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Remixed Masterpieces Highlight Devastation in Syria

After witnessing all of the violence happening in his homeland of Syria, artist Tammam Azzam decided he would use his artistic ability to make a statement. After living through the first seven months of the revolution, with his family, the artist escaped Damascus. While he had previously been a prolific painter, he had lost his studio due to the relocation, and so he turned to…


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China's New 3D Interactive Art Gallery Exhibit

If you just can't get enough of interactive art, you'll want to be in Tianjin, China right now visiting the Shenyang art gallery. One of their current exhibits showcases a brand new collection of 3D paintings that ask you to be a part of the picture. Like we've seen before, at…


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New London Art Show Dazzles with Light

Happen to be in London? An exciting new exhibition opens to the public today, January 30, and runs through April 28 at London's Hayward Gallery. Light Show features 25 illuminated installations and sculptures that date back from the 1960s to the present day. Many of the artworks have not been seen in public in decades and have been recreated specifically for this Hayward…


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Gorgeous New Siren Mural by Hush

UK-based artist Hush just opened up a brand new solo show at Metro Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Called Sirens, it includes this gorgeous mural of the female form. He says of this exhibition, "I'm stripping pieces down, over complicating others to show a complex body of work to educate the viewer and bring them deeper into the process of making the work." Love how…


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Thousands of Plastic Figures Hold Up the Floor

One of the most exciting contemporary artists of our time, Korean Do Ho Suh, created this large sculptural installation that doesn't look like much until you come closer. Glass plates rest on thousands of multicolored miniature plastic figures who are crowded together with their heads and arms turned skyward. Together, they are holding the weight of the individual visitor who steps onto the…


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Inside a Must-See Pop Surrealism Show

Over a week ago, we told you about an exciting new group show in Los Angeles that brings together some of the biggest and brightest names in the Lowbrow or Pop Surrealism art movement all together in one place. In celebration of their fifth anniversary, Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City asked 50+… Continue

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Gorgeous Architecture-Inspired Rings

Can jewelry be considered art? Absolutely. Fourth generation Mexican jeweler Iker Ortiz has designed some beautiful architecture-inspired rings made of stainless steel, silver, titanium, gold, Corian and precious stones. In this new collection, called The Natural Aesthetic, Ortiz wanted to create jewelry that "let the gemstones speak to us." …


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Street Artist Inspired by Old Italian Painter

Mark your calendars! Starting July 7 and through July 23, 2011, street artist C215 and photographer RomanyWG (otherwise known as Jeremy Gibbs) will join forces in a new London Show based at Signal Gallery. For the past five years, RomanyWG has documented the work of C215 along with others in the street art and graffiti scene. RomanyWG will be showing photographs both from C215's…

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Paul Frank's Spectacularly Silly Soft Sculptures

Who wouldn't love to see one of Paul Frank's wacky characters sitting on their desk, staring at them in the face? Frank is an artist best known for his colorful clothing line which is often adorned with the face of Julius the Monkey, one of Frank's best-known creations.

Since November 2005, Frank has not been affiliated with Paul Frank Industries (you can read the long and bitter story… Continue

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Outside/In: A Street Art Movement

With the major street art show currently going on at the MOCA, it comes as no surprise that others are joining in on the craze. LeBasse Projects just started featuring a group of internationally-known street artists: Case (Germany), Herakut… Continue

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Dreaming of Italy (10 photos)

New Zealand-based photographer and designer Andrew Smith of Cuba Gallery recently took a trip to Europe and came back with some exquisite shots. Using his Nikon D3 camera, Smith carefully composes his photos and then uses Adobe Lightroom 3 in post-production to take them to the next level. His photos throughout Italy are quite amazing in that they're able to transport… Continue

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New York's Vertical Art Gallery (6 pics)

The Sperone Westwater gallery opened in New York last week, featuring a moving exhibition space that connects the floors. Not only does this structure by Foster + Partners encapsulate everything wonderful about modern design, the way it takes full advantage of its space is highly intelligent, as well.

The centerpiece of the Sperone Westwater gallery is a… Continue

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Creative Lighting Designs from Mediterraneo

Italian lighting design studio Mediterraneo’s recently launches its five limited edition statement pendant lights crafted in hand-blown Murano glass and metal. The Intuizione collection uses layers of simple geometric shapes to create dramatic silhouettes, finished in an unusual combination of stunning Venetian glass and contemporary metal structures.…


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Pins and Buttons Installations by Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang is a Korean-born artist working in New York, who creates intricate and poetic installations. Hwang is best known for her wall sculptures that make use of common objects like buttons and crystals pinned directly onto the wall of the gallery, using each element like a pixel on a screen.

More of his work… Continue

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This is what i am doing...

I foundet Modularfield back in 2006. It´s a so called Netlabel. That means that we are spreading all our releases only via the internet. And special is that you can download all the releases for free. Thy are released under creative commons license. So it´s legal to download and spread the content. But that means not that it´s cheap music. We are designing for each release…


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Audrey Kawaski's Gorgeous New Paintings

Now showing at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York are new works by Audrey Kawasaki. Her highly anticipated solo exhibition started with an opening reception this past Saturday, December 12th. The new series called, Hajimari, is just as beautiful and gorgeous as one would expect. Toeing the line between innocent and erotic, Audrey's paintings always keep…


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Audrey Kawasaki's Creative Workspace (11 pics)

Audrey Kawasaki just released some in-progress teaser pics of her preparing for her first solo show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY this coming Saturday. The show title Hajimari means beginning in Japanese, and is a word often used in the introduction of a story.

Not only am I in awe at how breathtakingly…


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A Stunning Structure at Serpentine Gallery

Not only is the artwork of Jeff Koons currently showing at the Serpentine Gallery in London, if you happen to take a stroll right outside, through Kensington Garden, you'll also see a temporary structure created by…


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Event: Jeff Koons 'Popeye' Exhibition Starts Today

Starting today, go see Jeff Koons’s first major exhibition in a public gallery at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, England. Jeff Koons presents works from his Popeye series, which he began in 2002. The works incorporate some of Koons’s signature ideas and motifs, including surreal combinations of everyday objects, cartoon imagery, art-historical references and… Continue

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Seonna Hong, Caroline Hwang & Saelee Oh @ Sloan Fine Art

If you are in New York, make sure to catch artists Seonna Hong, Caroline Hwang and Saelee Oh at the Sloan Fine Art for their three-person exhibition "I Know What You’re Thinking…"

While Seonna Hong’s paintings exude nostalgia and whimsy, they are equally sophisticated, soulful and elegantly… Continue

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