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Visitors Interact with Chicago's Mind-Bending Light Projections

How do our eyes perceive color and what kind of illusions can be made with just light? While this fall, New Yorkers have Yayoi Kusama's new mirrored infinity rooms, those living in Chicago have their own mind-bending installations. Art collective…


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7 Magical Examples of Artists Creating Illusions

Since the beginning of time, artists have been using illusions to make us believe we’re looking at one thing when we’re actually looking at something completely different. In these modern times, we’ve seen illusions pop up in everything from street art to sculptures, and with the rise of the Internet, we’ve witnessed stunning illusions all around the world. Today, we’ve brought…


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10 Really Clever Street Art Illusions (+ 2 Bonus Pieces)

Over the last year or so, there's been a rise in really clever street art in places all over the world. Today, we've rounded up 10 of the best (plus 2 extra we had to throw in). From the amazing freehand graffiti piece by Bart Smeets of a shark trapped inside a column to Be Free's whimsical stencil of a young girl doodling on the streets, these all stood out both for their…


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Top 10 Illusions in 2012

Just like in 2011, let's wrap up 2012 with some of the most mind-bending photos or artworks we came across this year. Though an illusion is defined in several different ways, we like it when it's described as something that distorts our senses or changes our perceived reality. From…


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Art Illusions at the Largest Flower Show in the World

Who knew you could find such amazing illusions at a flower show? Of course, this isn't any ordinary flower show. It's the largest one in the world. The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is an annual extravaganza in London that features stunning floral displays as…


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New Masking Tape Illusions by Aakash

It's amazing how many illusions one can create with just some colored masking tape! New York-based street artist Aakash Nihalani is back with some fresh new work that has his models climbing, stepping and lifting themselves out of imaginary objects. These are the results of his collaboration with photographer Noah Kalina and model Lyle Lodwick in Nature Walk and photographer Mark…


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Illusions and Patterns of Paris

Often referred to as the most beautiful city in the world, Paris has stunning architecture and pristine landscapes that make it unlike any other place in the world. It takes a talented or gifted photographer to capture the city in ways that haven't been done before. For instance, where distinct patterns are portrayed or where illusions are created.

That's where Philipp Klinger… Continue

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A Young Photographer's Illusions

Stephen Beadles is a youthful 19-year-old photographer who hails from Milledgeville, Georgia. Don't let his tender age deter you from acknowledging his wide range of work. Beadles produces interesting images using a variety of photographic techniques. He takes long exposure photographs, dabbling on the experimental side of the art, as well as beautiful portraits.

Some of the… Continue

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Creative Experience: Greenville Literacy Association Street Illusions (4pics + video)

Greenville Literacy Association, a group that helps illiterate adult students, are out to promote their "Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale", a fair where books are sold at a bargain price. And what better way to do that than street illusions!

The concept behind this, created by the Bounce… Continue

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Creative Illusions: Arch Enemies (2 total)

While reading comics on his iPad, Simon Page was inspired to create a very clever set of illustrations. As he looked at the Spiderman comic from 1999, he started thinking about how there's always two sides to ever story - that of good and evil, of hero and villain.

A fan of minimalism, Page keeps his designs simple and fresh. Like the modern-day version of the… Continue

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