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CERASOLI gallery presents DAVID O'BRIEN 'Explosions in a Mental Sky' / TOFER CHIN 'Double Dip'

C E R A S O L I g a l l e r y presents;

DAVID O’BRIEN 'Explosions in a Mental Sky'

TOFER CHIN 'Double Dip'

March 14 – April 15, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday March 14, 6 - 9pm

C E R A S O L I gallery is pleased to present a pair of exhibitions by two artists producing graphically bold works that blur the distinctions between the natural and… Continue

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Lost Pics of The Beatles & The Stones to be put on display in NYC gallery

I'm a HUGE fan of The Beatles. HUGE. I have a Beatles calendar. They're the background on my laptop. I'm reading their biography by Hunter Davies right now. I have over 2 gigs of Beatles songs on my iTunes. My cellphone's ringtone is "Penny Lane." I can relate specific events in my life to various Beatles songs. My roommate thinks I might have a serious problem. I think I do too.

Nevertheless, she risked the further advancement of my… Continue

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Art Show! Scion Presents: Fairytale of Berlin

Here's the official word on the next art show opening at Scion's Culver City gallery. As always the event is free, there will be an open bar, free valet, and djs spinning some choons!

Fairytale of Berlin, curated by Janine Bean and Matthias Bergemann from Janine Bean Gallery in Berlin, opens on January 17 at Scion’s 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery in Culver City. The exhibition explores the legend of creative life within… Continue

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Artist Spotlight: James Jean Showing at Jonathan Levine Gallery NYC Jan 10-Feb 7

James Jean is a Taiwanese-American award winning artist and illustrator who lives in Los Angeles. Educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Jonathan lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles in 2003. James works evoke an unique mix of art historical and modern design references that play out beautifully. You may recognize the commercial work… Continue

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MET EVENT WRAP-UP: Audrey Kawasaki & Friends at The Drawing Room Opening Reception

What an amazing night! This morning I am waking up happy and thrilled that I was able to meet one of my favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki. There's something about her work that's so beautiful yet disturbing, the way she draws her young girls it's erotic and innocent at the same time. Audrey's precise… Continue

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Art Gallery Show With Met Member and Wonderful Friend, Charles Kang Showing! Sat 11/8

Our friend and talented photographer, Charles, has organized an art show in Los Angeles for next Saturday! In fact, we love Charles' work so much, we're also a sponsor! Here's the post from the last time we saw… Continue

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Scion Presents: Big Geezers, Opens Nov 8th

Big Geezers, curated by The London Police, opens on November 8 at Scion’s 4,500 square foot Installation L.A. Gallery in Culver City. BIG GEEZERS represents a would-be family of European and American artists who, over several years, have met, worked together and traveled the globe in search of adventure, hope and good times.

The BG crew will blend visual ingredients with interactive methods to delight gallery enthusiasts with an entertaining… Continue

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THE WEEKEND EXPERIENCE PART II: Let's Check Out Tokyo Nonsense, Sat 10/4 Opening

Ok everyone! Anyone free this Saturday? Let's go to the opening reception to this exhibit this Saturday.

What: Scion Installation L.A. is pleased to present TOKYO NONSENSE, a group exhibition featuring new work by 11 young Japanese artists who live and work in Tokyo.

The title, TOKYO NONSENSE, not only refers to the city itself but… Continue

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My Newest Design Idea: A Gallery Wall

So you remember my post on inspiration boards? Yeah, that's still in the works. Actually, I am thinking about changing that idea around and making a gallery wall instead. Get cheapy frames, throw in some old… Continue

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'Cause Adults Create Some Crazy Cool Stuff With Legos

People never cease to amaze me! Who said only kids could play with legos? Get a bunch of grown adults together with a passion for these colorful bricks and what do you get? Pure awesomeness. Here's my top five.

#5. This Vader want to bitch slap you with his lego claw! Watch out for those Michelin tire looking thighs! (I'm not even a Star Wars fan and I… Continue

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Appreciating the Past, Present and Future: Photography Martin Klimas

German photographer Martin Klimas is currently exhibiting at the Foley Gallery in NYC. What strikes me most about his photos is that by using strobe lights and one sheet of film he can beautifully capture a moment where the past, present and future collide.



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Pop and Urban Art Show For a Good Cause: Project 57 in Escondido, Now-Sept 6

Camilla d'Erico, "A Fish in a Bowl"

If you're looking for a cool art exhibit and you're in the San Diego area...

What: "Project 57" will feature works of figurative pop and urban surrealism from 110 artists representing five countries. "These paintings are often inspired by our culture, comics, Japanese Anime, surrealism, pop art and hot… Continue

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Funny story about how Katie Ukrop became a part of the Met. Last night, I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, Domino, and came across one of the most beautifully designed houses ever, by a gallery owner named Katie Ukrop. I e-mailed Katie this morning, telling her how much I loved… Continue

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