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Puzzle-Like Blocks Make Learning Korean Fun

New York-based designer Si-Yeon Min has developed an engaging way for kids (and adults alike) to learn the Korean language. The very first hands-on Korean language game of its kind, Korable Block is made up of four wooden blocks that are hand-printed with the Korean alphabet characters. Combine the blocks to create over 120…


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Gamer's Post!

I <3 Zombies and I also <3 Games so when you can combine the two, I'm a happy girl. Now I love games like left4dead but what I like about this game is that it brings back side scrolling and its just fun simple but also visually cool. I can't wait to play… Continue

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Designed Sneaker Collection by Daniel Reese

Using regular Nike sneakers, Daniel Reese, sneaker designer, created this fabulous collection. He was inspired by video games, movies, musicians, Google and even Twitter!

Check out the rest here.…


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Typographic Chessboard

The white pieces are set in Caslon Bold Condensed and the black in Univers Bold Condensed, each respectively representing the traditional and modern sides of typography. The pieces are cast in resin and the board is 10mm black acrylic with 45 degree lines laser engraved to represent the squares.

More pics here.…


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Gamer's Post!

Even guys have to admit, the game Little Big Planet was just a awesome game! It was how guys can introduce video games that their gfs can love because of the cuteness factor but more than that, it truly is a fun game. Well, they're coming out with a sequel and the trailer looks fantastic! I mean besides the regular levels, they've included what looks like adaptation of bricks, bust a move, space invaders, etc. How can you go wrong with classic games? Now if they can… Continue

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Space Invaders Tie

The Space Invaders Tie is a silk tie, with either blue or green Space Invaders accents. Check it out.


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No One Cares About Your Farm

Even if you’ve managed to turn off the invites, there’s no ignoring Farmville addicts and their incessant rambling about “harvests” and “crops;” seriously, No One Cares About Your Farm. Now on a tshirt.

Check it out.…


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Untooned Characters

Collection of “untooned” images that show us how our favourite cartoon and video game characters would look like in real life. Ive posted some of these before but thought i should include again with the rest.

Some creepy, some weird, some not quite accurate, but still cool!

Check out the… Continue

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Video Game Minimalism - Ashley Browning (16 total)

London-based graphic designer/artist, Ashley Browning, has a huge passion for video games and digital design. Here he's taken some of our favorite video game characters and given them a minimalist makeover. As he states, "This is an exploration of how a few key shapes from well-loved characters are instantly recognizable even when reduced to these simple… Continue

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Lego Rock Band - Coming Nov 3, 09

If you're looking to shake up your video game collection this holiday season, check out Lego Rock Band. Available on PS3, 360, Wii and DS come Nov 3, 2009, it claims to be a "unique family-friendly music experience that will take tweens, teens, families and gamers of all ages on a wild journey to rock stardom in order to “Build a Band and Rock the Universe.”

I just want to see those bad-ass Lego figures rock out!…


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My Modern Moment: Girl throws foul ball back after dad makes catch at Phillies game

At yesterday's Phillies v. Nationals game, a fan leaned over his upper deck seat and made a beautiful foul ball catch. After high-fiving his baby daughter, the guy gives her the ball. What does she do? She immediately throws it back. Classic!

I love how the dad looks shocked and then hugs his baby girl. You don't see that kind of real, raw emotion every day. He's almost as cool as Mark Huckabee and… Continue

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Jump 'n' Run Classic Video Game Photography by Patrick Runte

Patrick Runte Classic Video Game Photography

This series of classic video game photos is from Patrick Runte's Jump 'n' Run series. It features real life scenarios from games such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Pong. Read more about it at Format Magazine. Chung Designs

Patrick Runte Classic Video Game Photography

Patrick Runte Classic Video Game Photography

Patrick Runte Classic Video Game Photography

Patrick Runte Classic Video Game Photography

Patrick Runte Classic Video Game Photography

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Hunting Season by Xiaobaosg

Hunting Season by Xiaobaosg

Title: Hunting Season

Illustration by: Xiaobaosg

What I Like About It: Yet another nerdy video game post. What can I say? I love me some Mario and awesome design/art. This one features an Asian style illustration that is wicked awesome. The style is definitely… Continue

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Brawl video game photography by Greg de Stefano

Brawl by Greg de Stefano

This one is for all you video game geeks out there. This series of photos is based off the internet video series "There Will Be Brawl" which you can check out here. The photos were taken by Greg de Stefano. via,…


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Lakers! An Inside Look at the Last Game of the 2009 NBA Finals

Just because we love reliving that moment over and over again. Here's a great compilation video that gives us an inside look at Game… Continue

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Activision's Dj Hero is Coming!

Holy hot mother of God, I think I just peed in my pants. From the makers of Guitar Hero, Activision is going to release DJ Hero this Fall. Will this finally inspire me to dust off my Technics and start mixing… Continue

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Film the Blanks: Test Your Movie Poster Knowledge (10 Examples)

John Taylor started a site, Film the Blanks, where he abstracts and/or reduces film posters. But that's not the best part!

It's all one big race to the finish. John puts up a new poster Mon-Fri 15:30 GMT. Then, you guess in the comments section. At 16:30 he adds in a clue.

What's the reward? The first five people to post the correct answer… Continue

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Who Will Be the Next Tomb Raider?

The Hollywood Reporter revealed this week that Warner Bros. and producer Dan Lin are looking to make a third Tomb Raider movie.

The first and second movies was career defining for a then lesser known Angelina Jolie, and helped shape her image as a motorcycle riding, semi-automatic weapon wielding Lara Croft and paving the way for playing other tough girls in Mr.… Continue

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Spoiler Alert! 2009 Superbowl Commercials

Oh the Superbowl. A time when the best of the best go head to head in one of the grittiest matches of the year. Am I talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals? Heck no! I'm talking about the Superbowl ads! Ta Ta Ta TAAAAA!

Yes, this self-professed advertising geek is looking forward to seeing the best of the ad world duke it out!… Continue

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Gosh! SirMitchell Tees.

SirMitchell's little shop of t-shirts on Etsy makes me laugh. The designs are almost as awesome as unicorns, Star Wars, dinosaurs, or Halo, but less awesome than a Liger. They're probably the best drawings the artist has ever done.

For the ladies out there.

Mario during the McDonald's Diet Experiment.

Unicorns are the… Continue

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