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Pack of Dogs Furniture

Pack of Dogs is a series of wooden pieces in shape of dogs in different sizes and positions. Each piece is named after a famous Mexican wrestler (Dos Caras Jr., Aguayo, El Santo, Alushe, and Místico), it works as a side table, magazine rack, bookshelf, a bench... etc.…


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Relax on a WAVE of Wellness

This absolutely stunning hammock called WAVE was designed by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom and is manufactured by Royal Botania. The first shown at Show in Dubai in June 2008 this design recieved huge attention and continued its success in Paris 2008. WAVE was selected as the favourite product at MAISON&OBJECT by several magazines such as Le Ligaro ... See MoreMadame, Marie Claire Maison, Architectural Design, Connaissances des Arts and Made… Continue

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We are Families Sofabed by Claus Molgaard

’For the unexpected visitors who stays overnight’. This very well sum up the problem most families face. The 'We are Families' Sofabed by Ole Jensen is exploring the functionality and sustainability of new furniture. With two simple materials – bamboo and cotton – the designer created a both sustainable and innovative piece of furniture that makes it easy to welcome friends and family, even though space is limited.

The Sofabed is… Continue

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One Crib, All Babies

One panel, all personalities. That... See More’s sort of the idea with this particular line of furniture that focuses on the panel. It’s called “Muu” and it’s got a “MuuPanel” system working for it. Imagine the luck, them having the same name like that! We’ve got a tiny bit of info on their Sam Collection – premium, colorful, and fresh. It’s all right inside this modern hipster style furnishings age we’re in. Right in there. I expect some… Continue

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Duplex Workspace

Duplex Workspace has the adjustable hood that 1) when lowered allows interaction with the surrounding envionment and 2) when raised povides privacy. It creates an adaptable space for working.…


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Unique Crystal Bathtub by Baldi

Unique crystal bathtub crafted by indulgent Italian company Baldi will be on display in the main window at Harrods, London for the entire month of July. It's an 8.3-feet diameter bathtub carved from a single enormous block of the purest white rock crystal, quarried in the Amazon region of Brazil. The block was discovered in 2006 when Paolo Baldi, father of the company's current CEO Luca Baldi, learned of the existence of this ten-ton block of…


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Personality Socks by Chris and Ruby

An amusing play with associations. We all know these sterotype socks and associate certain human personalities with them. The "Personality Socks" show impressivly how strong these associations can be, as they easily turn your chair into a snob, lady,small town boy or a good girl… An amusing protection for your floor, but also criticizing our prejudging on the basis of banal things like socks. Available in sets of four equal socks. They fit… Continue

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Plum Stool by Alvaro Uribe

Alvaro Uribe sent over his most recent design, the Plum Stool, which is an “exploration into carbon fiber and its possible implementations into residential furniture.”

Besides being a place to sit, the objectives of this stool are to feel lightweight and use the least amount of material with maximum performance. The body of the Plum Stool was inspired by leaf… Continue

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Storage System by Cristina Toledo

Interesting concept of storage system which will use all the corners in your room.…


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Modern Design: Minjjoo's Small Door For A Big World (3 pics)

The minjjoo children’s door makes the little ones feel big. Via the small door children have access to their own room and their personal world…

This door can even be be painted upon. They have a waterproof white chalkboard-coating that can be drawn on or written on with chalks or water soluble markers which can easily be wiped off again with a wet cloth.…


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The COL-LETTO Bed Is So Inviting, You'll Have Trouble Keeping People Out

The cozy bed has a turtleneck-like frame made of soft foam available in various colors that can be rolled up or down and can fasten in place with velcro


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Occo’s Minimalist Design Imbibes Cultural Tradition

Minimalist design is the most distinctive aspect of contemporary furniture. Physical space being a persistent constraint in modern households most furniture is designed to occupy the least of it in order to prevent any waste.…


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Coca Cola Recycled Bottle Chair

Coca Cola has teamed up with furniture manufacturer Emeco to create a special version of the iconic Navy Chair. Each chair will be made out of 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles.

More pics… Continue

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Floor To Heaven

This carpet by German label "Floor to Heaven" looks like its made of a big old oak tree, except its actually made of wonderful fluffy wool.…


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Rock n Roll Furniture And Accessories For Your Home

Rocket is a new Italian brand dedicated to making quirky furniture that appeal to your hidden rockstar side.You’ll find anything from strato-shaped tables to tape decks turned shelves, equalizer clothes rack and a lot more.

more stuff… Continue

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Lego Tables

More designs here.


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Kantik Bookcase

A bookcase that leans on the wall and displays the books quite interestingly.


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Choose the abstract, artistic form of an oval, or an accommodating armchair complete with armrests. Designs by Sylvia Colombini and Zoran Jedrejcic, Eklipse chairs push the boundaries between art and furniture. The unique shape looks stylish grouped in sociable clusters. The removable covers are available in a wide range of fabric or leather options.…


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Creative Experience: IKEA in the Subway (7pics)

Can't find a comfortable place to sit while waiting for your next train? Well IKEA has the solution for you. A creative way of bringing the 'living room' to you! This idea was pitched in France's subway. Way to go IKEA, FR.…


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Cartoon Furniture

Like something straight out of a cartoon! By Vincent Thomas Leman.
Check it out.


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