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Elevator Illusion Shocks Unsuspecting London Shoppers

At your local mall, imagine going about your normal shopping routine, when you step into an elevator and see a giant hole cut out of the bottom! Would you even get in? This awesome 3D illusion, created by artist Andrew Walker, recently shocked unsuspecting shoppers at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, London.

It's some pretty creative guerrilla…


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Geometric Illusionary Perspective Paintings

Spanning over 30 years, Swiss artist Felice Varini has been mesmerizing viewers with his anamorphic illusions. The artist, who resides in Paris, displays his illusionary work in both private and public spaces. The urban paintings require a specific point of view to visualize the geometric shapes he creates as a continuous whole. From any other standpoint, the piece is…


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Desert Rivers Look Like Trees

Wow, what an illusion! Photographer Adrianafranco Franco submitted this shot, taken of rivers that look, eerily, like trees in a desert in Baja California, Mexico. It was submitted to National Geographic's online community My Shot in December and was chosen as one of their best of that month. From Nat Geo's staff…


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Surreal Paintings Offer Dual Perspectives

Taking surrealistic cues from Dali and Magritte, painter Mihai Criste expands on the unusually expressive art form in his illusionary images. The Romania-based artist boasts a vast portfolio of imaginative works that tackle the cunning abilities of visual elements. Each image offers dual perspectives. It's a matter of what the spectator sees first and their ability to…


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Mind-bending Scaling Building Illusion

If you're planning on visiting Paris from now till the end of March, make sure you drop by art complex Le 104 to see their Perceptions exhibition. It's there that you'll find an exciting installation called Bâtiment (Building) by Buenos Aires-based artist Leandro Erlich that's sure to warp your mind. A Parisian facade gives viewers the impression that they're vertical.…


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Upholstered Chair Illusion

Are you looking at an upholstered chair or just an outline of one? Designer Alessandra Baldereschi twists our minds by creating a polyester coated iron collection of indoor/outdoor chairs, sofa, table, and coffee table that have the shape of upholstered furniture but is far from it. Using lines typically seen on your favorite living room chair, he makes us believe we're…


Added by alice on January 19, 2012 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

Simple yet Wildly Effective Illusions

How does one create an illusion without fancy editing tools? Photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski manages to produce engaging illusionary images without the use of post editing programs like Photoshop. His photos are the kind that make you do a double-take. At first, they look like cool, manufactured optical tricks. However, upon second glance, the images are clearly just clever images…


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Top 10 Illusions in 2011

Who doesn't love a good illusion? We're winding down 2011 with some of the most creative projects we posted on this year. Some of the best art and photography we featured involved illusions, works that distorted our senses and frazzled our brains, making us do a welcome double-take. From incredible 3D chalk drawings to immersive installations, these were our favorite illusions in…


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Stuck in a Disproportional Wonderland

It looks like this guy went down the rabbit hole. Paris-born artist Jean-François Fourtou uses a mix of his childhood memories and inspiration from Alice in Wonderland to create a surreal series of his own entitled Mes Maisons (My Houses). The contemporary artist, who currently lives and works in Marrakech and Madrid, produces illusionary images that…


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Emotionally Charged Reflective Photography

The visual power of transparent materials, like water and glass, often go unnoticed. Sometimes, it takes a photographer like Hélène Desplechin to show us the visible influence of these elements. Desplechin, who is based in Spain, has a wide portfolio of work that utilizes water's reflective and rippling nature. The illusionary quality of the translucent material distorts and…


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Light and Mirror Infinity Illusion

Art Miami kicked off last night with their VIP preview. We were lucky enough to attend and wanted to report back on a few key pieces that blew our minds. First up is Korean-born artist Chul Hyun Ahn's Visual Echo Experiment. This amazing work is made up of four equal cubes, each lit up in a different color. Using just three materials - plywood, lights and mirrors - Ahn creates…


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Imaginary Road to Nowhere

If you're in Sydney from now till October 23, 2011, make sure to walk around town and take in all the art! Art & About Sydney is the city's annual public arts festival that's basically like one big, open-air art gallery. Projects by Australian and international artists are creatively re-imagining the streets, turning the city into a… Continue

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Shocking Illusion Wall Art

How creepy yet cool are these? Legendary street artist Dan Witz, who Met member Inka Leoni wrote about back in February 2010, recently collaborated with Blik to come up with three shocking "grate" graphics: What the %$#@?… Continue

Added by alice on August 4, 2011 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

Beautiful Pictures that Look Like Paintings

While we're completely blown away when we see paintings that look like pictures, we're even more excited when we come across pictures that look like paintings! Such is this set, called Painted Ladies, by Barbara Cole. The self-taught photographer not only challenges our reality, she does it… Continue

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Shiro Pen Holder

The Shiro Pen Holder gives the illusion that the top ring is floating when it's actually held by a pencil that is welded into the pen holder.…


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Pic of the Day: Let's Play Cars

What a wonderful illusion. Via 9Gag.

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Fly Candle Fly!

A suspension light that looks as if the candle is floating. It uses real candles, which burn for up to 20 hours.…


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LED Torn Lighting Concept

Torn Lights by Billy May are designed to elegantly blend into your room.

The idea behind the design was to muddle the barrier between the room and its contents, creating the illusion that light comes from the room itself.

[via… Continue

Added by Yasmine Zalek on December 13, 2009 at 7:44am — 5 Comments

Amazing Istvan Orosz (4 pics)

It's a Hungarian painter, printmaker, praphic desginar and more. Among his works you will find impossible objects, optical illusions, doble-meaaning imagens and anamorphes (one of my favorites). Some people call him 'the modern M. C. Esched', and I think they are right.…


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Wild Coat Rack

Half Wild West and half Indian Rope Trick, the Catching The Wild coat rack is a startling sight. It’s constructed from steel and polyester rope formed into a remarkably convincing lasso. If you feel like all your coats are starting to get away from you, this is just the thing.

[Design-Fetish via… Continue

Added by Yasmine Zalek on August 2, 2009 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

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