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3D Illustrations Come Alive on the Page!

Figures come alive and jump off the pages in these illustrations by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki. By displaying simple pads of paper at special vantage points, the artist's amazing charcoal and pencil drawings form playful 3D optical illusions. The 21-year-old artist has quite a knack for perspective and each new drawing is more surprising than the next.

Hideyuki identifies…


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Beautifully Illustrated Fashion Portraits

Artist Amilka Olga Vercholamova has a fantastic talent for fashion illustrations. She creates these gorgeous portraits with pencils, pastels, acrylics, and aqua colors. The Athens-based artist draws much of her inspiration from fashion photographs and uses dramatic gestures and textured watercolor paper to evoke a sense of intrigue from each…


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Grant Snider's Great Comics on Art and Inspiration

After seeing Grant Snider's cute and clever illustrations pop up on a number of blogs, I was led to his site where I ended up spending a good part of my morning. What I love most about his comics is that they strike a chord or hit a nerve - whether he's just touching upon subjects like art, design and architecture or he's delving more deeply into larger life topics like… Continue

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Clever Illustrations: Copywriter vs. Art Director

The Machine

Ready for a set of clever illustrations? Like that funny series Paris vs. New York, Copywriter vs. Art Director pits two similar but quite opposing subjects together in a quick and witty way. While a copywriter will always have a way with words, armed with the…


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Colorful Illustrations Created from the Text of Classic Books

Like NovelPoster, Litographs are illustrations created from the text of classic books. However, with Litographs, founder Danny Fein works with designers to create these beautiful illustrations, which are offered in black and white as well as in color. Each purchase also donates… Continue

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Wise Words from the 99% Conference

Someday, I vow to make out to New York and attend the 99% Conference, Behance's flagship event that's about bringing ideas to life. For now, however, I'll just have to enjoy these illustrations Wendy MacNaughton has put together that show the "big picture insights" from their amazing speakers this year. (Behance asked MacNaughton to document their conference in this creative…


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Incredibly Realistic Interactive Illustrations

These illustrations by Columbian artist Cesar Del Valle are incredibly realistic. His finely illustrated characters appear to interact with the materials and actual space around them. Figures lean against walls, balance on strings, or crush paper above their heads. Some of his figures dangle on the edge of a paper hole. Cesar Del Valle’s attention to detail and perspective is so…


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Mixed Media Portraits Bursting with Life

These illustrations by Australian portrait artist Joshua Miels feature complex and colorful compositions that are created from layer upon layer of a variety of media. Not limiting himself to one form of artistic creation, Miels prefers to combine classic painting styles, felt tip pen line illustrations, and modern digital technology to form these fantastic pieces…


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Wonderfully Creative Fairy Tale-Inspired Illustrations

Based in the UK, artist Adam Oehlers transports his viewers into the dark and playful fantasy worlds of his illustrations. The artist pairs each unique illustration with a telling title and a short history to draw his viewers into the story. Oehlers describes each scene as, “a grim, cobbled place that is trapped in its own time, with some little elements of odd magic which creep in at the…


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Adventurous Digital Art from the East

Chinese artist Qian Yi has composed these intriguing illustrations by combining elements of digital painting with more traditional styles. Many of them incorporate a sense of adventure with the traveling boy series of works. Yi is able to incorporate all kinds of color palettes and perspectives to effectively portray the message of the pieces. These illustrations would fit perfectly into a short…


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Cute and Clever Illustrations by Nathan W. Pyle

You got served

May Nathan W. Pyle's illustrations make you laugh today or perhaps just crack a smile. His cute and clever illustrations sure did the trick for us. By day, Pyle's a freelance television producer and, in his words, he's drawing "ridiculous things at night."

As he told…


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Wickedly Clever Illustrations by Ben Chen

David's Secret Weapon

Whether he's mashing up different characters from movies, video games and art or whether he's showing us his own take on classic fairy tales, one thing is certain. Illustrator Ben Chen has one wickedly clever sense of humor. Who else could make us feel that it's perfectly ok to laugh about Mighty Mouse's demise? And who wasn't…


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Pop Culture Locations Turned Illustrations

The Simpsons - Moe's Tavern

If you've ever wanted to see an artist's interpretation of famous TV locations, look no further than Tim Doyle's new works for Spoke Art Gallery. Called "Unreal Estate," it's places that we all know and love, even though they only exist in our pop culture memory. As Doyle says, "'Some of us have been going to these places for decades -…


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Hilarious Drawings by Matthieu Barrère


We dare to try not to laugh as you look through these illustrations by Matthieu Barrère. Called "Aweful Drawings," they're a fun way to start off your week.

I really enjoyed reading Matthieu's thoughts on finding inspiration, via Nonsense Society.

"Everything I see, hear,…


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Roald Dahl's Stories Celebrated on Stamps

Who hasn't been swept away into the magical world of Roald Dahl? Who wasn't overjoyed for Charlie when he found that last golden ticket and whose imagination wasn't forever changed when they read the story about a young English orphan boy who encountered six strange insects inside a gigantic peach? You can now buy a special set of six Royal Mail stamps, which show the work of…


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Clever Illustrations to Brighten Up Your Day

The Daily Grind

While we're always on the hunt for mind-blowing, massively creative art, we're just as happy when we come across clever illustrations that can just brighten up our day. Threadless just released one of Jaco Haasbroek's funny works, called…


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Twitter Woes

After graphic designer and illustrator Patrik Svensson popped up on our radar yesterday for his clever book titles, we checked out his Tumblr and found a whole collection of wonderful illustrations he's made…


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15 Awesome Examples of Holiday-Inspired Art

Christmas at The Skywalkers'

Since it's almost Christmastime, I thought I'd change it up this week by replacing our typical Creative Links of the Week post with this one. Today, let's take a look at some creative art and illustrations that have been inspired by this festive time of the year. From the funny and clever to the downright…


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Geometric Mosaics of the World's Best Athletes

Our friend and frequently featured artist Charis Tsevis was recently commissioned by TBWA\Chiat\Day to create his trademark mosaic illustrations for a campaign with, arguably, the most famous sports drink company in the world Gatorade. (Quick fact: In the U.S., Gatorade dominates with about 75% market share of the sports drink category.)

Some of the best athletes in the…


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Clever Chasing or Hiding Movie Posters

Illustrator Dale Peart recently reached out to us to tell us about a fantastic series of movie posters he was commissioned to create for Turner Classic Movies (TCM). He was asked to choose any three films and create posters for them to be used as a cohesive set.

Peart chose three movies that he not only loves but that are well known. He decided to link the movies, visually,…


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