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A Miniature Train's Enchanting Journey Through Canada

An nice email just arrived into our inbox this morning by photographer Jeff Friesen, a longtime reader of My Modern Met. He just completed a photography project called The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada that involves a train's journey across Canada but with an unexpected twist.

"I carry the train rather than it carrying me. It fits into a shopping bag."



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Ghost Trains Roar Back to Life in Modern England

Though we've seen the present merged with the past in everything from Sergey Larenkov's WW II series to Shawn Clover's San Francisco earthquake blend, we're still incredibly…


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15 Great Ghostly Images

Do spooky ghosts actually live among us? Judging from this photos, it's hard not to scream "Yes!" These ghost-filled images were created by some creative photographers who used one of two main techniques. Long exposure is when you keep the shutter open long enough for your subjects to move around. This will create blurry shadows that will look as if they're moving. The other is using multiple exposures… Continue

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The Last Supper in Ghost Sculptures

If you're looking to detox after a "Hangover"-like weekend in Vegas, why not take a roadtrip out to the Goldwell Open Museum in the Nevada desert to experience some art? One of the most striking sculptures you'll see is Belgian artist Albert Szukalski's version of "The Last Supper," made out of ghosts. Though they were originally…


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Art of the Day: Dreaming Hair by Art & Ghosts

Hauntingly beautiful. By Art & Ghosts.

I liker her bio:

"Up until the age of seven, Art&Ghosts rather fancied that she was actually a small sycamore tree instead of real person. Upon discovering that this was not so, Art&Ghosts could not be consoled, however much her family… Continue

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