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Spooky Ice Sculptures Inspired by Edvard Munch's Famous Painting

It's October which means we're featuring a full month of spooky art! This stunning scene of headless female sculptures, created with snow and ice, was inspired by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's famous painting, "Girls on the Bridge." As part of Norway's "Munch in Snow and Ice" exhibit in 2011, artist…


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Particle Detector-Inspired Art in an Underground Ice Well

Science and art converge in this new art installation that's hanging in London Canal Museum's underground ice well. Called Covariance, it's the fruit of nine months of labor between artist Lyndall Phelps and particle physicist Dr. Ben Still. Created using 385 acrylic discs with patterned with over 28,000 glass beads and 36,000 diamantes, the colorful piece is meant to parallel…


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Incredible Sculptures Made From Only One Block of Ice

Fairbanks, Alaska hosts the World Ice Art Championships every year and this year's contestants did not disappoint. The 2013 edition featured over 70 teams of sculptors from all around the world. They took part in several contests in the month-long event, though some of the most impressive pieces seem to derive from the…


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Gorgeous Photos of Russia's Secret Ice Caves

In the far east of Russia, on a peninsula called Kamchatka, are stunningly surreal-looking ice caves that are formed under incredibly interesting conditions. Fire and ice are involved, or volcanoes and glaciers. As EPOD states about one, "It was formed by a stream flowing from the hot springs associated with the Mutnovsky volcano. This stream flows beneath glacial ice on the flanks of…


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Magical Towering Castles Made with Icicles

Igloos and ice hotels we've seen in the past were typically constructed with a mixture of ice blocks and snow, but…


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Thrilling Ice Slides at Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

New photos are just starting to emerge of the world's ultimate wintertime experience - the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Now in its 29th year, the festival officially opened on January 5th and will last for about a…


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Ice Rider Crosses World's Oldest Lake

French photographer Matthieu Paley is the person behind this almost unbelievable photo called Ice Rider. It was taken in Siberia.

"A bird's eye view of Lake Baikal, the world's largest fresh water lake," writes Paley on his website. "During winter the ice is…


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Crystal Blue Ice Cave

If you're a fan of photography in remote places, check out this incredible new shot by Icelandic Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson. Unlike the glacier caves we've seen before, this one is a brilliant crystal blue color, which apparently is a rarity.

As Örvar states in this story, "On my trip with…


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Polar Ice

Cute, clever and making a political/environmental statement? Yes, it's Polar Ice designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi. Two silicon cups make unique ice cubes that show either a polar bear or two penguins standing on a glacier. How sad is it that they'll eventually melt away? Monos is selling them (set of 2) for 1,575 yen (or about $20 US).

Talk… Continue

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Tron Ice Hotel (13 photos + video)

If you happened to be wandering above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, you'd most likely lose your mind if you stumbled upon this incredible Tron: Legacy-inspired ice hotel...

British designer Ben Rousseau and architect Ian Douglas-Jones built this magnificent structure in just 13 days. They carved out the interior of the hotel room suite, installed the lighting, and then polished and buffed… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Ice Queen

Art direction by Marcel Wanders and photography by Nicole Marnati.

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Ice Hotels Opening in Japan!

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

What first opened in 1990 as an exhibit by a French ice artist has since become a magical and rather chilly chance for guests from around the world to experience the feeling of sleeping in an igloo. Crafted from ice and snow, each year Ice Hotel is rebuilt by visiting artists and creators. Though the temperature never drops below 23 degrees Fahrenheit, guests wears thermal underwear and hats and slip into a sleeping bag atop blocks of…


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5 More Fantastic Ice Cube Trays

If there's one way to completely catch your guests off guard (in a good way) it's with these awesome ice cube trays. I've given you my 10 favorites but here are a few more that just make me melt. (Pun intended.)

Above:… Continue

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10 Coolest Ice Cube Trays

Frozen Smile - Not Your Grandma's Ice Tray

Next time you have all your friends over, why not surprise them with some awesome ice cubes? From James Bond style bullets to ice that looks like your grandma's dentures, these are sure to get a few chuckles out of them. So sit back, relax,… Continue

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Ice Ice Babies...(Vanilla) Ice Ice Babies...

Just a picture for today. Found via Kiyo's Tumblr

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Brrr It's Freezing! 10 Real Life Ice Storm Pictures of the Northeast

An ice storm to compare with some of the Northeast's worst made a mess of the region Friday, leaving 1.25 million homes and businesses in seven states without power as it forced schools to close and toppled ice-laden trees and power lines onto slippery roads. Here are ten pictures that'll show you just how cold it was...almost.…


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With Packaging This Cute, Who Cares About the Ice Cream? By JunFei

Call me a kid but I just love this packaging. A sustainable ice cream cup with packaging that turns into a toy, this was designed by JunFei for Nestle. It's basically a sorbet ice cream cup made for 4 flavors: banana, strawberry, mint, mango. Comes with a… Continue

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