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Incredible Photorealistic Illustrations by Karla Mialynne

Artist Karla Mialynne achieves such impressively realistic details in her illustrations that viewers often wonder how she does it. In order to satisfy the natural desire for information, Mialynne has started aligning the tools she uses directly next to the images that she creates.

As a result, viewers can see the wide variety of pencils, pens, watercolors, and inks that…


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Hilariously Heartwarming Illustrations by Dale Keys

Artist Dale Keys has an extensive collection of creative and playful drawings that will just make you smile. The illustrator and graphic designer uses vivid color and a positive attitude to develop each unique design. His artwork features cute cartoon animals, people, and monsters that are paired with word puns and messages of humor, sarcasm, and love.

The whimsical…


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3D Illustrations Come Alive on the Page!

Figures come alive and jump off the pages in these illustrations by Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki. By displaying simple pads of paper at special vantage points, the artist's amazing charcoal and pencil drawings form playful 3D optical illusions. The 21-year-old artist has quite a knack for perspective and each new drawing is more surprising than the next.

Hideyuki identifies…


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Beautifully Illustrated Fashion Portraits

Artist Amilka Olga Vercholamova has a fantastic talent for fashion illustrations. She creates these gorgeous portraits with pencils, pastels, acrylics, and aqua colors. The Athens-based artist draws much of her inspiration from fashion photographs and uses dramatic gestures and textured watercolor paper to evoke a sense of intrigue from each…


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Incredibly Realistic Interactive Illustrations

These illustrations by Columbian artist Cesar Del Valle are incredibly realistic. His finely illustrated characters appear to interact with the materials and actual space around them. Figures lean against walls, balance on strings, or crush paper above their heads. Some of his figures dangle on the edge of a paper hole. Cesar Del Valle’s attention to detail and perspective is so…


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Mixed Media Portraits Bursting with Life

These illustrations by Australian portrait artist Joshua Miels feature complex and colorful compositions that are created from layer upon layer of a variety of media. Not limiting himself to one form of artistic creation, Miels prefers to combine classic painting styles, felt tip pen line illustrations, and modern digital technology to form these fantastic pieces…


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Wonderfully Creative Fairy Tale-Inspired Illustrations

Based in the UK, artist Adam Oehlers transports his viewers into the dark and playful fantasy worlds of his illustrations. The artist pairs each unique illustration with a telling title and a short history to draw his viewers into the story. Oehlers describes each scene as, “a grim, cobbled place that is trapped in its own time, with some little elements of odd magic which creep in at the…


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