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10 More Incredible Halloween Makeup Transformations

Pop Art Girl

With Halloween now just a day away, you've only got a limited amount of time left to transform yourself into a spooky or stunning creature! Adding to our list of 12 Fantastic Halloween Makeup…


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12 Fantastic Halloween Makeup Transformations

Pop Art Zombie

How much can makeup really transform you? That was the question we posed a few weeks ago when we saw Russian hair and makeup artist Vadim Andreev do some ridiculously amazing things to some ordinary women.…


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Spectacular Jack-O-Lanterns Brilliantly Carved and Lit Up

It's that incredible time of year again when regular old pumpkins turn into magical works of art! Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island is the place to be to witness intricate pumpkin art like no other. From October 3 to November 3, come see the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, a jaw-dropping display of 5,000 illuminated jack-o-lanterns many of which are decorated in a…


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Best Halloween Costume: Calvin and Hobbes

Last year, we called this adorable recreation of a mini Carl Fredricksen from the movie "Up" the best Halloween costume. This year, that coveted title belongs to…


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Awesome Halloween-Inspired Terrarium Rings

Paris-based HoKiou has created a fun line of terrarium-style rings that are completely handmade. Her new Halloween-inspired jewelry is like a cross between Dominic Wilcox's storytelling watches and…


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Huge LEGO Vampire Kicks Off Halloween 2012

Leave it to LEGO to kick off the Halloween season with a fun and spooky statue! In their first-ever-all-night building event, LEGO got New Orleans' local residents to work together with LEGO Master Builders to create Lord Vampyre, a 10-foot tall vampire sculpture made of 150,000 bricks. Set against the backdrop of Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Lord…


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Best Halloween Costume: Carl from Up

Yes, we all saw some pretty ingenious costumes hit the web this past Halloween, but did you see anything as adorable as this? Cutest costume belongs to little baby Rizden, whose photographer mom, Stephanie Read, dressed him up as Carl Fredricksen, the grumpy old…


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The Little People Love Halloween

Pumpkin Carvers

Photographer Christopher Boffoli, master of the little people, recently created some Halloween themed photos for all of us to enjoy. After his post on My Modern Met went viral, Boffoli has gone on to have his incredibly creative Disparity series… Continue

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Clever Halloween Cakes

X-ray Vision

Planning on creating some Halloween treats? With the spooky holiday only a few weeks away, it's never too early to start planning. For a little inspiration, check out these spooky cakes by 43-year-old food and prop stylist/crafter Paul Lowe. I particularly love that red candy heart he's laid over the skeleton and the little hands reaching out of the… Continue

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10 Photographers Who Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit

With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to get into the spooky spirit than by checking out some creative photography? These ten have been chosen because they don't just bust out costumes on Halloween, rather, they make them a part of their everyday life. So whether you need a last minute idea on what to wear or just need some fresh photography… Continue

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Limited Edition Halloween Pepsi Cans


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Urban HOTspot!: The Bar That Salvaged Our Halloween Night!: The Griffin

After mulling over the eight Halloween options Eugene put up on the site, Sam and I decided to hit up WeHo with Grace and Vic to check out the crazy costumes. Too bad it took us an hour and forty five minutes to meet up in Los Feliz first because by the time we got to that area we were over it. Bad mood. Tired. Hungry.

So our wonderful friend Vic took us to… Continue

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Cos-What? Cosplay. If You Know About the Harajuku Girls, You Know About Cosplay.

Oh man, why didn't I find this before Halloween? Cosplay is short for costume play. Basically a movement that started in Japan where people dress up as their favorite comic book/anime/fantasty movie character. Started in the mid 1980s, it's turned into an underground subculture movement where people are expected to meticulously imitate one's character. Recently, with the rise of science fiction/fantasy movies, non-Japanese characters from movies like… Continue

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Wired Readers' 10 Best Geeky Halloween Costumes, 4 Favorites.

A full scale (1:1) version of the MOSPEADA Ride Armor from the pre-Robotech Genesis Climber series. Someone's a little bonkers. Over a year to make and 50-60 lbs. Woah, Website for more deets.

Photographer's comment: "This is a 36" by… Continue

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Oh You Know I Had to Post This: 20 Costumes That Will Earn You a Halloween Beating by Cracked

One Night Stand

Gotta love these! Reminds me of one of our previous posts, "Top 5 Things That Make This Asian Girl Want to Kick Some Ass."

Here are some of my personal favorites:…


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Trick or treat, Smell my feet, Goodwill's ad just can't be beat.

I can't help but laugh everytime this ad comes on. The message really sticks. New animated Halloween commercial from a campaign for Goodwill of Southern California created by The Miller Group, Los Angeles, CA. Characters illustrated by Andy Mueller and animated by Mind Over Eye of Santa Monica.

My favorite one is the vampire and the last character.

During this rough economy, why splurge on a costume this Halloween when you can put together a pretty good one at…


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I Love This!: Halloween Avatars of Your Favorite Spooky Characters

Download some cool Halloween avatars courtesy of deleket on deviantart! Or just enjoy this poster. Can you name these spooky characters?

Here are some of my favorites: Casper..Chucky..Dracula....Frankenstein...…


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Carmel Apple Cupcakes!: Sprinkles Halloween Cupcakes Available Starting Tomorrow Oct 24th Thru Oct 31st

For all you Sprinkles' lovers out there...they're busting out their Halloween cupcakes starting tomorrow. Personally, I don't have a huge sweet tooth but I can appreciate the clean design and look of the Sprinkles brand. Particularly love the BOO set! The Halloween-themed cupcakes will be in vanilla milk chocolate, red velvet, black and white, and caramel… Continue

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How Four Adults and One Alcoholic Monkey Do Knotts Scary Farm.

This past weekend, our good friends Grace and Vic, asked us to go to Knott's Scary Farm to get into the Halloween spirit. It was also to celebrate Grace O's happy birthday, chickadee, welcome to the ripe old age of 30ish… Continue

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'Cause Jeff Needs Some Competition: Pumpkin Carving Contest - Big Mac Pumpkin

Ok, Jeff...that pumpkin was freaky, I give you that. But take this! The big mac pumpkin. This is freakin genius.
Source: trendhunter

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