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Hilarious Illustrations Show Different Kinds of NYC Bikers

In this hilarious series by artist Kurt McRobert, we take a look at all the different kinds of New York City bikers. The twelve illustrations show everything from a fashion forward cyclist, with her fedora hat and red pumps cruising down the streets of Soho, to the fanny pack sporting tourists, with their classic I heart NY shirts, stopping traffic to take their shots.…


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Norm the Pug Flies Up, Up and Away!

Remember Norm, that personality-filled pug? Art director Robert Jahns (or nois7 on Instagram) has taken a photo of him and created this whimsical image of Norm strapped to a colorful bunch of balloons. Watch as he flies up, up and away!

As he writes, "This is Norm, he does almost everything to…


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Touching and Funny Photo Project: Kids Were Here

For all you moms out there (especially the ones that get stressed out over a messy house), this post is for you. With absolutely no little humans in sight, these photos just show evidence that kids were once there. A group consisting of 30 photographers have documented the little details that show the sweet, the subtle and the creative ways kids leave their mark in…


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Museum's Exhibit of Hilariously Awkward Family Photos

With the upcoming exhibit of Awkward Family Photos at the California Heritage Museum in Santa Monica, it's clear that taking awkward family photos is not just a cringeworthy memory, but a form of art. The exhibit, open from March 28 to July 27, will display the best of the worst…


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Clever New Street Art Shows Bruce Lee in Action

Though he walked up and down the same street every single day, French street artist OakOak didn't quite know what was missing from a particular spot on the wall...until now. In his latest piece, he paints Bruce Lee flying through the air, kicking a broken piece of metal as if his incredible force had bent it. Located in the town where OakOak comes from, Saint Etienne (eastern central France),…


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Hilarious Photos Show Celebrities as Hipsters

DesignCrowd, an online marketplace for graphic design services, recently launched a contest that can only be described as hilarious. Taking a high-res photo of any famous celebrity, they asked designers to use their skills in Photoshop, graphic design or illustration in creating the most realistic hipster possible. "Think of hand-me-down skinny jeans,…


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Dogs Photobomb Celebrity Photos to Help Boost Pet Adoption

Over the years, we've seen a lot of artists and photographers do some highly creative things to raise the awareness of shelter animals and to help find them homes. Theron Humphrey (of Maddie on Things) is shooting Why We Rescue, Shannon Johnstone is behind…


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The Simpsons' Hilarious Tribute to the Famous Oscar Selfie

It's the selfie retweeted around the world now over 3.2 million times. At the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres made history with that famous celebrity-filled selfie and now The Simpsons' own Matt Groening has created an awesome, wider view of the moment. Bradley Cooper seems to have pushed Homer Simpson's head out…


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Two Cute Sisters Recreate Oscar's Best Picture Nominees

The Wolf of Wall Street

If you're one of the 67 percent of Americans who have yet to see any of the nine movies nominated for Oscar's best picture, you'll probably still enjoy this adorable series put on by two Chicago sisters. Their mother, Maggie Storino, enlisted the help of her two young daughters, Sophia (age 3) and Sadie (age 2), in recreating scenes…


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So You're Dating a Designer? Ten Things You Need to Know.

Melbourne-based creative studio Yoke recently came out with a hilarious series for anyone who's dating a designer. Yes, this list isn't for designers themselves, rather it's for the ones who have fallen head over heels in love with an actual designer. Not only has Yoke created some images that go with each fact, they've also elaborated on each item. It's an honest take on the good, the bad…


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Funny Animated Short About People Living in Constant Wind

For his 2012 graduation film at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, student Robert Loebel created this incredibly funny animated short called WIND. In 2013, it went on to win multiple awards at film festivals all over the world including in Croatia, Korea and Macedonia.

Earlier today it hit Vimeo and almost immediately it became a Vimeo…


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Funny Photos of Cats That Pose Like Pin-Up Girls

Right after we showed you some hilarious photos of sexy men and adorable cats in similar poses, we knew it was just a matter of time before we found the female equivalent. Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is a funny Tumblr blog that pairs the scintillating ladies found…


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6 Websites That Will Instantly Cheer You Up

Had a rough day? Today, we present you with six websites that will instantly cheer you up! While there are millions upon millions of websites on the Internet, it’s hard to find ones that will lift your mood. Sure, there will always be the big behemoths of the web, like Facebook and Reddit, where you can find a link to a funny story, but it’s nice to know there are websites out there…


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Ordinary Men Hilariously Pose as Sexy Motorcycle Models

When Arun Sharma, the general manager of Portland, Oregon-based Ducati dealership MotoCorsa, got a lot of flak on his Facebook page for sharing images of a beautiful model draped sexily over a red Ducati, he decided he would do something different. A few weeks later, he asked the same photographer he had worked with, Alicia Mariah Elfving, to style his own workers in the exact same…


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Hilarious Mash-Up Portraits of Pets and Their Owners

Earlier this year, Toronto-based photographer Zach Rose (or @zachdriftwood) made waves when his hilarious Instagram series "Petheadz" started soaring through the web. A clever mash-up of pet owner and pet, the funny portraits consist of Rose holding up a DSLR in the foreground, that shows the pet's head, while the owner is standing in the background. Started as an exercise in creativity with his two…


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6 Funny Photo Projects That Will Make You Lose It

We can all use a good hearty laugh. That's why today we've brought together six photographers whose mission it is to make you chuckle. Read about their fantastically funny photo projects over at LifeScoop!

Photo credit:…


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Minions Street Art Springs Up in Singapore

"If you riot, riot quiet. It's Singapore after all...," states Ernest Zacharevic. As part of his month long residency in Singapore, street artist Ernest Zacharevic transformed three drab cement blocks into cute minions in riot gear. (Minions are those small, cylindrical yellow creatures featured in the movie Despicable Me.) Notoriously famous for prosecuting, jailing…


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Funny Pet Names for the Wankers at Your Work

As it says on the the Workwankers website, "You know who they are. Now you know what to call them behind their backs." Though created for those who work in the advertising industry, anyone who makes that daily trek to the office will appreciate this hilarious set of illustrations called Workwankers. (Wanker was…


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Shake: New Book Shows Hilarious Dogs in Motion

Our friend and photographer Carli Davidson has just released a brand new book that features her signature series Shake, a fun collection of images of dogs caught mid-shake. Using high-speed photography, Carli captures dogs as they're shaking off water, but it's their expressions that make this series truly priceless.…


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Hilarious Photo Series Shows How a Magician's Baby is Born

We've got to give it to some couples, they sure know how to make announcing the arrival of a baby a super fun occasion! Like we've seen from Quebec-based photographer Patrice Laroche, on the internet, actually conceiving and delivering a baby requires nothing more than…


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