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Swirls of Liberated Words Become Dancing Sculptures

Ebon Heath is a talented wordsmith, but not by the typical definition. The master of words creates laser-cut sculptures that bring life to letters that are otherwise stagnant on a page. Living and working between Brooklyn, Bali, and Berlin, the graphic designer and art director is also well versed in sculptures, mobiles, and photography. His typography sculptures are a magical…


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10,000 Helmets Represent Lost Construction Jobs in Italy

In the last decade, the construction industry has taken a hard hit in Italy; so much so that several associations in the field of construction have sponsored a protest at the steps of the Milan Stock Exchange. According to the Center for Economic Research and Market Sociology, there has been a loss of 157,000 companies and 893,000 employees over the last five years. Due to these…


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The World's Largest Rotating Globe

In an effort to promote their mapping capabilities and to raise a better awareness of the world around us, innovative mapping company DeLorme created Eartha, a three-dimensional rotating model of our planet. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the 41.5 foot in diameter installation is officially the World's Largest Rotating Globe. It took 2 years to build the structure, which was…


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Fancy Marie Antoinette-Inspired Helicopter

Lisbon-based artist Joana Vasconcelos has certainly jazzed up this helicopter. The particular aircraft, a piece of art entitled Lilicoptère, is Vasconcelos' interpretation of what Marie Antoinette would have chosen for her personal travels if she were alive today. The base of the piece is a Bell 47 helicopter, and the artist decorated it, inside and out, with ostrich feathers,…


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Record-Setting Mural Designed With 85,794 Rubik's Cubes

Cube Works Studio is best known for their toy-based artwork, particularly the pieces in which they twist Rubik's cubes and organize them into pixelated portraits and landscapes. In the past few years, the small Toronto-based collaborative set two unique Guinness World Records by creating the world's largest Rubik's Cube mosaics, first The Last Supper (+4,000…


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Colorful Lights Produce Illusion of Cave Movement

Toronto-based artist Philippe Blanchard is an art and animation artist who developed this project entitled New Troglodytes. When visiting the piece, currently exhibiting at Arprim in Montreal, Canada, viewers will find themselves immersed in a sea of moving lights and sound. To create the installation, Blanchard built triangular cardboard sculptures that mimic cave formations,…


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Playful Office Wall Filled with 1,200 LEGO People

There are so many different types of little LEGO people, from construction workers to chefs to sailors, and creative consulting firm Acrylicize found a perfect new way to put those little guys to use. The art collective and consulting agency's main specialty is producing unique interior art schemes that add value to an individual space. When the company was approached by Qubic Tax to develop…


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Thousands of Flowers Arranged Into Massive Carpet Designs

From overhead, these massive formations look like abnormally large stained glass windows. In reality, the captivating formations are part of the Flower Carpet Festival, a biannual event that takes place in Grand-Place Brussels. In the early 1950's, landscape architect E. Stautemans started to experiment with ways to create simple carpet designs that featured his beloved…


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Ornate Carpet Made with Two Tons of Sugar

Montreal-based French artist Aude Moreau has created a carpet that is not only good enough to eat off of, but is actually edible! The sweet furnishing, aptly titled Sugar Carpet (or Tapis de Sucre), is made of over two tons of refined sugar. The delicate floor installation is refined both in terms of its purified components and its elegant resemblance…


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Menacing Shark Head Pops Out of the Concrete

Sharks can pop up in the most unexpected places. Well, mostly just in water-based locations, but it's always good to keep your wits about you in case you happen to bump into this installation by Lyon-based artist, Monsta. The French mixed media artist creates a variety of different paper creatures, monsters, and handmade toys that take on a playfully edgy tone.

This piece,…


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Exposed Spring Mattress Reveals Wired Love Letters

La Chaleur de L’amour & la Beauté des Paroles is an installation by Jad Melki, an Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at the American University of Beirut, that reflects a very personal experience in the designer's family. In 1974, while Melki's mother was in Sierra Leon, she would write letters filled with affectionate words to the his…


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Flattened Sets of Silver Objects Suspended in Mid-Air

London-based sculptor and installation artist Cornelia Parker has an affinity for smashing things. According to her bio, the artist "is fascinated with processes in the world that mimic cartoon ‘deaths’—steamrollering, shooting full of holes, falling from cliffs and explosions." So it makes perfect sense that in Thirty Pieces of Silver, the artist had 1,116 silver objects…


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Assorted Light Fixtures Illuminate a Greek City Street

Creative group Beforelight, located in Greece, developed this fresh and inspiring concept in which old, unwanted lamps and lampshades were recycled into a unique public light art show. The company, a group that mainly experiments with the use of light, is well known for their architectural and stage lighting as well as installations in public spaces.

Under a Different…


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Thousands of Colorful Clothespins Form Swirling Patterns

Tender is a series of projects that use everyday objects in creative forms. Artist Martin Huberman of Normal studio, a design and architecture office in Argentina, developed this design, which is filled with large quantities of repetitive and colorful clothespins. He painted the tips of the pins and then placed them in large, organized rows along a tight mesh, revealing…


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Artist Brings Relaxing Sandy Beach Into His Home Office

If you have ever found yourself sitting at work, wishing you could escape to the beach and bury your toes in the sand, this is the home office of your dreams! American Justin Kemp created Surfing With the Sand Between My Toes as a way to get the best of both worlds.

The Massachusetts-based artist is involved with everything from videos to performance art…


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Leonid Tishkov's Continued Love Story with the Moon

Russian artist Leonid Tishkov doesn't just experience the moon from a distance, but rather, he has a regular, close-up love affair with the glowing lunar sliver found throughout his ongoing project, entitled Private Moon. We first got to know Tishkov's visual storytelling techniques…


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8,000 Lights Form a Mind-Boggling Interactive Space

In this mixed media installation, visitors are invited to walk through a dazzling display of lights that challenge the natural perceptions of space. The piece includes 8,064 points of lights, suspended from the ceiling in a mind-boggling construction. Entitled Submergence, the piece was developed by collaborative group Squidsoup, which consists of international artists, researchers, and…


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Spectacular UV Light and Thread Installations

Berlin-based Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi redefines a space with her incredibly eye-catching light and thread installations. Her light drawings and thread installations each offer a three-dimensional sense of architectural perspective, as though the viewers themselves have entered the virtual blueprint of a room within a room. The pieces reflect both architecture and drawing…


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1,000 Beautiful Bioluminescent Leaves Radiate at Night

Using her own resin and non-toxic phosphorescence concoction, artist Miya Ando has coated 1,000 leaves and set them afloat in a pond in Puerto Rico. We've seen bioluminescent bodies of water radiating a brilliant sapphire hue against the night sky in the past, but Ando takes this natural…


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Incredible Woven Installation Made of 60,000 Coffee Stirrers

Most people don't think twice about their coffee stirrers once they've fulfilled their mixing duties, but artist Jonathan Brilliant has found another purpose for the common wooden sticks. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based artist has constructed numerous spatial art installations over the years that incorporate the coffee stir sticks, perhaps the most eye-fetching of them being The…


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