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Funny Photo Series Titled "Stuff Being Thrown at My Head"

Literary translator, editor, and grad student Kaija Straumanis has a keen eye for photography, as can be seen from her Flickr gallery. This series of self-portraits, which Straumanis humorously refers to as "stuff being thrown at my head" moments, stands out in particular. In each image, Straumanis is in the process…


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Giant Chief's Head Busts Out of a Limestone Wall

If you ever visit Dublin, Ohio, make sure to check out the Chief Leatherlips Monument, a 12-foot-high portrait of a great Indian chief that seems to be busting out of a wall. Chief Leatherlips was known as a good friend of both Indians and white settlers. He earned the name Leatherlips because of "his admirable trait of never breaking a promise."

His life took a dark turn when, in 1810,…


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Surreal Head Sculpture Pops Up in Paris

Brussels, Belgium-based artist David Mesguich used polypropylene sheets or recycled plastic, to create a huge 4 x 3 x 2 meter sculpture of a woman's head. Called Luz 1.0, the futuristic-looking being symbolizes "the passage from one dimension to another, from the concrete to the mental world." Simply put, she is "trying to overcome physical boundaries."

In order to convey…


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England's Breathtakingly Beautiful Chalk Cliffs

If you get a chance to travel to England, don't just visit a major metropolitan city like London, head further south to witness one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The highest chalk sea cliff in the UK at an astounding 530 feet, Beachy Head promises to be an experience you won't ever forget, especially for those that enjoy natural phenomena or don't mind that nauseous…


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Surreal Head Sculptures Cut From Layered Paper

Have you ever seen such intricate paper cutting? Beijing-based artist Li Hongjun cuts into layers and layers of paper to create these surreal head sculptures. Called one of the most striking artists of sculpture in Chinese mainland, Hongjun uses eastern and western methods of paper cutting to create these magnificent, mind-bending works. According to…


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Giant Moving Head Steel Sculpture

If you're ever in Charlotte, North Carolina make sure to seek out this incredibly cool sculpture by artist David Cerny. Called Metalmorphosis, it's a 30-ft tall giant head made of horizontally sliced stainless steel plate layers that rotate in various patterns. Some speculate that the sculpture is controlled by the artist from a computer in his home country of the Czech Republic.… Continue

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Silvas Capitalis (5 photos)

"SIMPARCH situated an iconic head, on the grounds of the Kielder forest, located near the Scottish border.

Large enough to enter into with stairs to a 2nd floor, this large anthropomorphic offering was inspired by the Celtic gods of Britain whom are frequently anonymous and depicted merely by the head alone."…


Added by Visnja V on August 3, 2010 at 2:43pm — No Comments's Gorgeous Black Label

I've been a fan of's beautiful hair pieces for quite awhile now. There's a whimsical nature to them. It's like you know if Alice in Wonderland were to exist today, she'd rock these in a heartbeat. If fact, I think… Continue

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What a Pretty Head You Have: Paige Gamble Headbands

Headpieces by Paige Gamble are some kind of incredible. The python "flowers" are cut, pressed, and crafted by a third generation flower-maker in New York. Flower maker?

Aura Quartz. $450.

Black Python and Resin. $215.

Smoke Anaconda. $150.

Natural Python and Tan Crocodile Gardenias. $450.

Smoke Anaconda and Slate Gardenias.… Continue

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Too Cool or Lookin' Like a Fool?: Urban Outfitter's Sweater Floral Earwarmer

Help me out people! Not really sure how to feel about this one. Love how cute and quirky this is but don't know if I could ever really wear it. Is it suppose to warm my ears? Is it just a fashion accessory? At $24 bucks it's not too expensive...

Cool or fool?…


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