photos that include everything from Sarah vacuuming her husband to lighting him on fire. Their imaginative photos take us on a wild journey, making us remember the passionate emotions that come with…


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It Felt Like a Dream (7 pics)

What is it about heartbreak that we find so beautiful? Perhaps it's the tragic thought that what was once unbelievable has now passed. We're left wondering how our life has been changed, for the better or for the worse. Is it true what they say - that it's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all?…


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Soul Searching Landscapes (8 pics)

Ghostly Passage

Take a look through Nicolas Bouvier's (aka Sparth) Flickr stream and get ready for some deep soul searching. His dark but beautiful landscapes will transport you into another world. Whether he's taking haunting, metaphor filled photos of bridges or capturing the stunning beauty of fog falling on trees, Sparth creates a mood like no one else.…


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Modern Home Design Inspiration on Flickr (5 links)

If you're one of those people who mourned the loss of Domino Magazine, you might be wondering where you can still get your home design fix. Sure there's Apartment Therapy but there's also plenty of inspiration to be found on Flickr. Check out these Flickr pages to get inspired!…


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Pic of the Day: At Peace

Hope you are all having a peaceful and lovely Sunday. Pic by tiavir.

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7 Poetic Pictures - Sea Legs

From a small town in Florida, a young girl takes captivating photos. Going by the name of Sea Legs, this young girl captures feeling and emotion in a beautifully poetic way. What's best about her photos, though, is that they feel original. You can tell that she put a lot of thought into creating each picture, inspiring others to find their own unique point of…


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The Ultimate Light Show - Alan Jaras (10 pics)

What happens when a beam of light travels through transparent textured materials? If you are Alan Jaras (or Reciprocity on Flickr), you can make it refract into a gorgeous array of colors. Bridging the gap between art and science, Jaras bends, twists and turns you've never seen.…


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It's Ok, I've Got You

I love this piece of mosaic art by Laura Pattison. This original piece was created out of a photograph that she had been keeping for quite some time. Made of stained glass, tiles, pebbles, shells, sand and more, it magically captures a beautiful moment in time.

"It's for my son's 30th birthday present, it's of him and his daughter Lois. I took the photo… Continue

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Top 10 Flickr Photographers That Give You an Experience

Ask me over a year ago if I liked Flickr and my head would emphatically shake no. Today, however, I see Flickr as an endless source of inspiration, a wonderful place where you can see the creativity and imagination flow out of people. It's where I go to to find personal stories, a different point of view, and mostly, an experience. I've put together a list of my top… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Sweet Dreams

To creating our own sweet dreams. By Emma Vincent.

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Chipmunk invades Star Wars!!

These photos are from flickr user powerpig's backyard of a squirrel named Billy. These photos are real and I have no idea how he got Chewbaca to feed Billy. I mean, isn't he supposed to be fighting The Empire or something? Lazy we're all doomed.

via:… Continue

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Floating Through Life - Ayo Umali (10 Photos)

Floating by the South China Sea

While some people walk through life and others run, there's one man named Ayo Umali who likes to float. Unlike a jump, a float brings with it a lightness of being, a sense of whimsy and wonder. In his floating…


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The Official White House Flickr Photostream Launches

Just in time for the "100 days" milestone, White House photographer Pete Souza is sharing his official White House photos on Flickr with several hundred photographs from President Obama's first months in office. As of right now there are 293 uploaded pictures. Here are ten of my favorites.

Taking Advantage of…


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