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Modern Free-Standing Bookcase Designed to Mimic a Tree

A bookshelf doesn’t have to be a boring, rectangular piece of furniture that you push against a wall. The Albero proves this by being both a free-standing bookcase and a stunning centerpiece suitable for any room. Produced by Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau, “albero” translates to “tree” in English, and it’s how the structure appears when you enter a room. The slender frame…


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Modern Bookshelf Features a Hidden Built-In Ladder

If you’re someone who is vertically challenged, then trying to fetch something at the top of a bookshelf is a chore. You have to grapple with a wobbly chair that doesn’t get you quite high enough to reach that old cookbook. Well, fumble no further because Karen King has designed the perfect bookcase for you. She’s crafted Higher Ground, a tall shelf with a…


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Creative Kids' Beds are the Ultimate Playhouses

Bedtime just got a whole lot more exciting with these amazing kids' beds by the designers at the Belgian company Mathy by Bols. With unique designs such as a tent, caravan, and cabin, these beds are a perfect combination of sleeping quarters and playhouse that demonstrate Mathy by Bols' key words of "creativity, versatility, and flexibility."

The tent bed has a flap that swings up to reveal a…


Added by Jenny Zhang on March 14, 2014 at 11:46am — 1 Comment

Modern Eco-Friendly Table Doubles as a Planter

Admission into graduate school is a competitive process, and there’s no doubt that applicants want to stand out from one another. Emily Wettstein did just that when she designed and built a project for her Masters in Architecture application. Planter Table is a modern piece of furniture constructed using reclaimed walnut wood that features a removable planter in…


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Graceful Curved Chair Inspired by Japanese Calligraphy

Slinky Chair is a sculptural seat designed by Italy-based studio Infinity Design that takes inspiration from Japanese calligraphy. Like the gracefully painted characters of the ancient Asian art, the chair manages to convey action and elegance in visually striking curves. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, offering a complementary balance of modern design and…


Added by Jacob Paul Wiegmann on January 25, 2014 at 10:30pm — No Comments

Beautifully Elegant Chair Feathers Out Like a Peacock

When designers discuss what inspired them to create their pieces, it sometimes seems as though the original form has been so abstracted that it's barely recognizable anymore. However, take one look at Canadian design firm UUfie's new, aptly-named Peacock chair and there is no mystery behind the piece of furniture's muse.

Constructed out of a single sheet of acrylic, the design features…


Added by Jacob Paul Wiegmann on December 14, 2013 at 6:00am — 2 Comments

Playfully Unique Furniture Looks Like Everyday Scribbles

At first glance, you might think these scenes are just rough line drawings along a wall. However, upon closer inspection, it quickly becomes clear that each "illustration" is actually formed out of purposefully arranged wire. Entitled Rough Sketch Products, the series of unique pieces was developed by Tokyo University of the Arts student Daigo Fukawa for his 2013 senior thesis…


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Sculptural Skull Armchair Fit for an Evil Genius

Skull Armchair is an ominously powerful looking piece of furniture by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harow, that seems fit for anyone interested in comfort as they plot sinister moves. Like something straight out of a movie or video game or perhaps a Bond villain's elaborate lair, the onyx chair is all velvety comfort on one side and a ridged, geometric skull on the…


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Playful Looping Picnic Table by Michael Beitz

Picnic is a playful looping picnic table designed by artist Michael Beitz. The green dining surface is the latest in the artist's line of functional sculptures, offering a whimsical take on standard pieces of furniture. The sculptor's collection of works, which are inspired by the "social, personal, and material functions of furniture," present conventional furnishings in an extremely…


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Hyperrealistic Rhinoceros Beetle-Shaped Chair

The Beetle Chair is designer Maximo Riera's latest addition to his ongoing project aptly titled The Animal Chair Collection. We've seen him turn anything from a majestic elephant and mighty…


Added by Pinar on October 16, 2013 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

Minimalist Axe Table Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

Gone are the days of boring furniture with basic structures like a simple top and four regular legs. These days, it's more fun to mix things up with a variety of creative furniture, like this Woodsman Axe Table by Duffy London.

The piece is made out of solid walnut, oak, or ash and comes in the form of a dining table, coffee table, or console. It was inspired by…


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1920s Lightbulb Voltage Tester Transforms into Personal Bar

Inspired by an early 20th century light bulb voltage tester that was discovered in a factory in Germany, this hinged metallic replica opens up to reveal an impressive bar. Equipped with three shelves, three stemware racks, and five slots for wine bottles, the 265-pound iron ball is fully capable of storing all the best liquor, spirits, and…


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Mini-Wonderland: Colorful Gazebos and Sinking Chairs

This year, as part of the Salone del Mobile, the world's biggest and most prestigious furniture fair, designer Ferruccio Laviani worked with Italian-based outdoor furnishings company Unopiù to create a whimsical installation. It was a mini-wonderland, reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's classic story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Located in the garden of Triennale di Milano, seven small…


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Mind-Boggling Cabinet Designed to Look Like a Digital Glitch

Good Vibrations Storage Unit is a cabinet by architect Ferruccio Laviani that is designed to look like a distorted digital image. The puzzling piece of furniture was created for Fratelli Boffi, an annual interior show in Italy. While there is speculation that this image of the product is, itself, a digital…


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Astounding Table Made of Thousands of Puzzle Pieces

If you thought IKEA furniture was difficult to assemble, designer Rupert McKelvie's aptly titled Missing Pieces table will make you think twice. The UK-based artist's custom creation utilizes puzzle pieces from box sets with an insufficient number of pieces. Instead of getting frustrated with the hours put into piecing each puzzle together, only to find that he's incapable of…


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Brilliant Interior Design Embeds Furniture Into Walls

Le Refuge is an apartment located at Les Menuires, a ski resort in Menuires, France, that boasts modern and innovative designs. At the request of their clients, architecture firm H2O Architectes sought to maximize the living space of the already constructed rooms while retaining 8 sleeping beds and inserting an additional bathroom to the space. Rather than trying to stuff the apartment…


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Funny Coffee Table Swimming Pool

Pool Table is a fun and unexpected pun that turns a game of billiards into a small body of standing water. Viewers might feel inclined to take a short swim after checking out this coffee table! As part of the London Design Festival, artists Marcus Beck and Simon Macro, of Freshwest Design, approached a pretty basic piece of furniture in a really playful way. The team says they enjoy…


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Vintage Suitcases Repurposed as Uniquely Awesome Drawers

English designers Hannah Plumb and James Russell, who work together under the moniker JAMESPLUMB, combine their creative talents to repurpose objects into useful, unique furniture. Or, as the artistic duo puts it, they "juxtapose practical function with their sculptural vision." By collecting and refurbishing old worn down suitcases, the inventive pair have repurposed a number of…


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Mind-Boggling Furniture Space Illusion

This has got to be one of the craziest spaces we've ever seen! Architect Boris Banozic worked with students from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt to create Trillusion, an installation that explores the relationship between furniture and space. Using three colors - black, white and orange - they formed an "abstract shadow of play" that messes with your mind. The piece asks…


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Mutating Furniture Made of Bubbles

Designer Maarten De Ceulaer’s new furniture design, the Mutation Series, is like a collection of unruly science experiments. The pieces seem to be growing and transforming before our eyes. The Belgian designer will present the work at this year’s Milan Design Week 2012 and says, “I want to use my work to tell stories, to stir people's emotions, to tickle their imagination or to…


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