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Incredible 3D GIFs Created with a Simple Visual Effect

Animated gifs seem to be everywhere these days, but some gif creators are taking the visual experience of viewing quick clips of silent motion to another level. By carefully adding a couple of solid-colored (typically white), vertical lines to the moving images, an incredible three-dimensional effect is created. As characters and objects move into the foreground, they seemingly extend beyond the…


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Amazing Timelapse Video of Times Square on New Year's Eve

New York-based broadcasting and media production company the Timelapse Group captured the festivities of New Year's Eve in Times Square from above and put their footage together into a mesmerizing time-lapse video. From the morning of December 31st through the very end of 2013, when the ball dropped, multiple cameras were recording all the foot traffic and fireworks. Using a dozen…


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3D Light Sculptures Created with Two Spinning Monitors

Full Turn is a project by artist Benjamin Muzzin that takes two flat screen monitors placed back-to-back and spins them at high speeds, turning the projected images of light into three-dimensional animations. Created as a diploma project for a bachelor degree at ECAL, the result is a spectacular kinetic light…


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Commuters Do 30 Squats for a Free Train Ticket in Moscow

In anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics set to be held in Sochi, Russia, the city of Moscow decided to install a train ticket dispensing machine that offers commuters a free ride for completing 30 full squats in a row. Situated right next to the usual ticket vending machines where travelers can purchase rides, each special kiosk includes a short, blue pathway that leads to a…


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Hypnotic GIFs of Anthony Howe's Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Artist Anthony Howe's 3D kinetic sculptures are massive, moving pieces that utilize the united visual power of wind, metal, and mirrors. We first discovered his spectacular work earlier this year and now, thanks to VICE's The Creators Project, a series of…


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Awesome GIFs of "Flare Surfing"

A couple of years ago, while on the Red Bull Minor Threat trip in Indonesia, professional surfer Bruce Irons decided to take his sport to the next level by strapping a few flares onto his board. What resulted is a stunning visual spectacle that looks almost like a man riding the waves on a board of flames. Irons admits that he wasn't too keen on the idea when fellow team member Sam…


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GIFs of a Captivating Light and Movement Performance

Nuance is a spectacular video by multidisciplinary artist Marc-Antoine Locatelli that features dancer Lucas Boirat combining his gift of movement with captivating beams of light. The interpretative performance presents a push and pull between the human silhouette and a shape-shifting abstract energy. The stark contrast in the dark shadows and the radiant flashes of light…


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Eye-Opening GIFs of the British Coast at High and Low Tide

Sea Change is an eye-opening comparative series by photographer Michael Marten that reveals how visually different specific landscapes along the British coast are, dependent on whether they are at high or low tide. The collection, originally presented as diptychs, have been turned into gifs, making it all the more apparent how each environment transforms with the alternating…


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Surreally Absurd GIFs by Bill Domonkos

Visual artist and experimental filmmaker Bill Domonkos manipulates archive photos and old film footage into surreally absurd gifs. The multifaceted artist's otherworldly creations reflect his fascination with repurposing and combining moving images of yesteryear. Each gif is wackier than the next, presenting a wild scene clearly accomplished with digital editing and special…


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More Hilarious GIFs to Help Newcomers Navigate NYC

Artist Nathan Pyle is back again with a new hilariously accurate set of gifs to help newcomers navigate through the Big Apple. With the wisdom he has gained from his 5 years of residence in the city that never sleeps, the artist saves visitors the embarrassment of…


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Hidden Paintings Revealed on the Fore-Edge of Old Books


Special Collections Librarian Colleen Theisen recently uncovered a fore-edge painting found on a scientific book from the early 19th century. The book is from a set of four volumes about the seasons by Robert Mudie that were donated to the…


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Spectacular Motorized Flipbooks of Hand-Drawn Birds

Brooklyn-based artist Juan Fontanive creates spectacular motorized flip-books. He manually illustrates and paints each "frame" of his sculptural animations on paper and proceeds to install them in his kinetic boxes that sequentially flip through to simulate motion, just like a film projector except without light.

By salvaging mechanical parts from clocks and…


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Hilarious GIFs of Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses

When you think of Disney Princesses, your mind may not automatically go to Nicolas Cage but this funny photo collection might change that. BuzzFeed staff member Jen Lewis created these hilarious gifs of the film star's animated face replacing that of the beautifully enchanting female leads like Cinderella and Snow White.

The internet's inexplicable fascination…


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Two Different Portraits Revealed When Lights are On/Off

Brooklyn and Barcelona-based designer Alex Trochut's Binary Prints series takes a look at the dual lives that some of the most influential and pioneering electronic musicians lead from day to night. Having discovered a way to display two images on one surface, the series presents what the artist refers to as "nocturnal portraits" that "wake up" in the dark. Basically,…


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Riusuke Fukahori Paints a Giant Goldfish with a Broom

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, best known for her three-dimensional goldfish paintings in layers of poured resin (and one of our top 10 cutting-edge artists of the 21st century) is a gifted painter whether it's on a three- or two-dimensional platform. As part of…


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Spectacular GIFs of Flickering City Lights at Night

Las Vegas, Nevada

Lightscapes is an experimental work by London-based designer Troy Hyde that takes satellite images of some of the most lively cities in the world and transforms them into flickering animated images. The series takes an extremely zoomed out look at these landscapes at night that are spectacularly lined and illuminated by…


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Awesome GIFs of Scientific Experiments

Hydrogen Peroxide Mixed With Potassium Iodide

Scientific experimentation has yielded many anomalies, baffling the senses, and Imgur user Gloryholio has amassed some of these visually awe-inspiring experiments into a series of gifs. Luckily, Redditor…


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GIFs of Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Extraordinary Life in Space

Vegetables come in dehydrated packs, and require rehydration from a special machine before eating.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made history earlier this year as the first Canadian to command the ISS (expedition 35) and walk in space…


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Mesmerizing GIFs of Living Movie Stills


Tech Noir is a blog that features a growing gallery of captivating animated gifs created exclusively from movies. There are countless memorable scenes throughout film history but sometimes all it takes to move an audience is one visually stunning moment. Tech Noir captures those moments in an endless loop of isolated…


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Dogs in Cars Look Like They're Warping Through Space

Blogger and Photoshop expert Benjamin Grelle, aka The Frogman, has created a clever re-imaging of precious pups that like sticking their heads out of the window of a moving car. The series of manipulated images known as Warp Dogs features several shots of different dogs who appear to be warping through space…


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