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16th Century Book Can Be Read Six Different Ways

It’s not everyday you see a book that can be read in six completely different ways, and this small book from the National Library of Sweden is definitely an anomaly. According to Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel, this 16th century text has a special sixfold dos-à-dos (or “back to back”) binding with strategically placed clasps that makes it possible for six books to be…


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Burning Cities Fire Screens

Fireplace screens that commemorate the great fires of London and Rome.


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History Channel's Great and Telling Tales

The History Channel's first foray into webisodes brings us a storyteller with a thick British accent (lovely!) and some cool animation (rad). Twelve historical tidbits are neatly packaged and delivered on the History Channel website. Great and Telling Tales by Timothy Dickinson has subjects that range from Charles Darwin and Rasputin to Halloween's Origin and The… Continue

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One in a Million, A Personal Story

What would I have given to have joined the million or so Americans in Washington D.C. this past Tuesday! To see the complete joy in everyone's faces, to feel the excitement and energy in the air. A thrilling moment to see and feel history in the making!

Interestingly, the next best thing happened. A personal email made its way to my inbox. It came from a… Continue

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CNN T-Shirts Remind of Us of Important Moments in History

I know our site was "Obamafied" yesterday so I promise last past on our President for now. When CNN came out with the idea to put their headlines on t-shirts my gut reaction was "meh." And truth be told most of their headlines really do not belong on shirts. I mean really:

"What will Mrs. Obama Wear to the Balls?" - Who the heck cares? Ok we do but we'll… Continue

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Life, Presented to Us by Google

Prof. Albert Einstein on his sailboat at Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. 1936

As you can tell, every day here at theMET, we like to present you with something new and exciting. Maybe it's just the latest and greatest website or maybe it's just a simple picture that inspires us. I'll go off on some weird tangent one day and I'll stick with it till the… Continue

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The History Channel: 102 Minutes That Changed America

Last night, after a fun filled night out on the town, Sam and I came back home and watched The History Channel's 102 Minutes That Changed America. We joke around about a lot of things here on theMET but we also hope that we can share and talk about some important, more serious experiences that have affected our lives.

102 Minutes That Changed… Continue

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