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Norm the Pug Flies Up, Up and Away!

Remember Norm, that personality-filled pug? Art director Robert Jahns (or nois7 on Instagram) has taken a photo of him and created this whimsical image of Norm strapped to a colorful bunch of balloons. Watch as he flies up, up and away!

As he writes, "This is Norm, he does almost everything to…


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Sneak Peek: Adorable Flying Henry, the Book

Photographer Rachel Hulin just sent us never-before-seen images from her soon-to-be-released new book Flying Henry. If you've been following the adventures of Henry along with us, you'll remember him as the cute little baby that seems to have magical powers. Throughout the year, we've…


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Happy New Photos of Henry the Flying Baby

Rainy Day Flight

Remember Henry, the Flying Baby? Rachel Hulin made waves when she photographed her baby soaring through the air (of course, with the help of a little Photoshop). Since then, the New York City-based photographer has been continuing her series and…


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Mother Photographs Her Flying Baby

By now we've all seen proud parents take some pretty amazing photographs of their babies or kids. Who could ever forget Jason Lee's unforgettable images of his daughters or Finland-based Adele Enersen's daydreaming…


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Up in the Air (12 photos)

Our ability to fly never ceases to amaze me. Particularly, whenever I'm in a plane and about to take off, I think about the engineering masterminds who made the experience possible. It really goes to show that humans are capable of almost anything.

21-year-old Sampo Kiviniemi shares my passion for aviation. Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Kiviniemi shoots… Continue

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Flying Cows (3 pics)

I want to share with you part of my "Flying cows" series:

I'm trying to draw more often... trying to find some time.

But is what I really enjoy doing.

Hope you like them.… Continue

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Jetpacks and Flying Hovercrafts! (9 pics + 2 videos)

Well here's that jetpack you asked for Kevin!

These babies developed by Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand go on sale for $75,000 each, and can reach 60mph, with an altitude of 8,000 feet! Check out the video below for demonstration.

What? Not impressed? How bout this homemade Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman, also another New Zealander?…


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Forget About FedEx: Introducing the Cargonaut

Wouldn't it be great if these air carriers really existed? They'd drop off your heavy school books or shopping bags right at your door. Matthias Schmiedbauer is feeling our pain. His Cargonaut concept makes us believe that one day this could actually happen!

Here he is describing his vision:

2026 - New York, Berlin, Shanghai. Millions of… Continue

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First Class Used to Just Be a Better Meal...

Dorothy from Jerry McGuire was giving it to us straight when she said, "First class is (what's) wrong. It used to be a better meal. Now it's a better life." One look at the new Swiss Air first class cabin and you will believe that first class passengers are now truly… Continue

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Virgin America is Rolling Out Wi-Fi On Board Their Planes!

On my quick trip up to San Francisco, I was able to experience first hand, flying on a Virgin American plane. Though my brother did a pretty good job describing all the cool features in a previous post, I just… Continue

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It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's a Flyke!

The bicycle can be used with the motor running on the ground up to 40 mph. It is also a fully functional recumbent bicycle. The Flyke can be pedaled in bike mode with and without the motor attached, and can be propelled by the motor alone. No special harness necessary, sit down, fasten your seatbelt and take off. The bicycle is front wheel drive and steers with articulation. The whole front of the Flyke - the bicycle/seat assembly - pivots into turns.… Continue

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When Life Was Simpler: "Dreams of Flying" Photographs by Jan von Holleben

When our imaginations used to run free...

Jan von Holleben spends his time between Berlin, London and his homeland in South West Germany where he produces the majority of his photography. Born 1977 in Cologne and brought up in the Southern German countryside, von Holleben… Continue

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