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Meet Flint: An Adorable Pomeranian That Will Melt Your Heart

As far as pet photography goes, it doesn't get much cuter than this. Flint is a happy-go-lucky Pomeranian that's just as sweet and good-natured as he first appears. As his owner Robin Yu tells us, "I don't think I've ever seen him grumpy. You can wake him up from sleeping and he's still his pleasant self. He's also quite the law abiding citizen. He follows rules and even makes up some…


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Meet Champ, The Happiest Dog in the World

20-year-old Candice Sedighan was recently flown out by Yahoo! (the parent of Flickr) to New York City to do a short interview about her incredibly sweet photography. Two days ago, Flickr posted that interview on…


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Merry Christmas from 20 Terrific Creatives

As it's the day before Christmas, we thought, what better way is there to wish you all a very Merry Christmas than with the help of some very creative people? So, just for you, we've put together this post of 20 different artworks or photos that each say "Happy Holidays!" or "Merry Christmas!" in their own unique way. Save for a few, they're all made by artists and…


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Pic of the Day: Happy 2012!

To celebrate the upcoming year, children lie on snow to form the number "2012" in front of a huge snow sculpture in Harbin, China.

Now in its 28th year, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is one of the largest international ice festivals in the world with…


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Happy Material Chairs

See if these don't make you smile. Happy Material are chairs by Israili designer Pini Leibovich that are created using, what else, but thousands of balloons! With a nod to surrealism, these furniture pieces are guaranteed to brighten up any room and make it come alive. Happy Material was recently seen at the just…


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Happy Accidents (15 pics)

Say what you will about lighting, composition and color. Yes, these are some of the basics you'll need to create the perfect shot. But sometimes, yes sometimes, you just have to be at the right place at the right time. If you don't believe me, check out the work of Matt Stuart. His clever photos are a result of patience and luck.

"All of the pictures are real…


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Year of the Tiger Tea (2 pics)

As millions celebrate the lunar New Year this weekend, I thought this tea packaging was really fitting. Designed by Aesthetic Apparatus, the bright tin has hand printed labels and includes a sticker that celebrates the year of the Tiger. The tea comes from the province of Yunnan and promises to be "strong and smooth, spicy and sweet, rich and earthy." Only 50 of these… Continue

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Happy Pills!? Sweet Happiness in Sugar-Pill Supplements

A candy store (and associated product series) designed by Studio M in Spain to treat the more mild forms of day-to-day depression in casual shoppers.

From the products to the packaging, everything is themed around prescription medication – pill-shaped sweets, boxes, containers and entire to-go cartons for the most serious of cases.…


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Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours, today I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to everyone in this community who has joined and contributed, you have made it what it is today. Thank you visitors from around the world who, despite all of the millions of sites out there, choose to spend time with us.

Words cannot describe how lucky Eugene and I feel. The fact that we… Continue

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XIV: Here Comes the Hippest Happy Hour in Hollywood

If you haven't checked out Michael Mina's beautiful restaurant, XIV in West Hollywood, now is the time. The Philippe Starck-designed restaurant is now offering happy hour with cocktails, appetizers and even valet parking for a reasonable $6. Appetizers include Kobe beef slider burgers, lobster corn dogs and truffle oil popcorn.

The event, called 6iv on… Continue

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My Little Robot

I really liked this video. The music and the way the robot looks is absolutely adorable. This also makes me miss NYC...=(

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Happy Up Here By Royksopp

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo. Love this catchy song and fun new video from Norwegian electronic music duo Royksopp. It's their first single from their new album 'Junior.' Album hits stores on March 23rd.

Midway through you'll start to notice some familiar old school video game characters! (Get's good around 2:03)

Doesn't it… Continue

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Barbarella Bar Opens in Silver Lake

There's something uber chill about the Silver Lake crowd. It's not like Hollywood, no hiking up your skirt and blowing kisses at the bouncer, no velvet rope that stands between you and a night of raucous fun. Barbarella is the newest bar to join in on the Silver Lake fun, opening tomorrow.

One look at this glamorous joint and you'll want to call all your… Continue

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Moo-ote for Me! Real California Milk Auditions. (video)

The new commercial for Real California Milk made me smile. Above is an audition tape submitted by Soo the Korean Cow, in which she asks for your vote to become the next Happy California Cow.

"Greetings from Korea," She begins. "Please make my dream of coming to America real. Pick me to become the next Happy California Cow. Pick me so I gaze on the never-ending fields of happiness and joy.Thank you!"

But before you cast your vote, watch… Continue

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Happy Birthday, Grace and Linker!

Happy birthday sister and brother-in-law! Not only are you blessed with the most adorable baby in the world, you guys have the best family in the world! Particularly your younger sister, Alice, she kicks ass. :)

All kidding aside, I just want to wish you both a very happy birthday and tell you that I LOVE YOU GUYS!

You guys inspire me to be a better… Continue

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Cute Lovey Dovey Video!

Turtles ~ So happy Together, presented by… Continue

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Happy Birthday to My Oldest Friend and Met Member, Grace Lee!

I just wanted to throw out a shout out to one of my oldest friends, Grace Lee. Happy Birthday, girlfriend! We've known each other since 6th grade - through teased hair, Wet Seal, NKOTB, 90210 and Britney Spears...we've been through it all.

Thanks for being such an awesome part of my life throughout these years. You're like a sister to me!

Love… Continue

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Whether you have us wishing we were in south OC for brunch at Bayside Restaurant or riding a trolley in Laguna or… Continue

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iphone video from Alice's bash {more inside}


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He's the greatest thing since well-cooked galbi (I would have said sliced bread but Korean short ribs rock). He's my husband, my best friend, and my sanity. He'll be the first one to notice that your tires are flat, the first one to call XM Traffic to let them know that there was an accident in the #2 lane, he's the only one that will put up with my crap. I joke… Continue

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