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Inspirational Two-Legged Dog Runs Joyously at the Beach

It's almost impossible to look at these images of an adorable, two-legged boxer and not feel touched. Panda Paws Rescue, a special needs canine rescue, recently uploaded a video of the dog Duncan Lou Who having the time of his life on his first trip to the beach. Despite only having two front legs, the spunky pooch is filmed sprinting across the sand, playing with the rescue workers and other dogs, and…


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Inspirational Surgeon Operates from Stand-Up Wheelchair

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ted Rummel was devastated with the news of a blood-filled cyst on his spine in 2010 that would eventually burst and lead to his paralyzation from the waist down. Despite the complications, however, the dedicated doctor has managed to find a way to continue working in the operating room through the use of an electric stand-up wheelchair.

The doctor,…


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5 Inspiring Websites That Will Make You Smarter

If you’re one of those people who’s on an endless quest for knowledge, you look for reliable sources where you can learn something new every day. Today, we bring you five websites about learning and curiosity. These websites aren’t known for their beautiful photography or their amazing art. Rather, they’re places you go to figure out how to make life easier…


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Modern Video Game Characters Recreated in Traditional Japanese Style

If you love reading inspiring Kickstarter stories about artists who don't just hit their goals but blow past them, then you'll want to check this out. Recently, illusrator Jed Henry teamed up with woodblock printmaker David Bull to create an awesome art parody project called Ukiyo-e Heroes.…


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My Father the Forger: TED

Often times real-life heroes are created by accident. Sarah Kaminsky tells an extraordinarily inspiring story of her father Adolpho and his activity during World War II. After discovering that he had a skill which was desperately needed by the Resistance, he used his ingenuity and talent for forgery to save many lives.…


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Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2010

To wrap up 2010, we've put together our list of the 10 most popular posts on My Modern Met this year. We had over 9 million unique visitors to our site who came in to see some of the most incredibly creative art, design and photography on the internet. A big thanks to photographers like Jason Lee and Sacha Goldberger for not only sharing their creative photos with us but for inspiring us with… Continue

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Sun Flower - A Solar Energy Powered Streetlight

Danish product designers Michel Riss and Jens Rosbjerg have introduced ‘Sun Flower’ - a new sustainable street lighting system powered by solar energy inspired by the shape of sunflower.

Michel Riss and Jens Rosbjerg have incorporated photovoltaic panels into streetlamps, utilizing the location of the lamps, which are under the sun most of the time.

Found this story at… Continue

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They float anyway

By accident I came across this community and I think it is only a logical thing I start blogging here. And if you ask my opinion, i think first posts always have to be inspiring and somewhat symbolic.

I made this picture myself. It came flying by in my head and all I did is take a board of wood, I bought some paint and there was the result. It is on a wall of a friend of mine now and I'm pretty proud about that.

Since this…


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30+ Pieces of Inspiring, Funny and Interesting Advice

Everyday, as I scour the web looking for interesting things to post about, I run across a few of these pictures. They're signs or little pieces of advice that pop up like presents on the screen. These life lessons remind me to stop and enjoy life. The remind me to step away, ask me to change my perspective or give me reason to laugh. What I love most about these signs, though, is that they…


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