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Porn for Pregnant Ladies

Porn for Pregnant Ladies really made me laugh. For any woman who has or is going through pregnancy or for any man who's had to endure his significant other's ups and downs (while standing on the sidelines), you'll appreciate this hilarious set. It was created by freelance art director and graphic designer Amy Morrison.

"Every so often I notice that someone has found this site…


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Mantras for the Design Community and Beyond

Described by one person as the "the Godfather of the graphic art scene," Anthony Burrill is known for his catchy and clever posters that have become words to live by for the design community and beyond. In bold typography, his meaningful messages seem a bit in your face, but in a way that's wonderfully refreshing. As his website states, "He combines an instinctive handling of…


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Batman's Batcave for The Dark Knight Rises Revealed?

A new batcave may have been discovered for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie The Dark Knight Rises! The Turda Salt Mine may very soon be the new headquarters for the caped crusader.

The Turda Salt Mine, found in Turda, Romania, supplied table salt for much of the region throughout the Middle Ages and into the early 20th Century though, since 1992, the… Continue

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Top 6 iPad Apps for Quick News Reading

How do you get the most out of your iPad, especially when it comes to reading the news? In our last "tip" article for Intel's My Life Scoop we bring you the top 6 iPad apps for quick news reading. Check them out.…


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10 Best iPad Apps for Art and Design Lovers

Ready for our next big tip? It's time to check out some creative iPad apps!

With all the apps being made for the iPad, you can now easily stretch your imagination and creativity like never before. For designers, artists or those who are just interested in creative fields, the iPad can be an exciting new tool, a place to do everything from sketch out new ideas… Continue

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My Modern Met's Call for Interns Ends Friday

Last week, we told you that we're growing our company and that we're hiring a few, key interns here at My Modern Met. We asked you to submit your resumes and, boy, did we receive an amazing response! Because we have so many qualified candidates to choose from, we'll be closing our call for applicants this… Continue

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Striking Poster for Society of Illustrators

Israeli-born illustrator Tomer Hanuka (who you may remember from this post) recently created this striking poster for the Society of Illustrators. It's to ask illustrators to submit their work for their annual show and book.

Juries will select works that will be shown at the… Continue

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Top 6 Bookmarking Sites for Visual Inspiration

If you've ever come across amazing images that made you stop and stare, you've probably tried to find ways to save them. Bookmarking sites are not only a great place to collect these images, they're also places to find visual inspiration - which can be of enormous help, specifically, to artists and designers.

Today, we've collected six excellent sites that… Continue

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Top 10 Products for the Perfect Office

If you could put together the perfect office, which products would you choose? Tasked with that question, we came up with 10 awesome items that we think you're going to love. From digital wireless speakers with dynamic bass and sound to a desk that slides to fit your body (no more hunching!), these products were carefully selected with you, the modern professional, in… Continue

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Great Advice for Creatives

Sometimes, all we need...all we encouragement....some good advice. Here's Ira Glass, an American public radio personality, and host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life, sharing what he's learned throughout the years. It's applicable to anyone who's pursuing a creative path.

Listen to Glass speak these words (and then some) in this great video.… Continue

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Dresses Made of Words

Norway-based ad agency Kitchen certainly knows how to make us do a double-take! Using that old adage - "sex sells" - they dress up beautiful blond women in transparent gowns, made of nothing but words in different typefaces. Created for fashion magazine Alt for Damene, the dresses' message is clear: "Stories that stay with you."…


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Interview Ewan McGregor and Mike Mills for Beginners

If you've been hanging out with us here at theMET, you'll remember that we took off to SF in April to attend the San Francisco international Film Festival on behalf of Saab. Their opening night movie was Beginners, starring the one and only Ewan McGregor. Back then, we promised you an… Continue

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Clever Posters for Texas-Based Movies

This year, Alamo Drafthouse (an Austin film theater/institution) worked with Jason Munn in creating a series of clever posters for their Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow. (Remember last year they worked with Olly Moss?) The Oakland-based illustrator is known for designing posters for local… Continue

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New Pencil Vs Camera Works for West Africa

Belgian Ben Heine busted out into the art scene back in April 2010 when his incredibly creative series, Pencil Vs Camera, captured the hearts and minds of people from all around the world.

Though at first glance one might find Heine's work simplistic (funny doodles placed in… Continue

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Creative Business Card for a Pilates Studio

If you're a big fan of creative business cards, do we have a great one for you. Next time a company like Mais Pilates Studio wants to quickly show their potential clients the benefits of taking up pilates, all they have to do is whip out one of these sweet cards. Funny, simple and straight to the… Continue

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Custom Crayon Family Portrait for Japan

While designers are putting up poster after poster to help with Japan's disaster recovery, still others are looking for creative ways to give. Artist Diem Chau, who you may remember as the talented crayon sculptor, just announced her own, unique way.

"I'd like to make a humble… Continue

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Met Exclusive: Trey Ratcliff's 9 HDR Tips

With the #1 travel photography blog (called Stuck in Customs) on the internet, Trey Ratcliff is known as one of the biggest and brightest stars in modern-day photography. His career really took off when he was honored with having the first HDR photo ever to hang in the Smithsonian. He's been called a “pioneer of HDR photography” by… Continue

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New Surreal Ads for Alexander McQueen (2 photos)

I just cant' get enough of these new ads by the Alexander McQueen fashion line. Surrounded by beautiful butterflies, models Sasha Pivovarova and Lindsey Wixson look they're caught up in a surreal dream, dont' they?

It was only last year that we lost the very talented British fashion designer. It's nice to see the fashion house carry on McQueen's dramatic vision.…


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Best Countries for Atypical Things (12 illustrations)

Brilliant illustrator Frank Chimero was asked by Newsweek to make twelve illustrations in the style of his clever State series."Statistics can measure only so much," says Newswseek. "To enjoy life's more… Continue

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Illustration of the Day: J is for James

Stanley Chow's wonderful J is for James illustration has just been released as a limited edition print! "I felt compelled to do the James Bonds, because it's the festive season, and the festive television schedule in UK every year is James Bond film after James Bond film," he tells us. "Plus, I need to add to my self-initiated project 'My Random Alphabet' that… Continue

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