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This is the First Artwork in the World to Use Google Glass

There's a lot of interesting facts about this art piece by David Datuna. Called Portrait of America, it's a 12-foot American flag sculpture made up of about 2,000 eyeglass lenses as well as 400 or so famous portraits that either magnify or shrink underneath them. These embedded images include historical and contemporary figures who've helped shape America into what it is today.…


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Vertical Glass House Features Transparent Floors & Ceilings

Vertical Glass House, a four-story building in Shanghai, China, proves that architecture has the ability to be both inconspicuous and provocative. Designed by architect Yung Ho Chang of the firm Atelier FCJZ, the outside of this house has a very simple, unassuming concrete facade that’s broken only by a few small slits that emit light. By contrast, the roof is…


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Three-Dimensional Trees Formed with Layers of Painted Glass

Using delicate materials like layers of glass or paper, artist Ardan Özmenoğlu redefines everyday objects in her visually complex sculptures. In these tree sculptures, the Turkish artist breaks the object down into rows of hand-painted glass. A single sheet appears to be completely abstract, however, by combining the fragmented parts into repetitive rows, she gives new life to the…


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Vibrant Stained Glass Mosaics of Classic American Landscapes

Warsaw, Poland-born, Boulder, Colorado-based artist Kasia Polkowska recently embarked on a new stained glass mosaic series featuring America's most gorgeous landscapes. Her works highlight everything from the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains to the stunning foliage found during fall in Vermont.

One of her most beautiful pieces was inspired by a a recent trip…


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Stunning 3D Glass Sculptures Inspired by Wind and Water

Over the past six years, artist Shayna Leib has been creating incredible sculptures that show the movement of wind and water over sea anemone-likelandscapes. Inspired by her travels, including her deep water dives, this Madison, Wisconsin-based artist designs these unique glass sculptures that appear like…


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Anatomically Correct Glass Sculptures

California-based artist Gary Farlow of Farlow's Scientific Glassblowing, Inc. combines art and science through the production of his anatomically correct glass sculptures. From the vascular system to brain and lung models, Farlow and his team of ten construct borosilicate glass structures representing the inner workings of the human body. With the addition of some tinted liquid being…


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Preserving Beautiful Flowers by Layering Them in Glass


UK-based sculptor Ruth Moilliet uses her art to preserve the plant kingdom. The artist, who is inspired by the beauty of flowers, works with metal and glass to retain the visual life of her botanical subjects. From hydrangeas and dahlias to cow parsleys and carnations, Moilliet manages to capture the vivacious image of flowers…


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Mesmerizing Interactive Wall of Water

Copenhagen, Denmark-born artist Jeppe Hein is one of those artists that doesn't just want you to look at his artwork, he wants you to interact with them. Known for his sculptures and installations where art, architecture, and technical inventions intersect, he's the one behind some of the most interesting benches, mirrors and fountains you'll ever come across.

In Triangular…


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Sparkling Glass Flowers Light Up Gallery Walls

For more than forty years, artist Dale Chihuly has wowed us with his expert glass sculpting skills. We have seen all kinds of amazing swirls, spheres, and floral glass sculptures and, according to his website, he has created more than a dozen extremely successful series of…


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Beautiful Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

If you believe that less is more, especially when it comes to Christmas decorations, then you'll enjoy these beautiful hand blown glass ornaments by Kiva Ford. With a passion for glass that began with a college degree in Scientific Glassblowing, Ford has perfected his precision and technique in manipulating glass. In these three instances, he's magically made a snowman, tree and candy…


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Glass Stairway to Heaven

I stumbled across this striking glass and steel sculpture by Danny Lane, called Stairway, that seems to be reaching towards the heavens. Its blue/green water-like appearance would surely make anyone do a double-take. With no ending or landing, the surreal stairway asks the viewer to imagine where it would ultimately lead to. The artwork consists of stair treads formed by layers of glass.… Continue

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Glass House Surrounds Lithuanian Historical Landmark

A house within a house? You got it. This is the incredible story of what happened when a banker and an antique book collector bought a historic, yellow brick house.

In the Pavilniai Regional Park, near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, a single bright-yellow building stood on the side of a hill. The new owners found out that the building was part of the cannon foundry and that… Continue

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Creative Lighting Designs from Mediterraneo

Italian lighting design studio Mediterraneo’s recently launches its five limited edition statement pendant lights crafted in hand-blown Murano glass and metal. The Intuizione collection uses layers of simple geometric shapes to create dramatic silhouettes, finished in an unusual combination of stunning Venetian glass and contemporary metal structures.…


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Full-Fat Milk Bottle Doorstop

UK designer Duncan Shotton aims to relive the tradition of milk delivery with his Full-Fat Milk Bottle Doorstop.

This simple design is made from a glass bottle filled with solid white resin that looks like milk. The top is sealed with a re-enforced foil and the base is held in place with a transparent anti-slip disc. The whole piece weighs a…


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Incredible Glass Sculptures (3 pic)

Incredible work by renowned American glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. “Chihuly is most frequently lauded for revolutionizing the studio glass movement by expanding its original premise of the solitary artist working in a studio environment to encompass the notion of collaborative teams and a division of labor within the creative process. However, Chihuly’s contribution extends well beyond the boundaries both of this movement and even the field of glass:…


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Japanese Paper Crafted Tableware

Japanese paper craft brand OEY has designed a new collection of tablewares. Mizuhiki is twined paper fused with a mixture of water and glue that dates back to the seventh century. The collection includes napkin rings, glass markers, and chopsticks.

More pics here.…


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Glass USB Drive

The see-through glass would light up when plugged in, with different colors indicating individual file types it stores.

Check it out.…


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Don't Break My Heart!

the ventricle vase by Eva Milinkovic is made of glass and evokes the many colors of the human spirit.

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The Floating Glass House - Near Krakow, Poland (7 pics)

If you lived in this "floating" glass house, where would you spend most of your time? In the bathtub, reading a book and every so often peaking into the beautiful forest? In front of the piano, channeling your inner Beethoven and composing a masterpiece? Doing the backstroke in your indoor swimming pool? Or how about in the dining room, enjoying a delicious…


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Cockney Eyebrow: UK Candy Commercial features Advanced Children.

What is this Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar and where can I get one? The awesome advert features a lad and a lass who engage in a fierce battle of expressions. Confection perfection!

My vote is for the girl, who kills it with a surprise attack of balloon scratching.

Love the tagline: a GLASS and a HALF FULL of JOY.


Client: Cadbury

Agency: Fallon, London

Creative: Nils-Petter Lovgren

Director:… Continue

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