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Beautifully Blue Frozen Waterfall in Italy

Adventure photographer Kamil Tamiola worked with a professional climber Jeff Mercier to capture these gorgeous shots of a frozen waterfall in Italy. The Cascate di Lillaz, called “one of the most classical climbs in the region,” was beautifully lit up with a blue gel and then shot both at night and during the day. The project, called Cascades of Light, could only…


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Gorgeous Long Exposures of Boats Down Tokyo's River

Flickr photographer 45mr takes light painting to a whole new level with these gorgeous long exposures taken on the waters surrounding Tokyo, Japan. As the main watercourse that flows through the metropolis, Sumida River is breathtaking enough but, add in these light trails, and now you have something fantastically futuristic.

For the image above, the photographer used an exposure…


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Gorgeously Surreal Scenes Shot in a French Chateau

While we've followed the incredible journey of self-taught photographer Natalie Dybisz, aka Miss Aniela, over the past few years, even interviewing her about her…


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Audrey Kawasaki's Gorgeous New Layered Vellum Works

My Modern Met favorite Audrey Kawasaki has created three new drawings for charity. This March, Kevin Mangan (Audrey's boyfriend) and Adam Clift are racing an auto rickshaw over 1800 miles of South East Asia for a group called The Adventurists. "This is basically like a marathon…


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Gorgeous Gowns Inspired by Italian Frescoes

Come to the L.A. County Museum of Art (LACMA) from now till February 5 to see a gorgeous exhibition. Rodarte: Fra Angelico Collection is by "of the moment" fashion designers/sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte that shows ten extraordinary gowns inspired by frescoes…


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Gorgeous New Shots of the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Car history buffs rejoice! If you ever wanted to see a complete timeline of 120 years of automotive history, you'll want to check out the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. You'll have to trek through nine levels as the…


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Audrey Kawaski's Gorgeous New Paintings

Now showing at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York are new works by Audrey Kawasaki. Her highly anticipated solo exhibition started with an opening reception this past Saturday, December 12th. The new series called, Hajimari, is just as beautiful and gorgeous as one would expect. Toeing the line between innocent and erotic, Audrey's paintings always keep…


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12 Gorgeous Modern Living Rooms I'd Love to Live in

How do you envision a modern living room? That one room where you get to kick up your feet and relax after a hard day's work? Is it sleek and sexy or colorful and playful? Here are 12 examples of modern living rooms I just can't get enough of. One day, when Sam and I get the money and energy to decorate our house, I hope it can be as simple, sleek and sexy as these.…


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Gorgeous Flower Table - Shige Hasegawa

A simple but strikingly beautiful table by Shige Hasegawa, a freelance designer from Tokyo. Called the Hana Table (hana means flower in Japanese), the design of the table makes use of an origami technique, and amazingly, uses only the five plywood legs to hold the glass top. (There are no screws or nails.) The design makes the table easy to disassemble and ideal for…


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Liquid Latex

So this past weekend Miss Natalie Rose and I traveled up Coast Highway to beautiful Newport Beach, California for a little liquid latex photo shoot fun. When Ego Assassin supplied us with a gorgeous wave print outfit for her to wear, I wanted to tie in the wardrobe somehow with the setting location.

Much of my work and style calls for bi-polar contrasts with blacks and whites. I thought at first to shoot against a white grimy self-serve car wash tile wall. Believe it or not at 9… Continue

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Simply Gorgeous - Stanley Allen (4 Photos)

Love the simple beauty of these pictures by Indonesian photographer Stanley Allan.

Thanks to our reader for letting us know that the series was taken by Stanley Allan ( ( (Not Zinnia… Continue

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The Most Gorgeous Waves - Clark Little (13 Photos)

With every picture, photographer Clark Little captures a moment most of us would often times miss. Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, Little surfed the monstrous waves of Waimea Bay, where he learned to see the waves like none of us could. He took that inspiration even further as he started to photograph "crystal waves that resemble hand-blown glass" and… Continue

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Vanity Fair's 10 Most Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women

Vanity Fair knows that when you put together the world's best photographers with the most beautiful actresses and models of our time, you get photos that leave you speechless.

What Vanity Fair does so well is let their photographers have free reign; by letting them control their space, the viewer gets to see beautiful moments that look effortless in the… Continue

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Gorgeous Supermodels By Arthur Elgort (8 Photos)

Cindy Crawford singing Country Western in Cheyenne Wyoming, 1989

It's great to see supermodels like Cindy and Christie making a resurgence. Sure they had to wait over a decade before they were in style again but now we welcome them back with open arms. Industry experts say that their return can be explained by the fact that designers are keen to appeal… Continue

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