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Red Dress Spills into a Pool

In Paris this weekend? Don't forget to drop by the Grand Palais from now till Sunday, October 23, 2011 to catch the 38th edition of FIAC, France's major international contemporary art fair. The event is expected to attract around 85,000 art enthusiasts to the 168 participating galleries from 21 countries including Europe, the Americas, Asia, Turkey and South Africa. Get ready to see… Continue

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Incredible E-Waste Sculptures

"Ever wondered what happens to obsolete walkmans and out-of date video tapes? To blunt saw blades and to dead cell phones. To ancient floppy discs and fused light bulbs? What happens to what we generally call ‘scrap’? Just because they have out-lived their use, do they deserve to be forgotten away in attics, thrown into bins? Or, just piled up in one corner of a scrap yard?" - Haribaabu… Continue

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Miniature People in Shocking Scenes

Hazardous Material

What kind of misery and chaos have the miniature people gotten themselves into? San Diego-based artist Enomeks has that answer. He's come upon four different yet very dramatic scenes. A hazmat team has been deployed to check out some foreign, fuming material. Banksy has struck again! Someone's been smuggling illegal goods while another man seems to… Continue

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Amazing Gravity-Defying Elephant in Union Square

New York just got another piece of incredible public art. This time it's a 26-foot-tall bronze elephant sculpture designed by Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo. The 15,000 pound wrinkly elephant arrived yesterday, September 15, in Union Square. The talented elephant is balancing upside-down on his long trunk with the help of a steel tube attached to a steel base.… Continue

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Hand in Hand, NY Remembers 9/11

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the September 11 attacks, thousands of people this morning, at precisely 8:46 a.m. (the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center), joined hands and formed a human chain along the waterfront in Lower Manhattan.

People were then encouraged to visit Battery Park and post a message or memento on their Wall of Remembrance, portions of… Continue

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Made in Polaroid Exhibit

Ready for a Polaroid-inspired art show? Polaroid is honoring its founder Dr. Edwin Land’s passion for the arts with the launch of the Made in Polaroid exhibit. The show will feature more than 50 pieces created by a mix of artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians who are united in their passion for creativity, all pieces will be auctioned with proceeds benefitting Free Arts NYC, a… Continue

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Art in the Streets Breaks MOCA's Attendance Record!

MOCA just announced that the Art in the Streets exhibition, which ran for 81 days or from April 17 to August 8, 2011, was the most attended exhibition in the museum's history! With 201,352 visitors, it exceeded the previous two records for Andy Warhol Retrospective (2002) and MURAKAMI (2007), which welcomed 195,000 and 149,323 visitors, respectively.

You may remember that we wrote… Continue

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Taking in the World

Look though Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek's website and you'll find a set called The Days Off under his Personal section. If photos can do anything, they can transport you to another time and place, making you recall fond memories you've long forgotten; the sweet smell of summer vacation, staring out into a vast and never-ending ocean, standing in complete awe as you take in the beauty of this… Continue

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Oil Bikinis in Surfrider Calendar

Though to many, the very idea of oil bikinis may seem a bit ridiculous, you can't help but be mesmerized by this creative calendar for the Surfrider Foundation in Europe. (The organization's mission is to protect the ocean and its coastlines.)

Highlighting last year's catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the calendar shows scantily clad models wearing nothing but oil. It was designed to help recruit new volunteers to the Surfrider Foundation.…


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Magnificent Birds Frozen in Time

Here is the End of All Things (Thistle seeds, bluebottles, a taxidermy barn owl, nylon, lead, acrylic)

London-based artist Claire Morgan has already had quite the busy 2011. Using her trademark suspension style, she creates a great deal of energy around these… Continue

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Miniature People Stuck in Surreal Oil Paintings

Coffee and Donuts

Laguna Beach, California-based artist Scott Moore loves sharing his creative process. Visit his online gallery, click into one of his images, and you'll see this sentence below each one: "If you would like to see the step-by-step process Scott used to design and paint this image,… Continue

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Finalists in The Art of Building Contest

Staircase 2

While our own art and photography contest is now underway (see YPOC's Visual Storytellers), we'd like to shed some light on another one that's by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). Called The Art of Building, this photography… Continue

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Recreating Important Letters in Movies

Back to the Future

This morning, we received a nice email from photographer Stefano Pedretti which told us about his creative new series, Deleted Scenes. It's not only interesting in concept but also, very well-executed, down to the most minute detail.

Now in his words:

"Three movies. Three obsessions. Three pieces of paper,… Continue

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Superheroes Split in Half


Currently "flying" around the web is a cool new series by Danny Haas where he takes some of our most popular superheroes, splits them in half, and then shows us their aliases. Got to love the retro feel to these.



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Misconception Shattering Portraits in Pakistan

Ask any person if they love their country and more than likely that answer will be varying degrees of "Yes." For Khalil Shah, that place is Pakistan. Though he's traveled, lived and worked abroad, he still considers Pakistan his home country and has been happily living there for the past few years.

Shah takes to its streets and snaps wonderful portraits of people from all sorts of… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Match Made in Heaven

Talk about a Picture of the Day! Look closely and you won't just see the International Space Station, you'll see the first image ever of a space shuttle docked to it! Released on June 7, 2011 by NASA, this sweet portrait shows a match made in heaven!

NASA calls the Endeavour space shuttle, "the vehicle that helped build the complex during the last decade."

NASA:… Continue

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Magnificent Volcanic Eruption in Grimsvotn, Iceland

"It took us 90 minutes to fly to Grimsvotn with a strong wind against us," said filmmaker Jon Gustafsson a couple days ago. "The eruption looked magnificent in the sunset. Once we landed 5 miles away from the crater the cold glacier air hit us like a truck. We tried to work outside but I only lasted for a couple of minutes.

"Pilot Reynir Petursson also didn’t want to stay on the ground for too long since it was very windy and the ash fall was unpredictable.… Continue

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Creative Trends in Wedding Photography

With over ten years of experience, wedding photographer Critsey Rowe has seen trends come and go. These days, she finds that couples want photos that are "much more photojournalistic but with a fashion edge." This kick-start in creative ideas doesn't just come from the photographer, it also comes from the clients who are interested in having their sessions styled or centered around a particular… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Wicked Witch in Real Life

Does street art get better than this? Found on the streets of Verona, Italy is a pair of unmistakable legs! Surely they belong to the Wicked Witch of the East who was known to wear ruby slippers and striped socks. Morbid? Sure. Awesomely unexpected? Absolutely.

via [Wooster… Continue

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Magnificent Wedding in Mexico

We fell in love with Twin Lens when they photographed our closest friends for their wedding in Los Angeles. With backgrounds in photojournalism, Craig and Kitty Fritz, Twin Lens' husband and wife team, are not only able to capture life's most poignant moments, they have an artistic vision that sets… Continue

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