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Grafitti Transforms Boxcar Into a Vintage Nintendo Controller

Train graffiti isn't uncommon and is something that might not catch your eye. But if you were stopped at a train crossing, you’d surely notice this boxcar made to look like a giant Nintendo Entertainment System game controller. The painted car includes the large plus sign and bright red buttons we all know and love.

This impressive piece of graffiti is a slightly modified version of the…


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Brilliant Three-Dimesional Mural by Street Artist Vesod

Beautiful, high contrast figures full of staggered motion and bright geometric abstractions characterize the fantastic street art of Vesod. Influenced by his artist father and the early 20th century Italian movement Futurism, Vesod skillfully applies layers of opaque paint to create remarkable three-dimensional geometric objects and elegant figures with a unique and expressive sense of…


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New Powerful Murals by Street Artist Rems 182

Italian artist Emanuele Ronco (better known as Rems 182) of Truly Design produces graffiti works that blur the line between reality and surrealism. His latest creations include portraits that present multiple perspectives of a person's face and hands that tend to blend into one another. There's a softness to each image that allows the…


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Beautiful Three-Part Mural Covers a Five-Story Berlin Building

In his largest mural to date, street artist Rone painted this unbelievable five-story mural on the side of a residential building in Berlin, Germany. It took the Melbourne-based artist five days, working methodically around the windows and balconies of the building to create these three photo-realistic images of model Teresa Oman. The wall, which was curated by the Strychinin Gallery as part…


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Beautiful Empowered Women Depicted in Orange Splashes of Paint

In their newest collaboration Splash, street artists Fin DAC and Angelina Christina masterfully paint a trio of gorgeous women on a stretch of wall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Created over the course of a few days, this latest mural is just one in a series of street art pieces the duo has made together featuring strong, sexy, empowered women that are often tattooed and always…


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Surreal Silhouettes of Talking Trees in Barcelona

Madrid-based Spanish street artist Sam3 recently created an intriguing mural titled Park on the side of a building in Barcelona. The large-scale work presents silhouettes of four trees whose entangled branches transform their image into that of two people's heads facing each other. The incredible piece of street art has a duality about it that merges the image of nature and man.



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Banksy Secretly Sells Original Signed Art for $60 on Streets

Banksy strikes again with a secret pop-up art sale by Central Park for his month-long New York residency, Better Out Than In. Set up like any other stall selling merchandise on the streets lining the iconic park, an elderly man sat on October 13th, waiting for customers to pick up "100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases" for $60 a piece (the real market value per piece…


Added by Pinar on October 14, 2013 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Street Artist Blasts Streaks of Color in Stunning Portrait

French street artist Hopare recently spent a weekend completing an eye-catching wall mural for the Cergy Soit Street Art Festival that features a spectacular medley of colors. Located in Cergy, a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, the vibrant graffiti work offers a lively feast for the eyes.

Streaks of color fill the piece, going in every direction. The smooth curves and translucent slashes…


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Man Removing Graffiti, Becomes Graffiti Himself

Street artist DS sure has a sense of humor. After snapping a photo of a guy removing his graffiti off a wall, he ironically turned the guy into his latest stencil piece. Can you imagine the look on the guy's face once he's realized that he's been graffitied onto the same wall?

DS' website



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Mesmerizing Graffiti GIF of "Hypnocat"

In a university hall in Santiago, Chile, there is a graffiti work depicting an intricately illustrated, colorful cat. It has drawn the attention of a few passersby on its own but since a copy of its image was shared digitally, the internet has transformed the stationary stenciled work into a mesmerizing gif now widely revered as Hypnocat.

The entrancing animated image making its rounds…


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David Choe Paints Over Hundreds of Wine Bottle Crates

Well-known graffiti artist David Choe traveled to Switzerland recently to be part of a project known as myFINBEC, in association with Cave Fin Bec winery. The project called on 8 graffiti artists to paint on their own wall, which was actually a stack of 84 wine crates. Upon completion, the stacks of boxes would then be…


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Huge Abandoned Ship Transformed into a Graffiti Gallery

DuDug is an international street art collective that has taken over an abandoned ship on the beaches of Llanerch-y-Mor in North Wales, repurposing its deserted carcass as a large canvas for their graffiti art project referred to as The Black Duke. The once highly revered cruise liner known as the Duke of Lancaster was left to rust on a dry dock since 1979 and only finally…


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New Colorful Spray Painted Portrait by David Walker

It's hard to believe the precision and skill that renowned artist David Walker possesses, as exemplified through his graffiti work. The London-based visionary, who opts to use cans of paint in lieu of a paintbrush or some other conventional tool for applying color to produce an image, proves…


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Banksy's Graffiti Gets Animated

How much fun is this? Banky's graffiti comes alive with these animated gifs from the Tumblr Made By ABVH. To date, ABVH has created six gifs, each amusing in their own way. For more Banky-inspired works, check…


Added by alice on September 7, 2012 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Embroidered Graffiti by Sarah Greaves

While one wouldn't normally associate the delicate craft of embroidery with the grittier art form of graffiti, there's really no other way to describe the unique works of Sarah Greaves. This mixed media artist takes the traditional craft of embroidery and turns it on its head by working in unexpected places. The Manchester-based artist sews her thread into…


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Beautiful Stencil Graffiti by Andrea Michaelsson

Currently showing in the Stencil Bastards exhibition at Starkart, Zurich is BTOY, an artist duo composed of Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer. Take one look at the work of the female face of the artist collective and you'll notice a glamorous side to stencil graffiti that you may have never seen before. Andrea…


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Beautifully Haunting Graffiti at Chernobyl

Photographer Jan Smith reached out to us to tell us about a beautifully haunting photo series he shot at Chernobyl (here's the first). It's been exactly 26 years since the catastrophic nuclear accident occurred in the Ukrainian city. In 1986, the city was evacuated and today it is mostly…


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Fantastically Original Street Art Creatures

While most graffiti work displays bold and definite contours, street artist Shida employs a more sketch-like technique. The Australia-based artist produces colorful and highly imaginative wall murals that look like hand-drawn illustrations. Shida has taken his brand of visual art around the globe, from Australia to the Americas. It appears as though the pages of a creative sketchbook were…


Added by Pinar on February 21, 2012 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Breathtaking Non-Photoshopped Light Graffiti

Andy Hemingway, a self-taught photographer, plays with red lights and long shutter speeds to create beautifully vivid light painting effects. The photographs are the second installment to his light painting series, which were taken at the EZ7 Skatepark and feature multiple subjects such as a skateboarder and rollerblader. The great thing about these wickedly cool photos is…


Added by Claire on December 21, 2011 at 2:27pm — 1 Comment

Retro Graffiti Grid

What happens when a swanky hotel and an open-minded art gallery come together? You get a permanent outdoor installation that celebrates the art of graffiti. Currently on the wall of Mondrian SoHo are 120 photographs of New York's Lower East Side taken by Sol LeWitt in 1979.

Called On the Walls of the Lower East Side, the outdoor exhibition shows the decayed landscape of the…


Added by alice on November 16, 2011 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

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