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Surreal Flowers Overtake a Room in "The Secret Garden"

"The grass is always greener on the other side." For a brand new photo called A Secret Garden, Lebanese photographer Lara Zankoul constructed a beautiful installation inside a blue room that consisted of a floor filled with flowers. She enlisted the help of two friends, one who would be her model, Nour Saliba, and the other, Faysal Fakhany, who would assist her in art direction.…


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Beautiful Upside Down Gardens Suspended From the Ceiling

Rebecca Louise Law is known for her breathtaking installations that consist of thousands of hanging flowers suspended overhead. Last February, she was commissioned by London's Garden Museum to create a temporary, site-specific work for their Floriculture: Flowers, Love and Money exhibition. 3,500 multicolored roses were hung on copper wire and suspended in the…


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Gorgeous Palette Knife Paintings of Flowers by Carmelo Blandino

Most of the time, fine artist Carmelo Blandino uses oil on canvas to create beautifully detailed paintings of flowers. His Single Flower Series explored the delicate beauty of individual flowers while his more recent flower series takes on a more messy approach. How and why did he completely switch styles? In this stunning series, he instead uses acrylic, a palette knife…


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Spectacular Ocean of Flowers in Luoping, China

In the spring, the countryside of Luoping in eastern Yunnan, China turns into an ocean of flowers. It's that time of the year that the rapeseed flowers (or canola) are in full bloom. Photographers flock to this destination to capture the spectacular sight - rolling hills surrounded by bright yellow flowers as far as the eye can see.

According to…


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Flower Explosions by Martin Klimas

What does it look like when something as delicate as a flower explodes into a million pieces? Photographer Martin Klimas is behind this fascinating series called Rapid Bloom where he drops flowers into liquid nitrogen and then shoots them with an air gun from behind. Klimas wanted to show the flower, in its entirety, in one single shot, a flower in full bloom turned into a fascinating…


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Exquisite Paper Flowers Last Forever

For the person who loves flowers but just can't keep them alive (for longer than a day) there are paper flowers by Frances & Francis. These beautiful works of art are handcrafted using just paper and then attached to actual twigs. Frances & Francis is run by Helen Frances, a paper artist living just north of London in St. Albans. (The second Francis is a tribute to…


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Colorful Origami Flowers Change with Shadows and Light

Kota Hiratsuka is a paper artist living in Japan that takes the art of paper folding or origami to new heights! With shadows and light in mind, he creates three-dimensional works, like these origami flowers, that change their appearance depending on the viewer's angle. With just a ruler and a cutter, he cuts and folds paper, by hand, into geometric patterns until he creates these gorgeous…


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Incredibly Beautiful Fractal Flowers

Fractal art is a type of digital art that's considered new media. It's not drawn or painted by hand, rather, fractal-generating software is used that relies on mathematical calculations to visually display objects. Carrara, Italy-born Silvia Cordedda was only made aware of fractal art since January 2012, yet she's already amassed a body of work that's nothing short of…


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Surreal Man Bursts into 1500 Ceramic Flowers

For LSU Musuem of Art's exhibit titled Uniquely Louisiana, artist Bradley Sabin has created an incredibly surreal looking installation made up of 1500 ceramic flowers. Called Interface, it shows a human figure sitting against a wall whose body and head have been transformed into a stunning array of pink magnolia flowers. The impressive artwork takes up an entire gallery…


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4000 Ceramic Flowers Morph into Different Patterns

Though the project started back in 2003 with 12 artist, three years later it got whittled down to a core group of six. Kari Aasen, Lippa Dalèn, Siri Haaskjold, Bjørg Hougen, Audhild Rypdal and Eli Veim, all ceramicists graduated from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, make up Flora Metamorphicae. Their 4000 ceramic flowers, all individually hand-made, take on a…


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Whimsical Camera Flowers by André Feliciano

Just how wonderful would it be to come across one of these installations by Brazilian artist André Feliciano? The artist creates whimsical artworks that look like normal gardens from afar. Look a little closer, however, and you'll discover that you're not looking at regular flowers but "camera flowers" that are in full bloom!

You can see one of his…


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Beautifully Displaying 10,000 Origami Flowers

Do you think you'd have the discipline to fold 1,000 origami cranes? If you do, you may be granted a wish by a crane, such as a long life or prosperity, according to an old Japanese tradition.

Artist James Roper decided to take this idea one step further, pushing himself to create 10,000 origami flowers - making, on average, ten per day, everyday, for three years of his life.…


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Recreating Masterpieces with Flower Petals

Veronicas, Hyacinths, Pom Poms, 2011, All Rights Reserved
While creating his Exploded Flowers series, it occurred to artist Qi Wei "that petals and individual components of flowers are literally individual brush-strokes of nature."

Going along with that… Continue

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Exploding Flowers


We've all seen flowers beautifully displayed in our local market or flower shop, but never have we seen them exploding like this! Qi Wei is not a botanist but a curious photographer who, one day, came across Todd McLellan's Disassembly series. It got him thinking.… Continue

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Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell (8 photos)

Kirsty Mitchell has a wonderful imagination and an eye for the extraordinary. Not only does she take beautiful photos, but she also makes the clothes, props and sets. She has a great sense of color and form and she is able to stitch together some spectacular fantasy lands from her imagination. You can… Continue

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A Matter of Taste by Fulvio Bonavia (18pics)

I absolutely ADORE these! Beautiful and yummy items made from edible elements by award winning photographer Fulvio Bonavia for his latest book “A Matter of Taste”. I would NOT mind owning these if they ever come into production! Clever and effective use of food(and flowers from his other book Scent of Flower) to execute one of a kind fashion items.…


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Gown Made From Recycled M&M Wrappers

To create the gown, more than 1,800 flowers were individually cut and sewn from 600 Peanut M&M wrappers, a time-consuming process that took over 100 hours of labor.

More info here.…


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Toyota Plants Solar Powered, Free Wi-Fi Flowers

I've always felt that companies who give people an "experience" are the ones that will touch the hearts and open the wallets of their consumers. Rather than slap on a giant billboard in Times Square, show us that you understand our needs, delight us with your creativity and ingenuity.

Toyota has done just that with their solar powered wi-fi stations. As…


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A Vintage Modern Wedding With Flowers and Flair (3 Photos)

More and more these days you see couples expressing their sense of style in their weddings. It's a huge source of design inspiration because you get to see a couple's personality shine through in the details. Here, Laura and Ben from Brooklyn, New York give us a modern take on the getaway car. Riding white bikes from their reception bearing Just Married flags, the…


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Living Flowers

I’m looking down from up above, my heavenly home I am growing to love. Surrounded by flowers. With an abundance of friends. Whilst you have your time on earth, each and every day, give flowers a hug and a smile to your friends along the way.

Don’t wait until you get that call, to tell you they have gone. You would be surprised what a difference you can make.

Just pick up the phone and give them a call. Quality time is what we should share to… Continue

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