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Funny Artist Replaces Bench Ads with Identical Self-Portraits

Faces of Real Estate is a hilarious project by Minneapolis-based graphic designer Phil Jones that takes bench ads featuring photos of realtors and replaces them with Jones himself in costume—wearing the same exact outfits, sporting matching hairstyles, and standing in identical…


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New in the Shop: Justin Barber's Hilarious Truth and Lies Posters

Atlanta-based graphic designer Justin Barber's Truth and Lies series tells it like it is, while poking fun at the little white lies we all tell each other and ourselves. Whether it's a stretch of the truth or a little lie to save others from a harsh dose of honesty, we're all guilty of taking part in these tiny truths…


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Quirky Illustrations with Funny Messages

Minneapolis-based graphic designer Phil Jones, aka murraymullet, creates playful illustrations of objects and pets that will leave you smiling. The quirky drawings give a voice to inanimate objects like a trash can, transforming the waste receptacle into a refined connoisseur exclaiming, "Everything you bring me is garbage."

Even when Jones' characters aren't accompanied with a speech or…


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Awesome Silhouettes of Superheroes Reveal Their Past and Present

California-based artist Khoa Ho's poster series titled Superheroes - Past/Present features iconic superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman as creatively designed silhouettes revealing their former struggles and current strength. The series draws inspiration from the Batman Begins quote: "It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines…


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Classic Posters of Iconic Movie Cars

Cars And Films is a series of prints paying homage to some great films and the iconic vehicles used in them by graphic and web designer Jesús Prudencio. Based out of Seville, Spain, Prudencio embarked on this passion project with a simple, clean perspective. While most illustrators focus on the characters as the key players in a film, this series manages to encapsulate…


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Most Famous Pop Culture Dance Routines

Dancing Plague of 1518 is a series of illustrations by Brazilian graphic designer Niege Borges that celebrates dancing in pop culture and commemorates a true event by the same name. The series presents a number of dances performed by silhouettes of recognizable figures from TV and film. From the silliest little dances like Arrested Development's Bluth…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight #10 - Be Kind by Julian Bialowas

Beautiful landscapes, funny designs, moving photography have all been featured here on My Modern Met. Now, some of the best works we've shared by today's top contemporary artists are available through My Modern Shop. As part of our ongoing series of…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight #9 - The Wizard of Oz by Christian Jackson

From powerful photography to hilarious designs, we've featured the works of countless dedicated photographers and imaginative artists. Now, prints and canvases of some of today's best contemporary artists are available through My Modern Shop. As part of our ongoing series of…


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Clever Typographic Designs of Famous Scientists' Names

Mumbai-based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat creatively presents the names of some of the world's most famous scientists, honoring their pioneering line of work in the process for National Science Day in India. His typographical creations playfully hint at each respective genius's breakthrough discovery. From Darwin's theory of evolution to Pythagoras' theorem and Archimedes'…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight #4 - Swan Kick by Chow Hon Lam

From beautiful landscapes and powerful portraits to colorful art prints and hilarious graphic designs, we're re-introducing the wonderful works of some of our favorite artists and photographers who have been featured here on My Modern Met. Better yet, prints and canvases of their works are available through My Modern Shop. As part…


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Sexy Illustrations of Starlets Wielding Dangerous Weapons

Slaughterhouse Starlets is an illustrated series by designer Keith P. Rein. The illustrator's set of images, of which there are only six so far, feature a violent version of some of today's leading ladies; including Emma Stone, Zooey Deschanel and Emma Watson. Each femme fatale is equipped with a different deadly weapon and it looks like they've already taken the…


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Film Noir Inspired Comic Book Superhero Posters

Macedonia-based graphic designer and comic artist Marko Manev has released a series of designs inspired by some of pop culture's most revered fictional superheroes for his Superhero Noir Posters series. From Batman and Iron Man to the Silver Surfer and Wolverine, Manev captures the silhouettes of these fearless vigilantes perched atop skyscrapers and attentively on…


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Clever Illustrations Reflect Hilarious Human Behavior

Graphic designer David Olenick perfectly illustrates the humor of bad decisions, excuses, and basic human behavior. Olenick's designs are cleverly executed with a handy array of puns and a quirky cast of characters. From a tough guy name badge that reads: "HELLO MY NAME IS: keep walking" to the affectionate T-Rex with his outstretched tiny arms saying "I love you THIS much," the…


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Cute Graphic Designs of Nerdy Science Love

The periodic table has never felt so adorably romantic! Nerdy Dirty is a series of graphics by designer Nicole Martinez that professes cute, nerdy affection with whimsical wordplay. The Boston-based artist uses clever puns and bright illustrations to combine the geekiness of science with the heartwarming language of love, presented as a series of brilliant play on words.…


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Pop Culture Crests Inspired by Game of Thrones

Brazilian artist Miguel Lokia, better known as Lokiable, has created a series of graphic designs inspired by the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. The ongoing series, aptly known as Pop Culture House Flags, presents a number of banners for fictional characters from pop culture ranging from comic book heroes to television characters. Each house sigil is like a family…


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Clever Variations of Evolution's March of Progress

Evolution can be a controversial subject for some, but Paris-based artist collective Maentis has decided to take on the touchy topic in a clever and sometimes humorous way for their first creative endeavor as a group. Their ongoing project titled 99 Steps of Progress presents a series of graphics that parody the…


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Eye-Opening Olympic Rings Infographics About Global Issues

The 2012 Olympics have finally arrived in London and with it came a sweep of Olympic-themed art, celebrating the games and the athletes participating in them. Artists continue to churn out new works idolizing the Olympians and the varied sports competitions in the summer games, but one artist named Gustavo Sousa has chosen to focus on the Olympic rings…


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Major Internet Sites Transformed into Dresses

Italy-based digital artist Victor Faretina, aka Neko-Vi, finds inspiration from popular websites like YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook and reinterprets their visual aesthetic into evening gowns in his series titled Web in Vogue. The 19-year-old fashion designer-in-the-making does an excellent job of taking the essence of each internet domain's purpose and community to…


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Awesome 365 Project of Pop Culture Icons

Self-proclaimed "part-time dreamer, part-time designer" Jag Nagra has taken on her own personal 365 project, aptly titled 365. We've come across countless artistic pursuits that seek to spark creativity on a daily basis, yet Nagra's graphic design series manages to feel fresh and inviting. She began this project on January 29, 2012 and each day has brought a new finely executed pop…


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Seeing a New Side to Popular Movie Posters

The São Paulo, Brazil branch of ad agency Y&R has come up with a fantastically creative promotion for LG's Home Theater 3D sound system. The three ads each feature a popular film poster (Kill Bill,…


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