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Magnificent Night Sky Filled with Thousands of Lanterns

Singapore-based photo enthusiast Justin Ng did it! In November, he attended Thailand's famous Yi Peng lantern festival we wrote about back in September and came back with these stunning new shots. The event seems even more beautiful than we had once imagined.

As he told…


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Stunning Photos of Chiang Mai's Floating Lantern Festival

While we're used to writing about extraordinary travel destinations or must-visit art festivals, it's cultural events like…


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Louvre's New Floating, Iridescent Roof

On September 22, a new art gallery space will be unveiled at France's famous Louvre museum that has an incredibly striking feature. The permanent home to the museum’s extensive collection of Islamic art, the new Department of Islamic Arts will be covered with a "Golden Cloud" which will seem like it's floating. The undulating, iridescent roof is meant to be a "gentle and non-violent…


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Massive Chandelier Made of 10,000 Swarovski Crystals and 3,000 LED Lights

Outside of London, Sydney has been all the rage these days as the metropolis that's been putting on some dazzling outdoor art events. This past March, it debuted the very first outdoor opera in Australia on a custom-made stage built over the water. Over a three…


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Beautiful Floating Wire Figures

One can only imagine the time it would take to create such beautifully delicate sculptures such as this. Korean artist Keysook Geum blends, twists and cuts iron wire until invisible female forms look as if they're donning gorgeous garments. Her recent show at Callan Contemporary was called Moving in Colors and it was where she explored "the curves and…


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Floating Candles Inspired by Origami

How sweet are these? Slovak designer Roman Ficek has designed candles inspired by paper boats. Called Candle Sail, they're available in six colors and each have a burning time of about 2 hours. Love that they remind you of beautiful origami. The shape isn't only for aesthetic purposes but also for functional…


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Magical Floating Lamps

Is part of this lamp, in fact, floating? Yes! The new Floating Lamp, by Light Light, integrates levitation technology to make it appear magical. With electromagnetic components, a sophisticated control system, and the latest in LED technology, it's like no other. Available now in two models: 'Silhouette’ and 'Eclipse,’ this lamp does not come cheap. Expect to pay around $1,300 for just one of… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Floating Ballerina

What a lovely window display! At the Repetto Boutique in Paris, invisible ballerinas seem to be floating up in the air...perhaps performing for those lucky enough to passby.

Via… Continue

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The Floating Glass House - Near Krakow, Poland (7 pics)

If you lived in this "floating" glass house, where would you spend most of your time? In the bathtub, reading a book and every so often peaking into the beautiful forest? In front of the piano, channeling your inner Beethoven and composing a masterpiece? Doing the backstroke in your indoor swimming pool? Or how about in the dining room, enjoying a delicious…


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Floating Through Life - Ayo Umali (10 Photos)

Floating by the South China Sea

While some people walk through life and others run, there's one man named Ayo Umali who likes to float. Unlike a jump, a float brings with it a lightness of being, a sense of whimsy and wonder. In his floating…


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