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Eerie but Uplifting Photos Show the Last House Standing

Photographer Ben Marcin has created an interesting series that can only be described as eerie but uplifting. Called Last House Standing, it shows houses on the eastern seaboard, some in the worst neighborhoods, standing not with others but all alone. At one time, for an entire city block, these 19th century structures were attached to similar row houses, but for different reasons,…


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LEGO's Beautifully Detailed Parisian Restaurant

Just unveiled at BrickCon in Seattle is this beautiful new set in LEGO's modular building series, 10243 Parisian Restaurant. Released in January 2014, the highly detailed model includes 2,469 pieces that make up much more than what you see on the outside. In this three story building, you'll find some neat rooms inside! On the first floor is a fully-stocked, blue and white tiled kitchen, while on…


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Pixar's Up House Created in LEGOs

You could say that we're fanatics when it comes to Pixar's movie Up. On My Modern Met, we've featured everything from an adorable mini-me costume of Carl Fredricksen to an actual, real-life…


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Magnificent Light Projection on the Sydney Opera House

We just got back from Sydney, Australia where we attended the first few days of the huge winter event there called Vivid Sydney. From May 24 to June 10, the city of Sydney lights up in a festival dedicated to light, music and ideas. Easily one of the highlights of this year's Vivid, which is still going on, was seeing the…


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Famous Haunted Houses Created From a Single Sheet of Paper

Consider yourself a horror movie buff? Love papercraft art? Then, do we have a show for you. London-based artist Marc Hagan-Guirey has created a highly interesting series called Horrorgami, papercraft artworks dedicated to those haunted houses we all grew up watching. For each sculpture in this series, he takes a single piece of A4 paper and cuts and folds it until he…


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Awesome 3D Art Inside Homes

Could this be the latest home decorating trend? While we're used to seeing this kind of trippy, 3D art on the streets, this is the first time we're spotting it inside actual homes! How much fun, though, would it be to have your friends over and pretend that you're pushing them into a…


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Melbourne's Secret Cloud House

Head to a small suburb in Melbourne, Australia called Fitzroy North and try and figure out which house has a secret. Though not apparent from the street, an Edwardian-style house has a cloud-shaped addition in the back that's as pretty as can be. McBride Charles Ryan Architect created an extruded undulating wall that, in cross-section, resembles the shape of a cloud.…


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Do Ho Suh's Vertigo-Inducing House Opens to the Public

If you've been following us here at My Modern Met, you already know about South Korean artist Do Ho Suh. He's the talented artist behind some pretty incredibe installations including one of our favorites called…


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Sydney Opera House Transforms Into Living Canvas

Oh, to be in Sydney right now! If you happen to be "down under" from now till June 11, 2012, you're one of the lucky ones who gets to experience Vivid Sydney, the largest celebration of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 60 light installations are…


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Pic of the Day: Surreal Tree House

Wooden House, by Poland-based artist Dariusz Klimczak, is a wonderfully whimsical photo manipulation that gives new meaning to the word "treehouse." Love how the red hatted person is just casually walking toward the tree, looking as if he's just coming home after another long, hard day at work. …


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House Made Entirely Out of Books

I'll always have a soft spot for anything made out of books. (Remember the beautiful library desk?) That's why when I saw this wonderful installation, I knew I just had to share it. Commissioned by Modern Art Oxford and the Fruitmarket Gallery, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller created an… Continue

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Haunted House Shows Hilariously Frightened Faces

Forget the "ugly" crying face. How does your face contort when you're scared out of your mind? Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada has that answer. Calling itself a premiere haunted house factory, this spine tingling attraction claims to be the World's Most Frightening… Continue

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Animated Fathers Re-Envisioned as Beer Cans

To celebrate Father’s Day, EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative House have teamed up once again to deliver the second installment of their Cheers! series. This time, creative director…

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Glass House Surrounds Lithuanian Historical Landmark

A house within a house? You got it. This is the incredible story of what happened when a banker and an antique book collector bought a historic, yellow brick house.

In the Pavilniai Regional Park, near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, a single bright-yellow building stood on the side of a hill. The new owners found out that the building was part of the cannon foundry and that… Continue

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12 Different Shelters Around the World

House on Stilts in Asmat, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

While most people will know photographer Peter Menzel and his wife Faith D'Aluisio for their award winning book Hungry Planet: What The World Eats, many might not know that Menzel covers international feature stories on everything… Continue

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Ontario House Lights Up Vancouver

Photo credit:

"The Ontario Pavilion for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games was designed as a physical and experiential gateway to Ontario. Evocative, light, shimmering and seductive; the pavilion provided a unique impression of Ontario’s lively character. With an exterior translucent screen projecting varying degrees of…


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Modern Architecture: Periscope House (13 pics)

London-based Marks Barfield Architects have designed a house where sections can be elevated like a periscope at the touch of a button.

Called Villa Hush Hush, the building would be divided into four rectangular zones, two of which could be elevated. A mechanism would push the support columns out of the ground,…


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Modern Home Design Inspiration on Flickr (5 links)

If you're one of those people who mourned the loss of Domino Magazine, you might be wondering where you can still get your home design fix. Sure there's Apartment Therapy but there's also plenty of inspiration to be found on Flickr. Check out these Flickr pages to get inspired!…


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An Island Retreat in Ibiza (2 pics)

What do you think of when you hear the word Ibiza? Crazy party scene? Yes, me too. Perhaps you don't imagine a tranquil and beautiful house to just relax in - like this one from Danish fashion designer Bjorn Bruun. Each summer he takes his wife, son and daughter to this holiday home. Set in the quiet northern…


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20 Magnificent Mid-Century Modern Interiors

I love mid-century modern design! Mid-Century modern is a design form that describes mid-20th century developments from roughly 1933 to 1965. In the past few years we've seen a huge revival of this movement, but now we're seeing it updated for these modern times. We love the classic throwback, the…


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