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Oscar Nominees Playfully Recreated as LEGO Movie Posters

Following the success of The LEGO Movie and in anticipation of the 86th Academy Awards, illustrator and graphic designer Old Red Jalopy has created nine posters for Yahoo! Movies of the Oscars Best Picture nominees, as though they were all LEGO movies. Each recreation features the stars of the last year's most esteemed motion pictures as smiling, blocky…


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New in the Shop: Funny Illustrations of Iconic Baldies

London-based Brazilian illustrator, designer, and art director Mr. Peruca has created a fun set of illustrations dubbed Notorious Baldies. The series features the hairless manes of various iconic characters from all corners of pop culture. Presented like a visual game, faces are hidden but it's easy to identify and distinguish the wise, green head of Yoda from the shaved crown of Walter White, cleverly topped…


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New in the Shop: Jaco Haasbroek's Hilarious Illustrations

Cape Town, South Africa-based illustrator and designer Jaco Haasbroek shares his wonderful sense of humor through his comical illustrations. Each of the artist's creations feature adorable little characters that offer a new way of seeing the world. Full of whimsy and witty puns, Haasbroek's art presents a dose of comedy that creatively plays with language just enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

It brings us great…


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Surreal Storytelling Illustrations by Andrew Ferez

Moscow-based Russian illustrator Andrew Ferez, aka 25kartinok, creates surreal scenes, each with their own fantastical narratives, that seamlessly merge various opposing elements. Digitally drawing his elaborate renderings, Ferez's work has a dark, fantasy-driven appeal. The digital artist manages to incorporate the human face into several areas of his works in creative…


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Teacher Vows to Complete Doodles on Student's Exams

Redditor Squeezymo is a teacher at an all-girls Catholic school in Bangkok, Thailand who has vowed to complete or add to any drawings that students leave on homework assignments or exams. The quirky educator manages to add drawings and text in red ink to the young pupils' doodles, turning them into funny little…


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Artwork Incredibly Revealed When Viewed as a Negative

Malaysian artist Brian Lai takes photorealist drawing to a whole other level by creating sketches with inverted colors. Seeming like a film negative, each of Lai's illustrations are like abstract works of art until a filter is applied to invert the colors, allowing one to admire the photorealistic portrait and, thereby, appreciate the artist's creative rendition.

Lai has…


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Ramon Bruin's New 3D Illustrations Spring to Life

Dutch artist Ramon Bruin, aka JJK Airbrush, continues to create optical illusion drawings that make animals and objects seem as though they're popping off the page.…


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New in the Shop: Justin Barber's Hilarious Truth and Lies Posters

Atlanta-based graphic designer Justin Barber's Truth and Lies series tells it like it is, while poking fun at the little white lies we all tell each other and ourselves. Whether it's a stretch of the truth or a little lie to save others from a harsh dose of honesty, we're all guilty of taking part in these tiny truths…


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Creative Eye Makeup Illustrations by Tal Peleg

Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg, aka Scarlet Moon, uses eyeshadow and eyeliner to do more than simply shade in her eyelids. Instead, the creative makeup genius turns eyelids into her own personal canvas for clever mini paintings. She takes the small patch of skin that surrounds the eye and transforms it into charming…


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Loving Dad Colors in His Kids' Drawings While Away for Work

Redditor Tatsputin is a working dad who finds himself traveling out of state for ten days out of every month, but he takes a piece of his kids with him through their adorably scribbled drawings. While on the plane, the loving father affectionately colors in the drawings his tiny tots made for his trip and hands…


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Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski creates thought-provoking illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues through satire. The illustrator's portfolio ranges from criticizing military practices and the incentives behind war, to themes of mortality and reinterpreting the uses of social media as elusive spying platforms. Each image reflects its fair share of…


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Intricately Detailed Murals of Animals Living in Harmony

Southern California-based artist Adonna Khare creates incredibly imaginative illustrations of animals whimsically interacting with each other. From enormous elephants to miniature mice, Khare creates an illustrated zoo full of diverse creatures. She even includes mythical creatures that range in surreal sizes. In one instance a gorilla wears a tower as a hat and in another a bear standing…


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My Modern Shop Spotlight - Solongo Monkhooroi's Fairy Tale Illustrations

Mongolian artist Solongo Monkhooroi combines Western pop culture and Eastern traditional art to create wonderfully imaginative illustrations. Growing up amidst the beautiful natural landscapes of Mongolia and then moving to the United States to pursue her career in illustration, Monkhooroi has clearly been influenced by the various forms of art from each region.

In addition to visual art, Monkhooroi draws…


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New Large-Scale 3D Drawings by Ben Heine

Belgian artist Ben Heine has gained recognition for his Pencil Vs Camera series, in which the clever illustrator superimposes a drawing on a sheet of torn paper over a real-life…


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Vibrant Illustrations Celebrate the Magic of Everyday Life

Whether they're set in nature or in a dizzying urban environment, artist Pascal Campion's illustrations add a sense of joy to living life. The San-Francisco-based illustrator turns a walk at night in the rain into a spectacular experience vibrating with energy and a magical zest for…


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Paperless Artist Creates Incredible Artworks on Her Thigh

Plenty of people scribble on paper or even write on their hands as reminders, but Boston-based artist Jody Steel's drawings on her thighs go beyond your typical doodles. The 19-year-old film production student meticulously simulates realistic portraits of celebrities like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Radiohead's Thom Yorke as well as popular fictional characters like Breaking…


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Intricately Detailed Carpets Illustrated with Bic Pens

The Blue Carpet is an intricately designed illustration by Paris-based art director Jonathan Bréchignac that is made entirely out of blue Bic pens and ultraviolet ink on paper. The labor-intensive piece features a detailed, fairly symmetrical pattern filled with a variety of complex geometric shapes, forcing Bréchignac to map out every minute area of the 115 x 73 cm…


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Incredible Hyperrealistic Drawings of Everyday Objects

Milan-based Italian illustrator and graphic designer Marcello Barenghi creates hyperrealistic drawings of ordinary objects that boggle the mind. It's hard to believe that the artist uses a standard set of art supplies to reproduce the likeness of everyday items, including…


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More Hilarious GIFs to Help Newcomers Navigate NYC

Artist Nathan Pyle is back again with a new hilariously accurate set of gifs to help newcomers navigate through the Big Apple. With the wisdom he has gained from his 5 years of residence in the city that never sleeps, the artist saves visitors the embarrassment of…


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Illustrator Collaborates with 4-Year-Old Daughter

Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks loves drawing faces inspired by old black and white movie stills, but what she didn't realize she was missing was the imaginative touch of her 4-year-old daughter. One day, while she was pulling out one of her precious sketchbooks, her daughter caught a glimpse and asked if she could draw in it. Hendricks, who's very protective of her art…


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